Complete Details about Vanessa Feltz Weight Loss and Gastric Bypass Surgery!

Health is always the first choice for all of us. Vanessa Feltz was no exception as she used up all her wedding savings to get a gastric bypass surgery, which resulted in her weight loss.

The lady dropped over 3 stones of body weight, which is equivalent to 42 lbs or 19 kg. But how did she do that? Well, it was all due to her gastric bypass surgery. She had her gastric band removed and a bypass surgery, which the doctors thought would make her gain weight, but it was just the opposite – she lost weight.

Let’s look into more details of Vanessa Feltz’s weight loss journey where she dropped from a size 18 to somewhere around 12.


Vanessa Feltz Shows Off Weight Loss

It was Sunday, February 9, 2020, the date of the premiere of The Adventures of Paddington in Central London where Vanessa Feltz showed her us thinner look. The 57 years old broadcaster showed off her skinny side after she shed over 3 stones.

Vanessa Feltz looks gorgeous in her new look after 3 lbs weight loss.
Vanessa Feltz showed us her weight loss at the premiere of The Adventures of Paddington in Central London.
Source: The Sun

The former celebrity big brother contestant donned a colorful polka dot top with floral designs and black leather trousers combined with black high-heeled ankle boots at the Ham Yard Hotel in Soho. She looks great, doesn’t she?

Vanessa Feltz Weight Loss of 3 Stones

As Vanessa Feltz appeared in the premiere of The Adventures of Paddington, she was as much as 42 lbs lighter. But, what’s her secret?

Vanessa Feltz lost 3 stones!
Vanessa Feltz attends the National Television Awards 2020 at The O2 Arena on January 28, 2020, in London, England.
Source: Zimbio

Well, as already revealed, Feltz lost weight due to her gastric bypass surgery. She was a size 18 before, but after her surgery, she was down to a 12. But, it was not only her surgery that did the work, but it was also her yo-yo dieting over the years, which saw her transformation.

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The mother of two, who’s now engaged to her lover, Ben Ofoedu, gained weight after she had to turn to food to cope with her heartbreak. Her husband had left her and she was in ruin! She revealed,

After my husband left, I was properly heartbroken, and couldn’t eat, and for the first time, I lost a hell of a lot of weight and I began to get happier again. So, the more I ate again and the weight went back on.

Vanessa, hence, gained weight again. But, now, she is back to her business losing weight, first 4 stones following the 2010 surgery and now in 2019/20, 3 stones. While talking about her weight loss, Feltz revealed,

I’ve lost three stone – it feels too good to be true.

Vanessa also stressed the fact that it feels good to fit into a pair of skinny jeans.

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Food Battles

Vanessa always got defeated by her cravings, which was one of the major reasons for her weight gain over the years. While talking to Woman Magazine, she revealed how she felt about not being able to control her cravings.

Why couldn’t I ever say no to a piece of cake? I was never really able to get to the bottom of it.

The lady even opted towards counseling and a bit of therapy over the years but nothing worked for her. But, since her gastric band surgery, the diet seems to less of a concern.

Feltz’ Gastric Band and Gastric Bypass Surgery

Vanessa Feltz decided to undergo a surgery, gastric banding, for weight loss, which she thought was reversible, in 2010. That did work charms on her but, at what cost? She lost as much as 4 stones, but she had to go through hellish side effects.

Vanessa Feltz' Thinner Look.
Vanessa Feltz went through a gastric bypass surgery and band removal surgery at the same time.
Source: Hello Magazine

To give you an idea of how hard it was, she revealed that she could never eat out in public. Why? Well, she could never guess when she’d have an urge to rush to the washroom and throw up. By 2018, eight years into her banding, she started getting too ill – she couldn’t even drink water.

Another symptom included a feeling of drowning. According to her, her “whole throat, eyes, nose, ears seemed to be full of liquid.”

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When she had the band fitted, she thought it would be a fairly simple procedure to take in but much to her surprise, it was too complicated.

According to the Docs, Feltz’s gastric band was slipping out of its place, developing gastroesophageal reflux. They advised her to perform gastric bypass surgery to correct it. While asking her to do this, the doctors warned about a likely side effect, which was weight gain. While talking to her co-hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning in March 2019, she opened up about what the doctors had told her.

I was told by a surgeon that I would have to have the band removed and he said you know what will probably happen, when it comes out you’ll start eating again, and you’ll put the weight on again because you’re a lifelong yo-yo dieter – and unfortunately I am, it’s true. Did that worry me? Yes.

And, so, the This Morning host decided to go for gastric bypass surgery and the gastric band removal surgery at the same time. The results were pretty good; she didn’t gain weight but lost in its stead. But, she feels a bit embarrassed when people tell her, ‘well done.’ because it was the surgeons who did their job best and not her.

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The fiancée of Ben still can’t believe that she lost weight, she’s convinced she would put on weight every time she weighs herself. She revealed that when she gets back to her normal self, she puts it all back on.

Food is my Achilles heel, I have a sweet tooth and I consistently eat a bit too much.

Vanessa doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, and yet, she couldn’t lose weight. She divulged that she’s not proud of the fact that she had had surgery to lose weight, but it’s the only thing that works for her. The lady also made it clear that she has now dropped to a size between 10 and 12 following her surgery.

5 Hours Long Surgery

Did you guys know about the complications Vanessa and her current partner, Ben, had to face during her surgery? According to the doctors, the surgery would’ve completed within an hour, but some complications prolonged the surgery to five.

Vanessa Feltz and Ben Ofoedu.
Ben Ofoedu was worried about Vanessa Feltz’s gastric bypass surgery.
Source: Entertainment Daily

Ben was at home waiting for Feltz’s surgery to end, but he didn’t receive an update. He didn’t know what to do – he was going out of his mind. So, he ran to the hospital and demanded an update. And, there, he found out that the surgery was ongoing as it took more than five hours to end.

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