Vanessa Feltz is currently engaged to Ben Ofoedu.

Vanessa Feltz’s Unfortunate Married Life!

The unfortunate love life of Vanessa Feltz is known to the whole world. Married to a younger doctor, she was quite happy with what she had got, a family and a loving husband. But, it all changed when her former partner cheated on her.

Yes, Vanessa Feltz was cheated upon! She divorced the man whom she once loved. Feltz was in despair for quite some time but it’s believed time heals your wounds and it did for Vanessa as well. After several years, the host found love again and the rest is history.

Does the synopsis make you a bit interested in the love life of Vanessa? If yes, then, care to join in and follow the whole article as we talk about her love life.

Vanessa Feltz Now Engaged with Her Lover

After the devastating heartbreak following the cheating scandal of her husband, Vanessa Feltz was broken but a man by the name, Ben Ofoedu, came to the rescue. The duo met, fell in love, and got engaged.

Vanessa Feltz with her Fiance Ben Ofoedu.
Vanessa Feltz and Ben Ofoedu during Feltz’s birthday.
Source: Ben Ofoedu’s Instagram

The pair met for the first time through their mutual friend, Keith Duffy. FYI, Keith and Vanessa knew each other following their participation in the Big Brother in 2001. Duffy planned a meeting between the two and thus, it started; the dawn to their romance.

A few years into their dating affair, the couple, Vanessa and Ben decided it was time, and so, they got engaged in 2006. They’d planned a wedding a year later, in 2007, but, it was postponed for 2011.

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Unfortunately, 2011 also wasn’t the year for the duo as they postponed their wedding once again. Why? Well, it was all because of Feltz’s gastric banding and her gastric bypass surgery. She used up all her savings for the wedding and here she was, saving up for her marriage, again!

It’s already been 13 years since they exchanged their rings but their love for one another is still the same. In fact, their love for each other has increased even more.

Just recently, on February 7, 2020, Ben took to his official Instagram to share a photo taken 14 years ago but, it’s still his favorite.

Ben Ofoedu hugging fiancee Vanessa Feltz from behind.
Vanessa Feltz’s finace Ben Ofoedu’s fav pic of the duo.
Source: Ben Ofoedu’s Instagram.

Well, let’s just hope the duo remains as much in love as they are at the moment forever!

Vanessa Feltz’s Unsuccessful Marriage with Former Husband

Now, talking about her previous relationship, Vanessa Feltz was married to Michael Kurer, who was a junior doctor during their first meeting. Feltz was impressed since day one and hence, their love story began.

Around 1983, the duo walked down the aisle in front of their close friends and family. Everything seemed alright but things escalated quickly after her hubby came to her with the divorce papers. The actress was confused and didn’t know what to expect but later on, she found out she was wronged.

Her former partner, Kurer was having an affair with a junior doctor, 14 years younger than him. This angered Vanessa and the divorce proceedings began soon after.

During their divorce, Michael demanded divorce alimony from his ex-wife. What he received was approximately £1.5 million worth mansion alongside £500 thousand worth divorce settlement fee.

Feltz is the Mother of Two

Soon after Vanessa Feltz and her former lover Michael Kurer tied the knot, they welcomed two kids, both daughters.

Allegra Kurer, 34, is the elder daughter who was born in 1986. While the younger child was Saskia Kurer, 31, who was born in 1989.

Vanessa Feltz with her elder daughter Allegra Benitah.
Vanessa Feltz’s daughter Allegra is married to husband Dan Benitah.
Source: Allegra Benitah’s Instagram

Allegra, the elder one, is already married. Yes, she took her wedding vows with her husband, Dan Benitah in Rome in 2012. Two years later, she gave birth to Zeke Benitah. Again, a few years later, she bore Neroli Benitah.

Vanessa Feltz holding Allegra's kid alongside younger daughter and her husband.
Vanessa Feltz with her younger son and her husband.
Source: Allegra Benitah’s Instagram

As for Feltz’s younger daughter, Saskia, she is also married to her lover, Marc Joss. Saskia is currently an art and play therapist for children and adolescents in Mill Hill, London.

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