5 Facts about Vanessa Feltz

Born in Islington, London, in a middle-class Jewish family, Vanessa Feltz sure made it big in the showbiz industry. With her official career beginning as a Jewish column writer to her ITV hosting job to her BBC show, she’s aced them all.

Professionally, she was somewhat successful but, her work was not always successful. In one instance, she was voted 93rd on the worst Britons list in Channel 4’s poll in May 2003.

Check out these 5 lesser-known facts about Vanessa Feltz!


5. Feltz’s Gastric Band Slipped

It was 2010 when Vanessa Feltz decided it was enough. It was when she accepted defeat against her food cravings. 2010 was ‘the’ year for Feltz as, during the year, she made a decision to go through a surgery, the gastric banding surgery.

Vanessa Feltz' Thinner Look.
Vanessa Feltz went through a gastric bypass surgery and band removal surgery at the same time.
Source: Hello Magazine

Well, the surgery was a success and it met her expectations; or even exceeded it. She lost over 4 stones of body weight in the months to come. It was a win-win for her, or was it?

Some years after, she started feeling ill. She felt like she was drowning when she woke up and couldn’t even eat outside due to her problems where she never knew when she would feel the need to vomit or visit the loo. When she asked the doctors for answers, she found out that the band had slipped and as a result, her illness.

In 2019, she went through another surgery, but it was not just a simple one. She went through a gastric bypass surgery and gastric band removal surgery at the same time. Doctors claimed the surgery would last only an hour but it took a whole five hours. Well, though it was a scary case for Vanessa, it’s all sorted now.

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4. Vanessa Feltz Weight Loss

Who wouldn’t want to fit into a pair of skinny jeans, right? Vanessa Feltz also wanted the same and hence, went through a gastric banding surgery with the sole purpose of losing weight.

Vanessa Feltz lost 3 stones!
Vanessa Feltz attends the National Television Awards 2020 at The O2 Arena on January 28, 2020, in London, England.
Source: Zimbio

After her surgery, she lost over 4 stones of body weight. But, it was creating problems for her after the band slipped and she had to go through another surgery, which, as we’ve already stated, took more than five hours to complete.

Well, the second surgery was also a boon for her as after her surgery, she lost over 3 stones and now, she wears a dress size of 10/12.

Check the link to know more about Vanessa Feltz’s weight loss wonders?

3. Vanessa and Her Current Fiance are Saving Up for Wedding

Vanessa Feltz is, at the moment, the fiancee of her partner, Ben Ofoedu. The duo has been together for over 13 years now and still, they haven’t walked down the aisle yet. Why?

Vanessa Feltz and Ben Ofoedu.
Ben Ofoedu was worried about Vanessa Feltz’s gastric bypass surgery. Source: Entertainment Daily

Well, thanks to her gastric banding and gastric bypass surgery, she’s out of cash. She’s used up all her savings on the surgeries. As a result, she and her partner are still not married though they engaged in 2006.

At the moment, Feltz is saving up for her marriage. Let’s just hope they get married soon enough.

2. Vanessa’s Former Husband Had an Affair

Before her relationship with Ben, Vanessa Feltz was married to her partner, Michael Kurer. Kurer was a junior doctor when they first met. The duo married in 1983 and soon after, they bore two kids, both daughters, Allegra and Saskia Kurer.

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Everything was going fine until one day when Kurer walks up to her and asks for a divorce. Till then, she didn’t know her former partner was having an affair with a 14 years younger junior doctor.

Though Vanessa was wronged, it was Michael who reaped the rewards. He, who was living in a rented flat, swapped that for a six-bedroom mansion worth £1.5 million. According to reports, she had to pay over £500,000 plus as the divorce settlement to Kurer.

1. Outcasted by the Jewish Community

Following Vanessa Feltz’s divorce with her former surgeon husband, Michael Kurer, she faced yet another problem. She was outcasted by the Jewish community. The reason? Her divorce!

Following this, Feltz claimed that the Rabbis, who listened to her plight and comforted her, ignored her because her divorce was deemed socially unacceptable. She also revealed that her women friends and the women who helped her overcome her mother’s death were avoiding her.

Why? Because having a dead parent is socially acceptable. Being on your own isn’t.

The 16-year long marriage collapsed but, it might have been for the best as she was able to meet the love of her life, Ben Ofeodu.


  1. Her father Norman Feltz was a lingerie businessman.
  2. Feltz broke up with her high-school boyfriend after 9 years.
  3. She was the third highest-paid TV personality in Britain in 1998.
  4. Vanessa was once called, ‘the woman who ate Stamford Hill.’ Can you believe that?

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