What You Need to Know about Bradley Nowell’s Wife, Troy Dendekker!

Troy Dendekker is known for being the wife of the American guitarist and lead singer of Sublime, Bradley Nowell, who passed away at the age of 28.

Robert ‘Chico’ and Nikki Dendekker welcomed Troy on March 8, 1971. She has a brother, Draak Dendekker. (Sadly, he’s no more!)

Let’s find out more about her!


Married to Bradley Nowell for a Week

Troy Dendekker was married to Sublime‘s lead singer, Bradley Nowell for only a week. The pair walked down the aisle on May 18, 1996, in a Hawaiian-themed wedding in Las Vegas.

Bradley Nowell and Troy Dendekker when they were together.
Bradley Nowell and Troy Dendekker were only married for a week.
Source: Instagram

Unfortunately, their marriage ended only a week later, after Nowell’s demise.

Her Husband’s Death

Troy’s partner, Bradley Nowell passed away on May 25, 1996, at the age of 28 at the Ocean View Motel in San Francisco. He died from an overdose of heroin.

Troy Dendekker and Bradley Nowell.
Bradley died of a heroin overdose at age 28.
Source: Instagram

One of their band members, Bud Gaugh found Bradley unconscious. By the time the paramedics arrived, he was already dead. He died several hours earlier. He was cremated and his ashes were scattered around his favorite surfing spot in Surfside, California.

Dendekker still remembers her late partner dearly. She occasionally posts about Nowell on her Instagram handle. On February 22, 2020, she posted one of their old photos and thanked everyone for turning something tragic into something beautiful.

Re-Married to Kiki Holmes

Six years after the demise of Bradley Nowell, Troy Dendekker got married to her second husband, Keith Holmes AKA Kiki Holmes. They tied the knot on November 1, 2002.

Kiki took to his Instagram handle to share their wedding certificate on their 14th anniversary in a now-deleted post. He wrote, “4 years with the woman that I love so much. Feels like 36 years ha ha I love my wife and what we created together. #onlylove”

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The duo has already separated, They filed for divorce on July 25, 2018, however, there are no updates about their separation.

Mother of Four

Troy Dendekker has four kids; Jakob James Nowell, Erica Angel, Mary Jane, and Rudi Holmes.

Troy Dendekker with her kids.
Troy has four kids from two marriages.
Source: Instagram

Jakob James Nowell was born on June 25, 1995, a year before his parents, Troy and Bradley Nowell’s marriage. He’s now the lead vocalist of the LA-based band, LAW.

Nowell is currently engaged to his fiancee, Ashlyn Zeda. They started dating in 2014 and engaged on September 22, 2019.

Dendekker’s three children are from her second husband, Kiki Holmes. They first welcomed Erica in 2003. A year later, on November 11, 2004, they birthed another daughter, Mary Jane. Four years after, on May 12, 2008, Troy and Kiki gave birth to their youngest child, Rudi.

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