Here’s How Tamela Mann Lost 50 Lbs of Body Weight!

The American gospel singer, Tamela Mann’s weight loss journey was truly a rollercoaster ride as she had to go through a knee surgery a few months after starting her journey to lose weight. But, that didn’t stop her from losing 50 lbs or 22.6 kg of weight.

Mann partnered up with the Weight Watchers and followed a specific diet plan made just for her to lose all that weight. She controlled her diet and took up exercising to make her weight loss work. Well, that worked wonders for her, right?

Now that Tamela lost 50 lbs of weight, her fans are curious to know more about her weight loss journey. So, here we’ve brought you complete detail on her journey.


When did Tamela Mann Reveal about Her Weight Loss?

The revelation of Tamela Mann’s weight loss came in 2019. She took to her Twitter on April 23, 2019, to reveal that she’s lost well over 12 lbs or 5.4 kg of body mass on her Weight Watchers journey.

Two months later, on June 2, 2019, she again took to her Twitter to share that she’d lost well over 20 lbs or 9.07 kg of weight. Though she’d already revealed her weight loss details previously, her major announcement was on September 4, 2019, when she declared that she was officially 40 lbs or 18.14 kg lighter.

If that wasn’t enough, Mann went on to lose weight, and by January 1, 2020, she’d lost well over 50 lbs or 22.6 kg. She couldn’t hold on to her excitement and shared the news on her Instagram.

According to Mann, her like-minded family and the support of her fans is the number 1 reason for her body transformation. Did you know that her daughter, Tiffany Mann, also accompanied Tamela on her weight loss journey?

Why did Mann Join Weight Watchers?

While talking about her decision to join Weight Watchers (WW), she claimed that she couldn’t lose weight on her own, and this very reason, drove her to become a part of the WW team.

I prayed about it more a minute to make sure that I wanted to make this step.

Tamela Mann on her decision to join WW!

If it were only for losing weight, she wouldn’t have become the brand ambassador for WW. Since she wanted to encourage people like her, she joined hands with WW. She told Essence, that she was excited about bringing a change to her lifestyle and connecting with people.

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Tamela Mann Weight Loss Secrets!

Diet control and weight loss were the two reasons Tamela Mann lost a ton of weight. Get to know about her weight loss secrets below.

Diet Control

The American singer’s weight loss was all thanks to her Weight Watchers diet. She controlled her eating habits after she joined the WW weight loss program, which provided her with 24/7 access of a virtual trainer. The program is based on a Smart Point System, which is based on her age, gender, and other body measurements.

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Her coach guided her about what she could eat. The machine-generated trainer also chose what went on her plate at restaurants and parties based on her liking. With that, she also revealed that she’s learned to allot her meals into small chunks. Now, when she ate a turkey sandwich, she distributed it into two meals.

Mann was always a cheese lover but, now, she’s learned to eat without the eggs. She still consumes snacks, but her snacks aren’t the usual ones. She enjoys snacks from the WW itself.

All in all, Tamela loves the WW diet system because she can choose from a wide variety of fruits. She also thinks this dietary program from Weight Watchers is a lifestyle change rather than just being a diet.

Fitness Regimen and Surgery

Let’s talk about her surgery first; she had to undergo a double knee replacement surgery just a few months after she started her weight loss journey. This meant that she couldn’t work out at the gym. On July 18, 2019, she took to her Instagram to share about her successful knee surgery.

The wife of David Mann revealed that though she couldn’t perform any physical activities, it was high time for her as she focused her might on her diet and mental wellness. By August 20, 2019, Tamela had already recovered from the surgery and could walk without a cane.

Following this, she partnered with her WW coach to help her in recovery and losing weight. Her fitness guru, whom she thought could really be her sister, had a rough time in her past regarding weight loss. So, this really encouraged her to work hard.

That’s why I’m really pushing and wanting to do this and to encourage other people to do it with me.

The Meet the Browns star’s work paid off. Now, she is skinnier than ever!

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Updates on Tamela Mann’s Weight Loss

The mother of five, Tamela Mann, is quite active on her social media. She keeps her fans up to date about her weight loss journey.

On a post on January 18, 2020, she posted an Instagram video to share that at times, it was hard for her to complete her weight loss goals, but the support of her family and fans encouraged her to push through. There was a similar post about her weight loss update on March 12, where she asked her fans not to give up.

On a recent post on April 4, 2020, she revealed her fans about her two personal goals that she had set before beginning her weight loss journey.

  1. Be able to run
  2. For David (husband) to be able to sweep me off my feet.

Well, on April 4, she was able to fulfill one of her desires. Though her partner couldn’t sweep her off her feet, she was able to run. Well, this just goes on to show that her weight loss journey has had a positive impact on her body. But, this wasn’t her first weight loss journey; she tried losing weight back several years ago and successfully lost well over 100 lbs. More on this below!

Tamela Mann’ Weight Loss in the Past

The 53 years old Tamela Mann also had a drastic weight loss back in 2014. She had lost well over 100 lbs or 45.3 kg of weight around July 2014. She revealed her weight loss while in an interview at Tom Joyner Morning Show on July 21, 2014.

I’ve lost over 100 lbs. I was a 30/32, now I’m down to like a 18/20, sometimes 16 tops.

Tamela Mann on her weight loss in 2014.

While talking about her weight loss journey, she admitted that she always wanted to walk into any shop and find something for herself easily. She also revealed that though she’s reached a size of 18, she wanted to get to the size of 14 or 34 inches.

Tamela, in addition to talking about weight loss, also revealed about her husband’s support. She stated that her husband has loved her at her heaviest and would love her at her smallest.

Mann’s 100 lbs or 45.3 kg weight loss might be the result of her workout for two long years. In 2012, in an interview, Tamela revealed that she wanted to lose weight. When asked about her secrets to losing weight, she explained that she’d had a trainer to work out with and a diet plan to follow as well.

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