Meet Sunday Rose Kidman Urban: Daughter of Nicole Kidman!

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban is a celebrity kid known for being the first child of actor Nicole Kidman and record producer, Keith Urban.

She was born on July 7, 2008, in Nashville, Tennessee. She weighed 6 lbs and 7 ounces during her birth.

Miracle Baby

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban’s mom, Nicole Kidman faced infertility while she was married to Tom Cruise. She faced ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage. After her mother remarried Urban, they tried to conceive and met lots of difficulties getting pregnant.


She later conceived while filming the 2007 blockbuster Australia. She went for a swim in the Kununurra waters in Western Australia and to her surprise, she got pregnant soon after.

Seven babies were conceived out of this film and only one was a boy. There is something up there in the Kununurra water because we all went swimming in the waterfalls, so we can call it the fertility waters now.

Kidman while talking to The Telegraph!

Now, she refers to Sunday as her ‘miracle baby.’

Name Inspired By Both Art and Family

Dr. Anthony Kidman, Sunday’s maternal grandfather revealed that his name was inspired by the art world. While talking with The Boot, Dr. Kidman revealed that he and his wife were the ones to suggest Nicole and Keith the name.

There was a lady named Sunday Reed who was a prominent patron of the arts in Victoria. I have read a bit about Sunday Reed and her husband John. She was a key mover and shaker in the arts around the beginning of the century. The name Sunday struck me as being a nice name for a woman, so my wife and I mentioned it.

The artist, Sunday Reed had a controversial personal life as well. She had a romantic affair with Sidney Nolan. Eventually, she became the artist’s muse.

Sidney Nolan's Kelly.
Sidney’s Kelly.
Source: Art Gallery

Kidman and Urban visited Sidney’s art exhibit prior to announcing their pregnancy. They revealed later that they were taken aback by a quote that read, “When you are young, you are given a good view of life, because of your closeness to birth.”

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Embed from Getty Images

As for her middle name, ‘Rose’, it came from Urban’s late grandmother, Rose.

Relationship of Her Parents

Sunday’s parents, Nicole and Keith first met in 2005 at G’Day LA, an event honoring Australians. After one year of dating, they got married on June 25, 2006, at Cardinal Cerretti Memorial Chapel on the grounds of St Patrick’s Estate, Manly in Sydney. Since then, they have been leading a happy married life.

Has a Younger Sister

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban has a younger sister named Faith Margaret who was born on December 28, 2010. Unlike her sister, Faith was carried by a surrogate.

Nicole Kidman with Her Husband, Keith Urban and Kids, Faith Margaret and Sunday Rose Kidman Urban.
Nicole and Keith have two daughters.
Source: Yahoo Movies Canada

The news of Faith’s birth was kept a secret and was only announced after the 2011 Golden Globes Awards ceremony.

Has Two Half-Siblings

While her mother was married to Tom Cruise, she adopted two kids: Isabella Jane and Connor Anthony.

Isabella Jane

Isabella Jane was adopted from a hospital in Miami in 1992. After her parents’ divorce, she was depressed and it strained her relationship with her parents.

Talking about her personal life, she is married to an IT consultant, Max Parker since 2015.

Connor Anthony Cruise

Connor was born on January 17, 1995, and was adopted when he was one month old. He has a couple of acting credits.

Seven Pounds Trailer!

His first movie was Seven Pounds where he appeared as Young Ben (Will Smith’s character’s younger version). In 2012, he appeared in the film Red Dawn alongside Chris Hemsworth and Isabel Lucas, among others.

Budding Photographer?

Back in 2018, her mother revealed that Sunday has a photography hobby. She shared a photo clicked by her daughter on her Instagram story.

Happy Father’s Day to the best, coolest dad in the world. Photo by Sunday Urban.

Nicole Kidman's Instagram Story.
Will Sunday become a photographer in the future?
Source: Nicole Kidman’s Instagram Story

Do you think she’ll venture into the art industry?

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Strict Parents

Sunday’s celebrity parents are very strict it seems. While talking with Vanity Fair, Nicole Kidman confessed that she and her husband are quite strict when it comes to social media.

They don’t have a phone and I don’t allow them to have an Instagram. I try to keep some sort of boundaries.

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