“Each Character is So Complicated” Stefania LaVie Owen Talks About Messiah

If you’re a binge-watcher of Netflix shows, then you must’ve surely had a go at the new thriller series, Messiah. The story follows a man whom people refer to as Messiah or Al Masih (Mehdi Dehbi). In the course of his journey, Al Masih comes across many people, but he chose to keep a young girl, Rebecca Iguero, portrayed by Stefania LaVie Owen, as close as possible.

Rebecca, the daughter of Texan pastor Felix (John Ortiz) and Anna Iguero (Melinda Page Hamilton), was a troubled girl before she met Al Masih, but afterward, she musters up the courage to speak up to her parents and to the world. The first season of the show ends with Rebecca speaking up in front of thousands of people if not, millions.

Stefania LaVie Owen and Messiah Al-Masih talking to each other.
Stefania LaVie Owen talks about Messiah.
Source: Metro News

Well, recently, at the LA press day for the series, Rebecca, Stefania LaVie Owen sat down to have a chat with a reporter from Collider, and there, she spoke about her experiences while filming Messiah. Let’s find out what she had to say about the show and her experiences as well.


What Stefania Thinks About Rebecca and Other Characters?

As mentioned before, Rebecca was previously a troubled kid, but after meeting with Messiah, she leads a more confident yet, complicated life. While talking about her role, Stefania revealed that her Messiah character had a battle going inside her head at all times and stayed disconnected from everybody; lost hope.

When she comes into contact with Al-Masih, it allows her an opportunity to those inner demons. He really sees her, and she feels touched by that.

She also feels Rebecca’s portrayal is what today’s youth represents. According to Stefania, Rebecca is struggling with her teenage years, social media, and beliefs. She is the perfect example of how social media can change your way of thinking and your beliefs negatively.

So, yeah, each character is so complicated, including the one that I played.

Be that as it may, Stefania really feels that every character has their own journey – changing and flowing, like in real life. Similarly, she stresses the fact that the audience is lucky to have been together on other people’s journeys and beliefs.

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Stefania LaVie Owen Messiah Journey

Stefania never thought about making it this big in the entertainment world with Netflix‘s Messiah. But, contrary to her thoughts, the story keeps on packing new audiences.

Messiah Season 1 Trailer

The show has three directors, Michael Bond, James McTeigue, and Kate Woods, all of whom just didn’t let things sit and kept it rolling. Similarly, her co-stars showed her different perspectives about life and the humane feeling of oneness.

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For her role as Rebecca, Stefania had to shoot a bridge scene, which she says was the most challenging one. As for the scarier part, she found it quite difficult to perform the seizure scene at the end of the show.

Well, good for her, she found something passionate to work on!

How did Stefania’s Messiah Role Help in Her Development?

The 22 years old Stefania LaVie Owen has been a part of the entertainment industry for over three years now. In those years, she has gained a lot of great experiences.

Stefania LaVie Owen's portrait photo with her curly hair and a low V-cut dress.
Stefania LaVie Owen learned to go back and reconnect with her family after Messiah. Source: Stefania LaVie Owen’s Instagram

LaVie Owen planned to travel after the end of Messiah’s filming, but she realized something near the end. She realized that she needed to be home and reconnect with her family.

I was home for four months, and it was so important to just take a step away and really be with the people that you truly care about.

All in all, Stefania LaVie Owen learned one major thing from her role in Messiah – “Life’s too short to do stuff that you don’t really care about.”

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