Find Out About Sherry Yard Weight Loss and Gain Journey!

We generally talk about weight loss journey’s but what if that journey repeats itself over and over again? Well, we’re talking about the American chef Sherry Yard to whom weight loss is just like a hobby.

Confused, right? Well, as a food show judge, she has to taste a variety of foods, and thus, gain weight along the way. Hence, Sherry opts for a weight loss right before the start of any show, and when it’s showtime, she gains weight equalling the tally.

Do you want to learn more about the lady’s weight loss? Well, just keep on reading!


What does Sherry Yard Say about her Weight Loss Journey?

The three-time James Beard Award-winning Pastry Chef Sherry Yard is back again with her cooking show, and this time as well, she looks skinnier. It’s all thanks to her preparation beforehand for her holiday cooking show, The Great American Baking Show Holiday Edition.

Sherry Yard celebrating her 55th Birthday.
Sherry Yard loses and gains weight in accordance of her need.
Source: Sherry Yard Instagram

While talking to Meghan Cooper of JaMonkey, she revealed what she does before the start of the show. Basically, what she does is lose 10 lbs or 4.53 kg of weight before the start of any cooking show and then gain 15 lbs or 6.8 kg afterward. Why? Well, she says she knows she’ll gain 15 lbs later on.

I lose about 10 pounds first because I’m gonna gain about 15 pounds. That’s the first preparation.

Sherry Yard to Meghan Cooper of JaMonkey

Well, this says a lot about her thin look during the show! While still talking about her weight loss and gain, she joked that there should be a game show about how much weight she would gain because she really enjoys what she does. Likewise, her love for pastries and every other food, makes it way more of a challenge to guess Sherry’s weight. So, it would really make a great game show, right?

Sherry Yard and Paul Hollywood judge The Great American Baking Show.
Sherry Yard and Paul Hollywood judge for The Great American Baking Show.
Source: Sherry Yard’s Instagram

Furthermore, the former COO of iPic Entertainment said,

I’m judging if they had to make two items I actually was eating both.

While still talking about her show, she revealed that she doesn’t watch her cooking competition in full herself. She also talked about being professional with her job and said that there’s more to love about her profession than it meets the eye.

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By the end of the show, Yard always goes away with some extra pounds. Though she doesn’t reveal how much, her 10 lbs and 15 lbs calculation tell us that she gains an average of 5 lbs during the end of the show.

Filming of The Great American Baking Show

The Great American Baking Show’s fifth season premiered on December 12, 2019, on ABC. Each episode is two hours long and will air for a total of four weeks till the finale on January 2, 2020.

The Great American Bake Show: Holiday Edition with Paul Hollywood and a slimmer Sherry Yard.

Though the series’ premiere ends on January 2, the shooting for the show has already been completed. And, it didn’t end in December, the crew finished up shooting in August.

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As Sherry revealed,

We shot in the tent, okay. This is just like hallowed ground for me in August.

The cookbook author also revealed that she felt like Christmas in August because the shooting venue for the show was really cold at times.

So, the finale was all wrapped up. It felt more like Christmas.

Well, you can watch the show on ABC on Thursday at 9|8c. Afterward, you can also view the show on the online streaming service, HULU.

Something about Yard’s Cooking Show

The Great American Baking Show Holiday Edition is currently in its 5th season as it first aired in 2015. This show came out as a spin-off of The Great British Bake Off, and though it wasn’t quite a success, it still has a significant number of followers.

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This show is all about bakers competing against each other in the hopes of becoming the next Holiday Baking Champion. Though it’s quite hefty to get into the show, the competitors won’t have a grueling time as the competition is not that intense. But, it can be difficult at times as they won’t get much down time while filming an episode which usually takes two days to complete.

You can find more about this show in an article by Christine-Marie Liwang Dixon in Mashed.

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