Complete Detail on Sherry Yard’s Married Life!

Sherry Yard has always been known as one of the famous pastry chefs who has put a sense of satisfaction on people’s faces with her sweet pastry recipes. Her knowledge of baking has made her one of the top chefs in the cooking industry.

Yard is an American entrepreneur, restaurateur, and a pastry chef, who is known for her work at iPic Entertainment and Wolfgang Puck. Besides, she is also famous for her two cookbooks. But, what about her personal life; her married life?

Is her wedlock as successful as her professional career? Well, we’re here to answer just that! So, without further ado, let’s find out about Sherry Yard’s married life and personal details!


Is Sherry Yard Married?

Yes, Sherry Yard is a married woman. She walked down the aisle with her boyfriend-turned-husband, Dr. Edward Ines, on May 3, 2008. The duo had a destination wedding in Malibu, California, hosted by her then-employer, Wolfgang Puck. During her marriage, Sherry was still a corporate executive pastry chef in Wolfgang Puck.

Dr. Edward Ines and wife Sherry Yard attend James Beard Award.
Sherry Yard is married to husband Dr. Edward Ines.
Source: Dancing Chef

To talk about how and when they met for the first time, Sherry met her husband around 2007 when she had to see a dentist to get some work done on her teeth. One of the dentists at a practice caught her eye, he was Dr. Edward Ines.

Next time, she visited the practice, she had a chat with the receptionist where she asked her if her now-spouse was single and we all know the answer to it, he was single! And so, she asked him out!

The next time in, I asked the receptionist, ‘Is Dr. Ines single?’ She said he was, so I asked him out.

The duo started dating, and just three months into their relationship, the couple got engaged. Somewhile later, they tied the knot and, since then, living a blissful married life.

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Do Sherry and Her Husband have Kids?

Well, the answer is NO! Sherry Yard and her partner, Edward Ines, don’t have any kids to date. The pair has been married for 11 years but, they have still kept any thought of bearing children out of their minds.

Sherry Yard with her husband at the HBO Emmy party in 2015.
Sherry Yard with her husband Edward M. Ines Image
Source: Sherry Yard’s Instagram

The lovebirds, though they have no kids, are a family of four. Confused? Don’t be! The married duo is accompanied in their home by two cuddly pets. Yard and Ines pet two dogs of Norfolk Terrier breed, Hank William, and WillowAnn.

Sherry Yard with her husband Edward Ines and pets.
Sherry Yard lives with her partner, Edward Ines and two pets.
Source: Sherry Yard’s Instagram

Although the pair don’t have kids, they are as much in love to date. If we look at the last posted picture on Edward’s Instagram, it’s of his destination wedding with his wife. On his post of May 3, 2017, he talks about their 9 years together, their 9th Anniversary! The post!

Dr. Edward Ines wishes wife Sherry Yard on their 9th wedding anniversary.
Dr. Edward Ines posts about his 9th wedding anniversary with wife Sherry Yard.
Source: Edward Ines’ Instagram

Now, the duo lives a happy married life in Manhattan Beach, California, with their dogs, Hank and Willow.

It’s April 9, 2020, as of this writing, so this means the duo will celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary in less than a month. May the pair live as happily as they have for life!

A Little About Sherry’s Husband, Dr. Edward Ines

Dr. Edward Ines is a graduate of Loma Linda University Dental School. He started his dental practice in 1992, where he specializes in cosmetic dentistry.

Sherry Yard's Husband Dr. Edward Ines at his Private Clinic.
Dr. Edward Ines runs his own private dental clinic.
Source: Dental Outreach

Sherry’s husband has a dental clinic at 416 North Bedford Drive Suite 304, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. In his private clinic, Edward Ines DD, he offers services ranging from, Dental Bonding, Porcelain Veneers, Bleaching, Dental Implants, Gum Recontouring, Crowns and Bridges to even Tooth-Colored Fillings.

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