5 Unique Facts of Sela Vave, Jamie Foxx Love Interest!

Sela Vave came to fame with her modeling, singing, and acting career. But, it was not the only thing that pulled her into the limelight. One of the main reasons for Vave’s fame is her controversial relationship with the American actor, Jamie Foxx.

Vave had a mediocre professional life with a few modeling jobs. But, it all changed when she reportedly started making waves as the new love interest of the multi-talented star, Jamie Foxx, who had just broken up with partner Katie Holmes.

Well, we’re as curious as you are about Vave. Thus, we researched about her, and here are five unique things we found out.


5. Mother Supported Her Modeling Career

The 19 years old Sela Vave has already become an acclaimed model, singer, and an actress in a short period of time. She always showed interest in modeling and singing since her childhood days and hence, her mother motivated her to try her hands at what she loves.

Sela Vave wished her mother a happy mother's day in 2020.
Sela Vave’s mother motivated her to follow her passion for modeling.
Source: Sela Vave’s Instagram

Vave’s first attempt in the entertainment industry was in 2014 when she signed with the modeling agency, Utah Talent Management Group Inc. Later on, she also made appearances as a model for Kylie Cosmetics, which is regarded as one of her most notable works to date.

Besides modeling, Sela also has three acting credits under her name. She’s appeared in An Hour Behind, Relationship Status, and Timeless Love.

4. Relationship With Jamie Foxx Isn’t Romantic; Supporting Her Career

Well, the main reason for Sela Vave receiving huge limelight is due to her appearance with Jamie Foxx. They were first spotted together holding each other’s hands and getting into a car at West Hollywood on August 16, 2019.

Sela Vave in red while Jamie Foxx in a black tee.
Sela Vave with her rumored partner, Jamie Foxx.
Source: Yahoo

Following the incident, most people started showing curiosity about their relationship and claimed them to be dating. There were also rumors of Foxx only helping her out in her career. However, both of them have kept the details to themselves, or have they?

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Vave has also appeared in the LA’s Power 106 FM with Foxx in July 2019 where she discussed her music career. On July 1, 2019, the model took to her Instagram to post a series of photos with her rumored boyfriend, where she thanked him for believing in her.

Sela Vave's post on Instagram containing Jamie Foxx.
Sela Vave is thought to be dating Jamie Foxx.
Source: Sela Vave’s Instagram

Vave also traveled to Disneyland with Foxx and some of her friends. The Dailymail reported on December 13, 2019, that she was also a part of Jamie Foxx’s 52nd birthday bash.


Well, fans were still curious as to what their relationship was but, it all changed when Jamie took to his Instagram to share a live video about who the duo actually was. According to Foxx, he’s mentoring Vave as he did for aspiring singers back in the days.

3. Grew Up with Younger Brothers

Sela Vave was born in South Jordan, Utah, the USA on July 19, 2000, as the eldest child to mother Sarah Vave and father Sione Vave. She has two younger brothers named Mark Vave, who is active on Instagram with the name, swave_vave, and William Vave.

Sela Vave's childhood photo with her brother, Mark Vave.
Sela Vave has two brothers Mark and William Vave.
Source: Sela Vave’s Instagram

Her parents separated when they were still kids and following that, they were raised by a single mother. In contrast, their father remarried.

While she was in Providence Hall High School, she was a basketball player who played as a forward. She graduated from high school in 2018.

2. Wanted to be a Singer

Sela Vave developed her passion for singing since her childhood days. During her high school days, she used to write her own songs and sing them in her school programs. While talking about her singing passion, she said that she has been singing ever since she could talk.

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Sela Vave’s new track, All the Time.

At the age of 13, she released her first song, I Am a Child Of God. The song was available on YouTube but later on, it was removed. Though that, it still exists on her FB page. As of now, Foxx is helping her to become a singer. Recently she released her new track, All the Time.

1. Snoop Dogg’s Her Uncle?

According to the HotNewHipHop, Sela Vave and the famous rapper, Snoop Dogg met each other in April 2019, but as soon as they met, their chemistry seemed like that of old-time pals.

Sela Vave with Snoop Dogg.
Sela Vave calls Snoop Dogg her uncle.
Source: Sela Vave’s Instagram

While Sela stated that she was there with her favorite UNCLE, Snoop responded with, “Yes, and you’re coming to LA soon so you can blow up and show up.”

Well, there are still a lot of things that we need to know about Sela Vave. If you know things that we’ve missed, please feel free to share with us down in the comment section below.

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