Get to Know Sandra Grant, Tony Bennett’s Ex-Wife!

Sandra Grant is the second wife of the singer Tony Bennett. She is also an actress and singer.

Sandra Grant was born Sandra Elaine Grant on July 7, 1940, in Leesville, Louisiana, USA. In the 1980s, she moved to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Let’s get to know more about her!


Second Wife of Tony Bennett

Sandra Grant met Tony Bennett in the mid-1960s at a pool party at the Beverly Hills Hotel and soon started dating. While they started dating, Tony was still married to his first wife, Patricia Beech even though they separated in 1964.

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After Tony’s divorce from his first wife in 1971, Tony and Sandra got married in the same year on June 21. However, in 1979, the pair separated. They finalized their divorce in 2007.

Thank God, my divorce papers are finalized with Tony after all these years. I was not legally divorced until just a few months ago. The Tony I knew is not the same smiley Mr. Nice Guy the world knows.

Sandra while talking about her divorce with Page Six.

Grant was supposed to file for divorce but she just didn’t and it went on and on until 2007. The cause of the divorce was her ex-husband’s drug problem. She once saved her former partner after he fell unconscious in a bath after a cocaine overdose.

After her divorce, she revealed that she was happy to be free at last.

I am very happy to be free at last, and good luck to his current wife. But maybe it’s the opposite and I should wish him luck. There’s no fool like an old fool. I have very little feeling for him anymore.

Is she dating anyone or has she married after her separation from Tony? Well, she doesn’t want to date or marry anyone!

Why would I do anything so silly?

As for Tony, he got married to his current partner, Susan Crow. (More on this later.)

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Her Past Relationship and Affairs

Prior to getting married to Tony, she dated Warren Beatty, Eddie Fisher, George Hamilton, Frank Sinatra, and Joe DiMaggio.

She dated Warren when she was in her 20s. They met during a party at a friend’s house.

I was in my early 20s when I met Warren at a friend’s house. It was my first Hollywood party. He leaned over and whispered, ‘Can I get you a drink?’ I looked up and saw this incredibly handsome man with the most remarkable twinkle in his eyes.

While talking about her relationship with Eddie, she revealed that he was a so-so lover. “He was concerned more with his own needs than mine.”

In her interview, she also compared her former husband to Joe DiMaggio. She said Joe was more of a gentleman than Tony.

[Some years] after Joe divorced Marilyn Monroe in 1954, I was with him on and off for many years until I met Tony. Joe was a lot more of a gentleman than Tony – I guess I married the wrong man.

Ex-Husband’s Relationships

Before getting married to her, Tony was married to Patricia Beech. The former couple shared vows on February 12, 1951, at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. However, after 17 years of marriage, they divorced in 1971.

Currently, her ex-husband is married to Susan Crow who is 40 years younger than Tony. They walked down the aisle in 2007 after 20 years of dating.

Susan Crow with Her Husband, Tony Bennett.
Susan is 40 years younger than her husband.
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Mother of Two

From her marriage with Tony, Sandra Grant has two kids; both of them are daughters: Joanna and Antonia Bennett.

Antonia with her elder sister, Joanna Bennett.
Sandra Grant’s daughters, Antonia and Joanna.
Source: Instagram

Joanna Bennett

Sandra Grant welcomed her first child, Joanna Bennett in 1970.

Antonia Bennett

Antonia was born on April 7, 1974, in Los Angeles, US, to Tony and Sandra as their second child. Regarding her education, she graduated from the Berklee College of Music and the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

Antonia Bennett with her husband Ronen Helmann.
Antonia with her husband Ronen.
Source: Instagram

Talking about her personal life, she married Ronen Helmann in April 2013. After her marriage, she converted to Judaism.

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Tony’s Alzheimer’s and Last Performance

Sandra Grant’s ex-husband Tony Bennett was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2016. His current wife, Susan revealed that Tony started showing its sign in 2015 and a year later, Gayatri Devi, MD confirmed his Alzheimer’s.

Tony’s Alzheimer’s and last performance.

Her former husband had his final performance on November 28, 2021. His performance, One Last Time featuring Lady Gaga was held at Radio City Music Hall and was aired on CBS and Paramount+.

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