Who is Ruzanna Khetchian Dating After Breaking Up with Russell Peters?

Ruzanna Khetchian is known for being the ex-partner of the comedian, Russell Peters. They were only engaged for a year.

Khetchian was born on July 22, 1981, in Tbilisi, Georgia, Russia, to her mother, Janna Arutyunyan. She has two younger brothers, Suro and John Khetchian.

Ruzanna is an Armenian name that means a graceful morning rose. Ruz means day/morning in Persian and rose in Latin. Similarly, Ann means graceful in Hebrew. Let’s get to know more about her, shall we?


Broke Off Engagement within a Year

Ruzanna Khetchian was engaged to comedian, Russell Peters for only a year. They got engaged in September 2016 but broke up a year later.

Russell Peters and Ruzanna Khetchian showing off their engagement ring.
Russell Peters and Ruzanna Khetchian got engaged in 2016.
Source: ET Canada

The news of their engagement was first revealed during Peters’ interview with ET Canada‘s Sangita Patel. He was there to talk about his new Netflix special, Almost Famous but when the host asked him about his engagement, he couldn’t resist talking about it.

I was naked. Just about to go to bed and I just got on both knees because one knee hurt.

Russell on how he proposed Ruzanna.

Well, the 50-year-old comedian got down on his knees and proposed Ruzi with a 4.25-carat diamond ring designed by Mark Lash.

Mark Lash made this giant ring. It’s a 4.25 carat diamond with four lobster claws holding the diamond in place because [Ruzanna] & I are big ‘Friends’ fans and there’s that whole thing that lobsters mate forever.

Russell talks about his 4.25 carat diamond ring.
Russell Peters and Ruzanna Khetchian's Engagement Ring.
Russell proposed Ruzanna with a 4.25 carat diamond ring. Source: ET Canda

When asked about his plans to get married, he revealed they were in no rush. He also joked, “I still got a bunch of side chicks I got to get through.” Well, they couldn’t get married as the pair separated a year later in 2017.


After her breakup with Russell, Ruzi stayed single for a couple of years. She didn’t think she would get into a relationship; however, she started dating a mysterious man. The man started appearing on her socials since January 12, 2020.

Ruzanna Khetchian with her boyfriend.
Ruzanna with her mysterious boyfriend.
Source: Instagram

As for her former partner, he started dating Jennifer Andrade in the same year as their break up. Two years later, he welcomed his first son with her. They couldn’t continue their relationship, so they parted ways as well. At the moment, Peters is dating (might even be engaged to) someone named Ali.

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Founder of Ruzanna DeLeon

Ruzanna Khetchian is the Founder and Creative Director of her fashion brand, Ruzanna DeLeon. She established the company in July 2019 after she did a leather-making course with Francesca Berti and Salvatore Nicosia in Italy. Before that, she was a self-employed designer.

Ruzanna DeLeon Designs' Instagram profile snapshot.
Ruzanna started her own fashion brand.
Source: Instagram

Khetchian started studying at a local school in Georgia. After moving to the US, she went to a school in Compton from Grade 7th to 10th. She attended Woodbury University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Fashion / Apparel Design in 2003. After a long gap, she joined the same university and completed her Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with a major in International Global Studies in 2021.

Raised by a Single Mother

As already mentioned, Ruzi was born to her mother, Janna Arutyunyan. She was a single mother who took care of her three kids without any support and on foreign land.

She was born on September 6, 1962, in Georgia and had two younger brothers. According to Ruzanna, her mother was the first woman of her lineage to own a car and have a driver’s license in 1987 in the USSR. Her mother, 58, started painting in 2018 and is now a published painter. Find her gallery on her official website, Janna Passion Art.


  • She is an Armenian.
  • Her first language is Russian.
  • She learned to speak English after watching Living Color and The Nanny.
  • Her favorite country is Italy.
  • Ruzi used to do ballet and piano lessons when she was a child but quit because USSR instructors used to hit her with a stick.
  • She loves jewelry.
Ruzanna Khetchian loves jewelry.
Khetchian loves jewelry.
Source: Instagram
  • When she first ate cereal, she ate the cereal first and then drank the milk. “First time I ate cereal in ’92, I ate it dry then drank the milk because I didn’t know what cereal was.”
  • When she retires, she wants to live on a vineyard making her own blend of Ruze.
  • She says she doesn’t like celebrating her birthday and that she’s awkward at receiving gifts. That’s why she goes out of town every year during her birthday.
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