5 Fun Facts of TikTok Star Roselie Arritola!

Roselie Arritola is a well known social media star known mostly for her YouTube and Tik Tok videos where she posts dancing, makeup tutorials, and challenge videos. As of this writing, she has over 8 thousand subscribers on YouTube, while having 671.9 thousand followers on her TikTok.

Born on November 15, 2006, Roselie Arritola has just entered her teenage days and she has already established herself as one of the most popular social media stars.

For more details on her personal as well as professional life, keep scrolling.


5. New Face in Modeling

Roselie Arritola who rose to fame from her TikTok videos as well as from her Youtube Channel recently started working as a model. She posed for sevral brands and products on her Instagram. Some of her endorsement deals include Fashion Nova, Lounge Apparel, Dolls Kill, LA DANCE DESIGNS, and more.

Roselie Arritola posing in front of a car.
Roselie Arritola has a net worth of around $100 thousand.
Source: Roselie Arritola’s Instagram

Arritola has earned an estimated net worth of around $100 thousand. Her earning source, as already mentioned, is her endorsement deals with several brands.

4. Dance Lover

The social media star Roselie Arritola is a trained dancer. Before becoming an influencer, she was busy attending dance classes. Back on March 24, 2018, she posted a picture of her dancing pose where she captioned a beautiful note about her dancing journey.

My name is Roselie and I dance at the stars dance studio. I am eleven years old and soon to be twelve. I love to dance and I’ve been doing it since I was four years old. I love your dancewear is absolutely so amazing and unique. it’s made very well, it’s like no other

Roselie Arritola talks about her dancing journey.

Arritola added,

I love to dance because it’s my way to lose my self and find myself at the same time. it’s always been a passion for me to dance. when the music starts I can’t help but dance. this is why I love to dance.

Roselie Arritola talks about her dancing journey.

Well, she has also participated in several competitions. To talk about her dancing styles, she loves freestyle dancing and the belly dance. It’s estimated that she makes $404 to $674 per endorsement post she makes on her TikTok and Instagram accounts.

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3. Has Three TikTok Accounts

Roselie Arritola is not only known by her original name but also by two other names; Jenny Popach and That Girl Maria.


Arritola received fame first through her account, Roselie Arritola which started in 25 October, 2018. There, she has 2,515 followers. Next, she opened her most popular account, That girl Maria, which has 671.9 thousand followers and lastly, she made another account with the name, Jenny Popach, which has just 144 followers.

2. Her Mother is also a Famous TikTok Star

Roselie Arritola’s mother, Maria Ulacia is also a social media influencer who is famous in TikTok. She has more than 206.5 thousand followers and has more than 11.3 million likes.

A screenshot from Maria Ulacia's Tiktok.
Roselie Arritola’s mom Maria Ulacia’s TikTok Scrrenshot.

Her mother has uploaded over 331 videos on her TikTok. As of this writing, she last posted on TikTok on July 22.

1. Broke Into The Hype House With Her Mother

Roselie Arritola and her mother, Maria Ulacia recently got into a controversy for allegedly breaking into the Hype House, which is a mansion in Los Angeles where the members of the Hype House TikTok crew live.

Hype House
Roselia Arritola and mother Maria Ulacia broke into the Hype House.
Source: NY Times

On 12 June 2020, the TikTok stars broke into the Hype House and wandered around. They even posted a number of videos inside the house.

Though the Hype House members were not living there, they were still renting the space. So, it was kind of trespassing. After criticisms, they deleted the videos and both mother-daughter duos apologized for their misdeeds. However, some members revealed that they wanted to file a lawsuit. Let’s see what the future beholds!

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