Things to Know about Romeo Jon Bongiovi, Son of Jon Bon Jovi!

Romeo Jon Bongiovi is the youngest child of the American singer, guitarist, and actor, Jon Bon Jovi.

Romeo was born to Jon and Dorothea Hurley (karate instructor and entrepreneur) on May 7, 2002, in New Jersey. The 17-year-old is currently in high school in Manhattan.

Raised Alongside Three Siblings

Romeo Jon Bongiovi was raised alongside three elder siblings: Stephanie Rose, Jesse James Louis, and Jacob Hurley Bongiovi.

Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley with Their Kids.
Bon Jovi and Hurley with their three children.
Source: Instagram

Stephanie Rose

Romeo’s elder sister, Stephanie Rose Bongiovi was born on May 31, 1993. Regarding her education, she completed liberal arts degree from The New School.

Jesse James Louis

His elder brother Jesse was born on February 19, 1995. He has done BA in Political Arts and Government from the University of Notre Dame. Along with his father, he is the co-founder of Hampton Water Wine Co. As per his personal life, he is dating Jesse Light.

Jacob Hurley Bongiovi

His second brother, Jacob Hurley was born on May 7, 2002, in New Jersey. He is currently dating Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown.

Parents’ Marriage

Romeo Jon Bongiovi’s parents, Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley started dating each other in the 1980s while they were in high school. They got married on April 29, 1989, at Graceland Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas after eloping during their New Jersey Syndicate Tour.

Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley
Jon and Dorothea are married since 1989.
Source: Instagram

As of now, the pair has completed 40 years of love life and 32 years of marriage. While talking with People, his father revealed the real reason behind their unconditional love for each other.

Having grown up together and grown together. And we really like each other. We want to hang out. I always said I was good at spotting potential too. I have a gift. We work hard at it, but we enjoy each other and we never fell for the trappings of what celebrity can do. We’ve witnessed that happen over the years to people that were close to us and people that we knew from afar. It’s just what I do, it’s not who I am. I write songs. I happen to be very good at performing them. That’s it.

Drug Overdose Case of Elder Sister

Romeo Jon Bongiovi’s only sister Stephanie was found unconscious at Hamilton College in November 2012 after a drug overdose.

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She was arrested for possession of drugs. However, the charges were dropped under New York State’s Good Samaritan law.

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