Here are 5 Facts of Andre the Giant’s Daughter Robin Christensen Roussimoff!

Professionally, Robin Christensen Roussimoff is a wrestler as well as an actress. However, she is famous for being the only daughter of the legendary wrestler, André the Giant.

Born in 1979 to father André the Giant and his wife Jean Christensen, Robin was raised by a single mother after the separation of her parents when she was young.

Did this spark curiosity in you? Well, here are five facts you need to know about Roussimoff! Keep scrolling!


5. Robin Christensen Roussimoff Met Her Father Five Times Only

Starting the facts with what made her famous – although being the daughter of Andre the Giant, Robin Christensen Roussimoff only met her father five times because of his busy schedule.

Robin Christensen Roussimoff's edited photo showing her father.
Robin Christensen Roussimoff was the daughter of Andre the Giant and wife Jean Roussimoff. Source: MZ Production FB Page

According to Robin, she only saw her father a few times, that too, when Andre had WWF events in the town. In contrast, her father saw her during infancy, when she was 18 months old, 4 years old, and around 12 years of age (November 1991) for just five minutes.

Roussimoff’s last call to her dad was a year later on the Christmas of 1992. A month after, on January 27, 1993, Andre the Giant passed away in a Paris hotel room. He died in his sleep due to congestive heart failure.

4. Paternity Test

As Robin stayed away from her father since her childhood days, she didn’t have a good bond with her father.

While talking about her relationship with her father, she revealed,

I was not on the road with my Dad. If anything, he had me as far away from that industry as possible. We, unfortunately, did not have that great of a relationship. Mostly because he was on the road so much. I think it came to like 298 days out of the year in his prime. Like a lot of people in that industry he led a very gypsy-like lifestyle. He lived out of a suitcase. Because of that we never really got a chance to form a relationship.

Robin Roussimoff on her relationship with dad.

According to her, she met her father for the first time at a hospital where Andre requested to take a DNA test to confirm she’s his daughter. Well, turns out it was!

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3. Her Father, Andre the Giant, Died in 1993

As mentioned above, André the Giant passed away on January 23, 1993, due to congestive heart failure; the chauffeur found his body. He took his last breath at a Paris hotel room while he was in sleep.

Sandy Barr informs the crowd of Andre’s demise!

Robin’s father was in Paris to attend his dad’s funeral and stayed longer to be with his mom on her birthday. But, who knew he would never see her again. His body was cremated in the US and his ashes were scattered at his ranch in Ellerbe, North Carolina.

The news of André’s passing was found out by Robin and her mother after a month from his lawyer’s message on their answering machine. Andre had already written his will and on it, he had made sure that his estates and his properties go to his daughter.

2. Researched and Helped to Make a Biopic about Her Father, André the Giant

Although Robin Christensen Roussimoff disconnected from her father, she contacted the people from his father’s close circle to know more about him.

Robin Christensen Roussimoff talks about her father!

On her quest to learn more about her father, she met the Princess Bride co-star and that’s when she found out a lot about him. She got a lot out of Chris Sarandon while she found a friend in Cary Elwes.

Under her consultant, it was announced that a movie based on the 2015 authorized biography André the Giant: Closer to Heaven was planned on May 2016 by Lion Forge Comics. After two years, a documentary film called André the Giant aired in HBO channel on April 10, 2018.

1. Robin Christensen Roussimoff’s Net Worth!

At the time of Andre the Giant’s death, his net worth amounted to $10 million. And since Robin Christensen Roussimoff was left off with what he had, she became a multimillionaire with the hefty $10 million received from her father overnight.

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Andre the Giant in The Princess Bride!

Her dad has been in a number of movies ranging from Conan the Destroyer to The Princess Bride. The movies he appeared in earned a whopping $83.8 million at the worldwide box office. From it, he must’ve received a decent salary, right?

Now to talk about Christensen, she was a consultant in her father’s biopic. So, as the consultant fee, she must’ve received somewhere around $25 thousand to $50 thousand for the movie.

Around 2013, Andre’s North Carolina ranch was put up for an auction. The 3500 square feet ranch which had a fireplace, jacuzzi, dome skylight, and such was in auction for $325 thousand. But, there isn’t much to tell as all the details are kept in the dark.

Even after being a celebrity, Robin Christensen Roussimoff likes to keep her personal life away from the media. Also, she is not active on social media platforms such as Twitter, and Instagram, but she uses Facebook.

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