Things to Know About Robert Costa Weight Loss!

In 2018, Robert Costa made headlines after he lost a ton of weight. Some of his fans got concerned of his health while others wanted to know his secrets.

Robert is a Washington Post reporter, NBC News, and MSNBC political analyst and a moderator for Washington Week. He’s worked for the likes of The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and National Review.

Well, so much for his career details, we’re here to talk about his weight loss, and that’s what we’re going to do. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!


How did Robert Costa Lose So Much Weight?

To begin the story, Robert Costa appeared on TCA to talk about the news alerts and everything in-between, and in the interview, he revealed his weight loss secrets.

Robert Costa before and after his body transformation.
Robert Costa lost a ton of weight in 2018.
Source: Celebily

Many of his fans had already seen drastic changes to his body, and so they were concerned if his weight loss was intentional or not. During the interview, he revealed that his weight loss was intentional.

When the critics asked about his noticeable weight loss, he revealed that he was on a campaign diet (the eating habits that got to him from walking on political campaigns) for over a decade.

I was on a Campaign Diet for the last 10 years.

Robert Costa on his diet.

When Robert realized that he was feeling too tired every day, he became aware of his daily activities, his routine, his diet, and everything in between. In 2017, he woke up with a question.

Why am I eating a hamburger a day?

Robert Costa realized his eating habits.

Well, this question changed the way Costa lived. He started walking daily, drank black coffee, left sugar and creams, and the result, weight loss!

I started taking a walk a day and drinking black coffee. And ever since I committed to that, and been the better for it.

Robert Costa’s weight loss secrets.

The Trump whisperer, though changed his munching habits, didn’t work out too often. His weight loss was primarily due to his diet change and walking.

Robert Costa standing in front of The Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum.
Robert Costa seems to have a healthy weight now.
Source: Robert Costa’s Instagram

The Richmond Virginia native lost a ton of weight within a year in 2018. But, in 2019, he’s gained some pounds, and now, he seems to have a perfect ratio of height to weight.

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What did Fans Think of His Weight Loss?

Following the weight loss of Robert Costa, his fans were pretty concerned about health issues. Some followers also wanted to know about his weight loss secrets, and so they commented on the reporter’s Twitter photos asking about his journey.

On a Twitter post on Feb 14, 2018, one of his fans by the name, Jayson Pitkofsky wrote,

Dude, great job on the weight loss. Forget the WH scoops, the real story is how to lose weight when u have crazy hours, a busy schedule, and a country that’s stress eating.

A Fan’s Twitter comment about his weight loss.

Well, another fan also asked what the secret of his weight loss was. While another one wanted to know how much he lost.

Robert Costa's twitter post where his fans asked him about his weight loss.
Robert Costa’s fans asked him about his weight loss.
Source: Robert Costa’s Twitter

In the same manner, his fanbase again started questioning him on his April 1, 2018, Twitter post, where he posted a picture with his dad and brothers at Yardley CC. A fan, Unsociably Distant assumed,

If he did it like I did…Sensible portions/absolutely no second helpings/learn to love leftovers. Master that, and then focus on choices; read labels and count calories; cut sugar intake (water instead of soda/”fruit juice”). Get moving — it’ll get easier with repetition

A Fan’s Twitter comment about his weight loss.

Well, people asked a ton of questions to the national political analyst about his weight loss secrets and his health, but none of them received any replies.

All in all, let’s be happy about Robert Costa’s weight loss as he’s at a healthy height to weight ratio now. Let’s all get inspired by his work and start moving.

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