Here’s What You Need to Know about Steve Jobs’s Son Reed Paul Jobs!

Reed Paul Jobs is the son of late Apple co-founder and chairman, Steve Jobs, and Laurene Powell Jobs.

The young Jobs was born on September 22, 1991, in California as the first kid to the late Apple CEO and his wife. He has three siblings, Erin, Eve, and Lisa Brennan Jobs (from Steve’s former relationship).

On one of his dad’s interviews, he revealed that Reed had his mother’s impression and had always been shy. That might be the reason why nobody knows much about the lad. Well, we have collected a few data on him, so let’s just get to know him a little more.


5. Reed Paul Jobs, Only Son of Late Steve Jobs

As we mentioned, Reed Paul Jobs is the first child of Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell Jobs. However, let us break it down to you guys that he is the only baby boy his parents had. Reed has three other siblings, all girls.

Reed Paul Jobs' parents, Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell Jobs.  was welcomed by his father, Steve Jobs, and his mother, Laurene Powell, as their first child.
Reed’s father Steve Jobs and mother Laurene Powell.
Source: The Sun

His dad, Steve, was a revolutionary businessman who changed the world with technology. Besides being the co-founder of Apple Inc., he was an industrial designer and successful investor.

Speaking of Reed’s mom, Laurene, is also a businesswoman and a smart investor. She is the executive and founder of the Emerson Collective Foundation. She is involved in philanthropic activities, advocates for policies concerning education and immigration reform, social justice, and environmental conservation.

4. Has Half-Sister From His Father’s Previous Relationship

We already know Reed Paul Jobs has two younger siblings, both sisters named Erin (b. in August 1995) and Eve Jobs (b. in 1998), but you might not know that he also has an elder sister, Lisa Brennan-Jobs, from his father, Steve’s previous relationship.

Reed Paul Jobs with his family.
Reed Jobs enjoying his time with his baby sisters, dad, and mom.
Source: Pinterest

Lisa was born to Reed’s old man, Steve, and his former lover Chrisann Brennan on May 17, 1978. In the beginning, his dad denied the paternity of his elder sister for several years, which led to a legal case grabbing lots of media attention. However, eventually, Steve accepted her paternity.

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Professionally Lisa grew up to become an American writer. She has worked as a journalist and magazine writer. In addition to that, she’s also invested as an author. Her book Small Fry is pretty famous in the crowd and not to mention, controversial.

Steve Jobs with his first daughter Lisa.
Reed Paul Jobs has an elder sister, Lisa Brennan-Jobs from his father, Steve’s previous relationship.
Source: Mac Rumors

If we talk about Lisa’s love life, she’s happily married to her husband, Bill. The lovebirds share a son and two stepdaughters.

3. Went to Stanford University for Education

Reed Paul Jobs attended Stanford University with the intent to become an oncologist. Many believe he took that decision after his father died fighting cancer. (The late Apple Inc. CEO Steve lost his life due to pancreatic cancer at the age of 56 in October 2011.)

Reed Paul Jobs with dad Steve Jobs.
Steve Jobs’s son Reed Jobs attended Stanford University.
Source: Pinterest

Perhaps seeing his dad dying from cancer might’ve triggered Reed to focus his studies on becoming an oncologist, a doctor who treats cancer, and provides medical care for a person diagnosed with cancer.

But, his educational details seem somewhat misguided. He went to Stanford alright and he has also finished his Master’s, however, his Linkedin profile says, he completed Master’s of Arts and not Master’s of Science.

2. Young Jobs: A Billionaire

Reed Paul Jobs hasn’t had the chance to work professionally to date, however, he has had the chance to show off his abilities thanks to his work in his mother’s social change organization, Emerson Collective. He works as the Health Director there and has been working as the same for the past five years since September 2015.

His pops, who passed away due to cancer back in 2011, was a billionaire. When Reed’s dad died, his estimated net worth revolved around $10.2 billion. All of that wealth after the death was passed down to Reed’s mom, Laurene Powell Jobs.

Reed Paul Jobs' land of residence.
Reed Paul Jobs lives in a house based in Palo Alto that is worth $35 million.
Source: Forbes

Laurene inherited Steve’s wealth, and as of 2021, she has a net worth of $19.5 billion. Explicitly, she got billions of dollars worth of stock in Apple and Disney from her late spouse. However, she hasn’t passed on that money to her children, as she and Steve didn’t want their kids to have it too easy with money. Nevertheless, being the child of a billionaire, there’s no doubt Reed lives a lavish lifestyle.

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Reed and his family reside in Palo Alto’s 5,768-square-feet house built on a half-acre with seven bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms worth $35 million.

1. Stays Away From Social Media

Those who are eager to learn about Reed Paul Jobs’s personal life from his social accounts, let us save your time telling it won’t be worthy. It’s not because nothing is entertaining to see; it’s actually he doesn’t have one.

You read it right! Steve’s only son, Reed, stays away from social media. Thus, he has no official TwitterFacebookInstagram, or any other social accounts. Due to this, his dating history also stays behind the curtain.

Eve Jobs riding a horse in equestrian competition.
Reed’s young sister, Eve, loves horse riding.
Source: Eve Jobs’ Instagram

On the contrary, Reed’s youngest sister, Eve, is active on Instagram. Going through her Insta posts, you guys can also see that she loves horse riding and, further, is an Equestrian champion.


  • Steve’s followers might be familiar with the fact that he named his son, Reed, after Reed College, where he only studied for a semester.
  • Reed studied at the Crystal Springs Upland School in Hillsborough, CA.
  • Learn more of Reed Jobs from his interview with his employer, Emerson Collective, where he has answered 5 Questions about their cancer research.

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