Rafael Thomas Baldwin, Second Child of Alec Baldwin!

Rafael Thomas Baldwin is the second child and first son of the celebrity couple Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin.

Rafael was born on June 17, 2015, in New York City.

Six Siblings

Rafael Baldwin has five biological siblings: one elder sister, Carmen Gabriela (b. August 23, 2013), and four younger siblings: Leonardo Baldwin (b. September 12, 2016), Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin (b. May 17, 2018), Eduardo Pau Lucas (b. September 8, 2020), and María Lucía Victoria (b. February 25, 2021, via surrogacy).


Besides his biological siblings, he also has a step-sister from his father’s first marriage, Ireland Baldwin (born October 23, 1995).

Currently, his parents are expecting their seventh child.

Parents Together Since 2012

Rafael’s parents, Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin began dating in August 2011. After that, they moved in together to Greenwich Village.

Their engagement took place in April 2012, and on June 30, 2012, they got married in New York City’s St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral.

Broke His Arm

Rafael Thomas Baldwin broke his arm in April 2022 while playing at the park. His mom shared the picture of him sitting alongside his dad while they were in the emergency room.

Rafael Thomas Baldwin with his dad, Alec Baldwin.
Rafael broke his arm while playing at the park.
Source: Instagram

She revealed through her Instagram how Rafa broke his arm while playing at the park.

Rafa broke his arm really badly yesterday, playing at the park. You will see him with a cast for quite a while now, so I wanted to give you a heads up. Thank you Lennox Hill emergency room for taking such good care of our baby. So grateful to the doctors and the nurses for your expertise and kindness. This is a part of being a parent that is so heartbreaking.

We were with the babies when it happened and to get that call makes your heart sink. His little voice on the phone “I want my mommy”…knowing even the 20 min to get to him is 20 min too long. To not be able to immediately take away their pain and fear…oooof nothing prepares us for this, right? We were at the hospital until pretty late and then we made a bed on our floor (wild sleeper, was afraid he might fall off our bed). How many times he called out for me last night, I do not know.

At one point I heard him whispering to himself, recounting what happened, saying over and over: “I broke my arm”. We are relieved that, while it will be a long recovery road, he is certainly on it 💕

Millionaire Parents

Rafael Thomas Baldwin is leading a luxurious lifestyle as both of his parents are multi-millionaires. His father, Alec holds an estimated net worth of $60 million while his mother, Hilaria has around $10 million.

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Alec is an American actor and movie producer. He is well known for his appearance in the sixth and seventh seasons of Knots Landing.

His mother, Hilaria is a yoga instructor and entrepreneur. Alongside Michael Patton, she is the co-owner of the yoga studio called Yoga Vida.

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