Five Facts of Rachel Frederickson!

Rachel Frederickson is an American entrepreneur who received huge popularity after she became the winner of a reality game show, The Biggest Loser. Her thinner look in the final episodes after losing sixty percent of her body fat shocked everyone.

Born to Dan Frederickson and Julie Frederickson on March 1, 1990, the business personality has done several jobs to achieve success in her career but her decision to chance herself from fat to lien not only made her look beautiful but also she became an inspiration to lots of people.

We will mention some facts that you must have to know about such an inspirational lady. So let’s get started.


5. Weight Loss Journey

Talking about Rachel Frederickson’s weight loss journey, she was a part of NBC‘s The Biggest Loser TV show, where when she entered was 260 lbs or 117.9 kg. But, when she walked out a winner from the show, she was just 105 lbs or 47.6 kg.

Rachel Frederickson lost 155 lbs of body fat by the end of the show.
Rachel Frederickson’s body transformation stats.
Source: Today

Well, the 5 feet 5 inches tall voice actress had a BMI of only 18 and was termed underweight by the CDC standards. But, how did she lose all that weight? Well, it was all thanks to her six hours a day work out sessions and a 1,600 calories diet.

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4. Her Mother is Her Biggest Inspiration

In this generation, obesity has become one of the major health concerns that have arisen due to an unhealthy lifestyle. For such people, Rachel Frederickson has become an inspiration through her weight loss journey.

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For Rachel, however, her mother was one of her biggest inspirations; one who supported her in every step of her life. While talking about Rachel, her mother had the sweetest of things to say,

I am so proud of her for putting herself out there for the world to see at a time that she was basically hiding … That took a lot of courage. Everything Rachel has accomplished is through hard work and dedication. I am amazed by her but not surprised she has been so successful. She is my hero.

Rachel Frederickson’s mother talks about her!

3. An Animal Activist

The Biggest Loser winner, Rachel Frederickson is an avid animal lover and has been involved in saving them for a long time. She is one of the members of the organization named Best Friends Animal Society. The main motto of the organization is to save the animals and put an end to their killing.

Rachel, being a member of the organization, has rescued several dogs and cats. Her Instagram profile is filled with the pets she has rescued. In most of the posts, we can see her nourishing them.

Rachel stated that she loves to spend most of her time with pets as it helps her reduce stress and live the moment. That may be the reason why she has pet a dog of the bulldog breed, Penpo, which she adopted on the April Fool’s day of 2009.

2. Unsuccessful Love Story

Rachel Frederickson fell in love during high school. She started dating a foreign exchange student and traveled to Germany on her 18th birthday to start a new life there with her partner.

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She thought she would live with the man forever. Unfortunately, it wasn’t what happened. Her relationship started turning destructive and her boyfriend and she used to end up in fights. She, who loved her independent self, was now battling with her self confidence. The pair soon broke up and now, Rachel isn’t dating anyone.

1. $500 thousand Net Worth

As of 2020, the net worth of the voice-over artist Rachel Frederickson is $500 thousand. She made most of her worth from her career and the rest was from her win of the 15th season of The Biggest Loser, where she was awarded $250,000.

Not only that, but she also won a Ford Fusion car, whose price starts at $23 thousand. She flaunted the car on her social media on Jan 18, 2015. Though she has a car, it has only 4,600 miles on it, since she rides a bike to work more often.

While talking about her voice over career, normally they get paid $17.50 per hour on average, so she also might be receiving her salary in the same range.

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