Five Facts You Need to Know about Piper Rockelle!

These days Social Media Platforms such as Instagram and TikTok have become one of the easiest ways of showcasing talent and generating income. One such talented young artist is Piper Rockelle who came to fame following her TikTok and YouTube videos.

The 12 years old artist started making videos on YouTube after her mom encouraged her three years before when TikTok was called As of April 2020, Piper has 5.7 million fans alongside 407.5 million likes on her TikTok.

Well, there are a lot of things her fans wanna know about. So, here are five of them.


5. Mom Made Her Into a Star!

Being born with a skill and having an interest in something isn’t enough for one to pursue a career in it. One always needs support and encouragement from their loved ones. Piper Rockelle’s popularity and success came only when her mom recognized her talent.

When talking about how her career started, Piper recalled,

We were just playing on it…I was just making some videos, and then my mom started to help me and then in a week, I got a feature. Two weeks, I got a crown and it kinda hit off! The ‘Make My Toy Real’ challenge was my first. It was the best video ever!

As of now, she has millions of followers and is already one of the established social media stars at present. She has also been a source of encouragement for the upcoming generation.

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4. $500 Thousand of Net Worth at 12

It has been three years since the rising social media sensation, Piper Rockelle came to fame. And, in those years, she has already earned a huge chunk of cash. As of 2020, she has amassed a net worth of around $500 thousand and she’s just 12.

Looking at her career, Piper earns just over $15.5 thousand per annum from TikTok and around $5,926.5$9,877.5 per year from Instagram for her endorsement deals. In addition to this, she also earns her worth from her YouTube channel; she makes a minimum of $196 thousand per annum from her videos.

Piper also generates revenue from the sales of her merch. She sells her merch from her self-titled website.

3. Raised By a Single Mother Alongside Two Siblings

Piper Rockelle is the only daughter of Tiffany Rockelle. She has two brothers: Tyler Ray Hill and Hunter Ray Hill. One of her brothers, Hunter is also a famous TikTok star with millions of followers.

According to Piper, she met her father once in her early childhood which she even doesn’t remember very well. Piper shares a very good bond with her family as we can see lots of pictures on their social media.

2. Confused Her Fans with Romantic Affairs

Piper Rockelle, though is just 12 years old, has time and again posted videos that read, I Got Married to My Crush for 24 Hours Challenge, Leaving My Boyfriend with Only a Goodbye Video, and such others. This has created a question on her followers’ minds, “Who is she dating?”

Well, to date, she has collaborated with a lot of boys to date and out of them, Gavin Magnus, Walker Bryant, and Lev Cameron stand out. With them, she has videos that show her getting married to them. But, who is Piper actually dating?

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Well, she’s just 12 so, she isn’t dating anyone. All of her videos are just showcases of her talent and nothing more. But, with close encounters like these, Piper might surely fall for someone in the coming years.

1. Involved in Acting As Well

Apart from her social media career, Piper Rockelle also has a few acting credits under her name. She was the part of a web series, Mani as Sky. In 2018, she appeared in short movies, Dark Eyes and Sitting in the 80s. Besides, she was also a part of the reality show, Piperazzi.

While talking about her acting career with some of the reliable sources, she revealed,

I’ve always wanted to be an actor. When I was a little kid, I’d always pretend that I’m in a show, and I love being an actor because it gets you out of your comfort zone! You can be different people and then come back to the same person.

Well, seeing this statement, it is safe to say that she will obviously make more credits in the acting field in the coming days.


  • Apart from her career as a social media star and an actor, she is a well-trained dancer as well as a gymnast.
  • As per her, haters don’t affect her as she has more loving fans who support her.
  • She got influenced in by Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande.
  • She wants to collaborate with Emma Chamberlain if she gets a chance.
  • She believes in saving animals and has rescued two cats from the streets. And she also wants to open up a cat sanctuary in the future.
  • She loves Pokémon GO!

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