Five Facts to Know about Food Blogger Noah Galuten!

Professionally, Noah Galuten is an American chef, food blogger as well as a writer. He received huge limelight after getting married to the American actress as well as comedian, Iliza Shlesinger.

As a food enthusiast, he travels to a number of places to try out their dishes. He has a food blog titled Man Bites World where he describes his experience consuming several foods. His Instagram is filled with pictures of different cuisines.

Well, let’s get to know more about Noah on the sections below!


5. Met Wife Through Online Dating App

These days dating apps have become a way for single people to meet new people. Most of the relationship made on dating apps are short-term. But in the case of Noah Galuten, it made it to marriage with Iliza Shlesinger after meeting each other for the first time in July 2016.

After a year of their dating relationship, the duo got engaged. While recalling Noah’s proposal, Iliza said,

We went out to dinner, and I remember starting to unbutton my pants as I came in the door because I had to pee. I realized our living room was full of flowers and candles, and Noah stopped me before I left the room, saying there was something he wanted to do before I ran off to the bathroom. I started crying and turned away, yelling that it couldn’t happen with my fly down!

Iliza Shlesinger talks about how Noah Galuten proposed her.

After a year, they shared their wedding vows on May 12, 2018, in the City View Penthouse & Skydeck at the South Park Center.

Noah Galuten and Iliza Shlesinger on their wedding day.
Noah Galuten married his wife, Iliza Shlesinger and now they are as happy as can be. This photo is from his wedding day!
Source: Brides

On thier big day, Iliza’s dog was the Flower-Girl and her cousin was the officiant.

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4. Son of Music Producer

The famous chef Noah Galuten is the son of Grammy Award-winning musician and recorder producer, Albhy Galuten, and his wife, Nancy Lyons (garden designer). His father has as many as 18 #1 hits in the 20th century.

Noah Galuten with his father during childhood days.
Noah Galuten’s father, Albhy Galuten, was a renowned musician.
Source: Noah Galuten’s Instagram

His parents separated when he was still a child and so, he started living with his mother. His mother later remarried and gave birth to his brother, Jason Galuten. His brother is also a musician who has followed the footstep of Albhy.

3. Social Worker

Apart from being a chef, Noah Galuten is also an active social worker. As per his Instagram Profile, he is an active member of the non-profit organization named Dine11 Los Angeles.

The main motto of the organization is based on providing food to healthcare workers especially in ICUs and the Emergency wards. Now, he is supporting Black Lives Matter to end police violence. He’s shared a link of Campaign Zero on his Insta bio.

2. Hosts #DontPanicPantry During Quarantine

The food blogger Noah Galuten started a “#DontPanicPantry” during the quarantine COVID-19 lockdown. Galuten describes it as,

#dontpanicpantry is about having fun and cooking yourself something that you’re willing to eat, with what you have on hand.

Noah Galuten about #dontpanicpantry!

This started since March 16, 2020 and now, the hashtag already has over 942 posts. The post already has 81 episodes and is now backed by Sun Noodles.

1. Tried His Hands in Screenwriting

The husband of Iliza Shlesinger, Noah Galuten is a very creative writer since his childhood days. Also after the completion of his high school degree, he joined the University of California Los Angeles and graduated with a degree in theater.

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Soon after that, he started his career in the field of playwriting; however, he didn’t succeed on it. Following this, he decided to quit the profession and started blogging. Well, actually, he himself didn’t decide on changing the profession, it was his partner, who told him to. Now, he’s also a chef (more like a manager) for Golden State Restaurants and several other restaurants in LA.

Noah Galuten on Tasted!

From blogging in Man Bites World and his cooking career, he has amassed a net worth of around $1 million as of 2020. Well, he goes on like this, his salary is sure to rise in the coming years.


  • In 2017, Noah authored a book, On Vegetables: Modern Recipes for the Home Kitchen with Jeremy Fox. The book is available on Amazon for $78.22 (hardcover edition).
  • Galuten had his own Tasted’s YouTube web series, Food Feeders on YouTube. It ran for four years until October 2016.
  • He has his own YouTube channel but has no videos at all.
  • Noah and his wife have a pet dog by the name, Tianfu. They had another pet dog, Blanche but she passed away.

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