Mizkif's dating girlfriend Maya Higa.

Five Things to Know About Mizkif!

If you’re a Twitch fan, then you must’ve heard the name, Mizkif, a few times! Well, Mizkif, born Matthew, is an American Twitch streamer whose content is mainly focused on IRL broadcasts, chatting, and gaming streams.

Born to a poor family on February 14, 1995, Mizkif entered into the social media career back in 2016 and within 2020, he now has over 370 thousand followers. Recently, in 2020, Twitch banned Rinaudo for a short period after he violated content policy where he posted content containing nudity.

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We are aware of some parts of his life, but there are still a lot of things we wanna know about. Well, to help you out, here are five facts about the internet sensation!

5. Brother of Emily Rinaudo

Mizkif is the brother of the freelance model, Emily Rinaudo who received huge limelight as an Instagram model. She started posting on IG since 2017 March and received more than 250 thousand followers before the account was disabled.

Mizkif is the brother of Emily Rinaudo, an Instagram model.
Mizkif is the brother of Emily Rinaudo.
Source: YouTube

As a model, she posed for Arsenic Magazine (Guess), and Model Mayhem. Prior to modeling, she was a social media star. Currently, she is involved in the adult film Industry.

4. Dating Fellow Twitch Star Maya Higa

The famous Twitch star, Mizkif’s dating fellow Twitch star, Maya Higa. The duo started their dating relationship in 2019. Mizkif and his girlfriend met for the first time back in April 2019 and in an instant, he fell in love with Maya. It was love at first sight!

Mizkif and girlfriend MAya Higa during 2019 Christmas.
Mizkif started dating Maya Higa in 2019.
Source: Maya Higa’s Instagram

There, however, were criticizers who kept on insisting that they were far better for her than Mizkif. Well, he didn’t think much of the competition and well, tried his best. Eventually, Higa also fell in love!

In the beginning, they were in a long-distance relationship but later on, in July, Maya flew to New Jersey and started living together. Their fans were confused about their relationship and so, a lot of rumors flew around.

Finally on August 4, 2019, in the YouTube video titled, “Mizkif & Maya’s Big Announcement”, the lovebirds revealed about their romance and decision to live together.

Mizkif and Girlfriend Maya Higa Announce About Their Dating Relationship!

Well, since then, the couple can be seen together most of the time as they often appear on each other’s social media platforms.

3. Mizkif’s Net Worth is $500 Thousand

Within a short period of time, from his social media career, Mizkif was able to accumulate as much as $0.5 million as his total net worth. No doubt the star will add more to his account as he is continuously increasing his followers.

While different sources claimed Mizkif’ net worth to be around $1 million, $2 million, and whatnot, the man himself revealed in one of his videos that he is halfway to be a millionaire.

If you wanted to know, I’m worth about half a million dollars, there you go

Mizkif talks about his net worth!

The Twitch streamer talked about his net worth in one of his first streams of 2020 where he hosted an honest Q&A.

Besides Twitch, he also adds to his riches from his YouTube channel where he has 113 thousand subscribers and more than 16 million views. From his channel, he earns between $6.3 thousand and $101.6 thousand per annum.

2. Battle with Depression Almost Ended His Career

Matthew Rinaudo revealed on one of his videos about his mental health. He revealed that his depression almost put an end to his streaming career.

On January 6, 2020, Mizkif spoke about his lowest point of life; his psychiatric ward visit. He also opened up about how his support group helped him get back up onto his feet.

Mizkif’s depression started back in mid-2019. Though he was depressed, he put on a fake smile to continue his streams. He also revealed that in one instance, he picked up his girlfriend Maya from the airport and didn’t say a single word for 45 minutes.

Because I didn’t have the energy and I didn’t want to talk. It was such a weird experience with me and Maya, and I felt terrible.

Mizkif talking about his depression.

Matthew even thought that it was the end of his streaming career. He didn’t have the energy to continue streaming. His depression just kept getting worse by time as he stood doing nothing.

Following the advice of his friends and his girlfriend, Maya, he started seeing a therapist and started taking pills. In no time, he was back to normal, he was happy! Details about his depression on Dexterto!

1. Earned $5,500 During Sleep

Confused? Don’t be! The Twitch streamer Mizkif recently streamed a video of him sleeping and that earned him over $5.5 thousand in donations and subscriptions.

The ten hours long video saw the streamer settling in for the night near his setup. He had media share enabled which allowed viewers to donate money. After getting up from his sleep, Mizkif revealed to his viewers that he had made $5,594.62.

Just to show how dumb it is to be a streamer. $5,500 in donations. Literally sleeping. I literally slept and made $5,500 doing nothing.

Mizkif talks about earning $5,500 during his sleep.

Mizkif donated most of the money to a fellow streamer while he used up the remaining cash to get one of his viewers a Nintendo Switch.

You guys earned it. I mean, I literally did nothing today, and I fell asleep. I like giving back to you guys.

Mizkif talks about earnings $5,500 during his sleep.

Well, this just goes on to show you how popular the streamer is!

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  1. Why did you edit out Matthew’s real last name. He is not the brother of Emily Rinaudo. The sibling rumor was started because of a chance meeting between shared acquaintances who noticed the loose facial resemblance (really only that they both have thick eyebrows) between Matt and Emily, and then Matt ran with it knowing he could turn it into big business. It worked so well that websites even publish this bogus info as fact (as seen here) without doing any basic journalistic due diligence.

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