How Much is Mehdi Dehbi Net Worth?

As a Belgian actor and theater director, Mehdi Dehbi has already appeared in 18 acting credits with 1 award win and 2 nominations. Within his 18 years of career in the filming industry, the man should’ve really gathered a hefty net worth, doesn’t he?

Recently, Mehdi has become the talk of the town for his appearance as Messiah or Al-Masih or Payam Golshiri in the Netflix thriller, Messiah. But, hang on, it’s not the only one of his famous works, his notable works also include A Most Wanted Man, Le Sac de Farine, Le Solelin Assassine, and L’infiltre.

If you think this is all to Dehbi’s career, then you’re wrong. The man is also a skilled singer and poet. Since you’re interested, we’ll talk about Mehdi’s wealth and such other details.


Mehdi Dehbi Net Worth; Millionaire Status

Let’s make it clear. The Messiah star Mehdi Dehbi gathered a net worth of $2 million from his career in the entertainment industry. As an actor, who has been in the showbiz for 18 long years, he must probably earn over the average pay of an actor, which is around $45 thousand annually.

Mehdi Dehbi has $2 million net worth as of 2020.
Mehdi Dehbi has already amassed as much as $2 million net worth.
Source: Celebs In Depth

Recently, Mehdi appeared in Netflix’s Messiah as the lead cast. According to Paysa, Netflix actors earn in between $47,593 to $60,635. Since Dehbi was the lead actor, he must’ve made earnings in the upper percentile.

Brief Career Highlights

The 34 years old Mehdi Dehbi made his acting debut at 16 with the role of Hamid in Le Soleil Assassine. For his very first role, the actor was nominated for 2004 Best Belgian Actor at the Joseph Plateau Awards.

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Following this, he made his appearances in a total of 18 movies and TV shows. Some of his notable acts were in Le Sac de Farine, L’infiltre, A Most Wanted Man, The Godmother, London Has Fallen, and Tyrant.

Besides acting, Mehdi also is a play director. His first ever play was Les Justes in 2012. The same show toured in France and Garmany for two more years. For this, Dehbi was even nominated for the 2014 Prix de la Critique by Decouverte Prize.

Mehdi Dehbi Messiah

Dehbi took a break from the filming industry for a year as in 2019, he didn’t appear in any movies or TV shows. But in 2020, he came back with a bang, hitting the nail at every right spot with his lead role as Messiah or Al-Masih in Netflix’s Messiah.

Mehdi Dehbi appeared as Al-Masih or Messiah.

Payam Golshiri or Messiah stays as someone who claims to be the second coming. Al-Masih goes on to create a great deal of confusion among believers and even non-believers in the series showing off cool magic tricks. In the ending episode, Al-Masih even goes on to revive two dead men, one being one of the lead casts, Tomer Sisley.

Music, Poetry, and Photography

Apart from acting and directing, Al-Masih AKA Mehdi Dehbi is also a lover of music, spoken words, and photography.

Medhi is trying to take his musical talents to a pro-level with a few songs. His songs release under the name, Golsen, and to date, he has released over four songs.

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Mehdi Dehbi’s New Song

Similarly, Golsen also posts his poetic works on Medium and similar webpages. His photography skill, however, is different as he takes it up only as a hobby.

Well, that’s about it! This sums up the net worth and earnings of the Messiah star, Mehdi Dehbi.

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