Five Interesting Facts of Maya Higa!

Maya Higa is a rising social media star who is very famous for running her self-titled Twitch and YouTube Channel. Her content is mostly based on conservation education and animals.

Born in the USA on May 24, 1998, Maya started her career in around 2016 and has more than 162k followers in her Twitch as of this writing. In contrast, her YouTube has 13.9k followers and Instagram has 47.9k followers.

This is not all about her life, as there are still lots of things to know about her. Here we have listed out some facts about her.


5. Grew Up Along with Elder Sister

Maya Higa was born on May 24, 1998, in the United States. She grew up along with her elder sister in her birthplace. Did you know Maya is the cousin of famous YouTuber, Ryan Higa?

While talking about her family, her mother is involved in running Animal-assisted Happiness while her father is the co-owner of, Chuck E Cheese.

4. Dating Fellow Twitch Star Mizkif!

The 21 years old Twitch star Maya Higa is in a romantic dating relationship with fellow Twitch star, Mizkif. The pair have been in a relationship since 2019. They met each other the first time back in April 2019 and fell in love instantly. Well, it was love at first sight.

Mizkif and girlfriend MAya Higa during 2019 Christmas.
Mizkif started dating Maya Higa in 2019.
Source: Maya Higa’s Instagram

As in every love story, there’s a villain, their love also had a lot of them. While there were criticizers who didn’t think Mizkif was a better choice for her, the Twitch streamer didn’t care much about it and kept on going. Eventually, Maya also fell in love with him.

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They were in the long-distance relationship in the beginning but later on, Higa flew to New Jersey and started living together. There were lots of rumors regarding thier relationship due to a number of confusions but they cleared it all by officiating their romance on August 4, 2019, in the YouTube video titled, “Mizkif & Maya’s Big Announcement”.

Since then they have been together and also can be seen in each other’s social media platforms.

3. Animal Lover

Maya Higa is an avid animal lover whose Instagram platform is filled with pictures of her with animals. Well, the YouTuber is well trained as she received training and did an internship from Zoo To You Wildlife Education.

Maya, in addition to this, seems to own several animals in her family’s farmhouse including dogs, rabbits, horses, birds, and so on.

2. A Horse Rider

We have already mentioned above that Maya Higa is a animal lover and has several animals in her farmhouse including horses. As per her social media platform, she loves horse riding.

Well, the above post quite shows the bond between her and her horse, right?

1. Donated $32k to Homeless Family

Maya Higa proved to us that she had a good heart in 2019. She alongside her Twitch friends donated around $32 thousand on the occasion of her birthday. They donated the amount to 5 Cities Homeless Coalition.

5CHC thanks Maya Higa for donating $32 thousand.
Maya Higa donated $32 thousand to 5CHC.
Source: 5CHC Facebook

The 5CHC thanked Maya and her friends for their contribution to the committee which will help families who are homeless or facing homelessness.

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On March 12, 2020, Maya Higa released her first line of merch, which is limited edition. 75% of proceeds will be donated to Wildlife Warriors Worldwide.

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