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Things to Know about Kasie Hunt’s Husband Matthew Mario Rivera!

Matthew Mario Rivera, more famous as Matt Rivera, is a multitalented American personality; he’s a reporter, an adjunct professor as well as a multimedia producer.

Matthew Mario Rivera was born in 1982 to parents Daniel O Rivera, a former lieutenant in the sheriff’s office, and Loraine V Vetter, a registered nurse at the St. Catherine of Sienna Medical Center. He also has a step-father, Larry Vetter, who’s an environmentalist. As for his education, he first went to Sachem High School-graduated in 2000. Following this, he enrolled at New York University (NYU) and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism.

Well, there are still a lot of things still unknown about Matthew. So, here we are talking about what we do know about the man. Keep on reading to find out if he’s married and has kids and also about his profession and net worth details.

Matt Rivera Married to Kasie Hunt! Do They Have Kids?

The reporter Matthew Mario Rivera is living a perfectly happy married life with his wife, Kasie Hunt, a correspondent of NBC News’ Capitol Hill. The duo walked down the aisle on May 6, 2017, at Shenandoah Woods, a lodge and retreat located in Stanley, Virginia. Their marriage was officiated by Kasie’s family friend and Baptist minister, Marian Sieke, in a non-denominational marriage ceremony.

Matthew Mario Rivera together with his wife, Kasie Hunt on their wedding day.
Matthew Mario Rivera married wife Kasie Hunt on May 6, 2017.
Source: Kasie Hunt’s Instagram

Matt and Kasie first met each other while working at NBC News in Washington in 2012. Soon, they fell in love and started seeing each other more frequently. They went on dates and spent numerous hours together. After almost four years of their dating relationship, on August 13, 2016, Matthew finally proposed Kasie-they got engaged. Joe Scarborough and Mike Brzezinski announced their engagement on their NBC morning show.

Matthew Mario Rivera and wife Kasie Hunt with their newlyborn son, Mars Hunt Rivera.
Matthew Mario Rivera and wife Kasie Hunt gave birth to their first child, Mars Hunt Rivera on September 4, 2019.
Source: Kasie Hunt’s Instagram

Together, the married couple is blessed with a son named Mars Hunt Rivera, whom they welcomed on September 4, 2019. He was delivered on Wednesday night and was 9 pounds 8 ounces during his birth. Following his birth, the duo spoke to TODAY Parents and said,

Mars must already have big things planned since he started life at 9 1/2 pounds. We love him so much and can’t wait to see what joy he brings to our family of three.

Matt Rivera and wife Kasie Hunt talk about their newly born.

The duo also revealed that the gender of their baby was a surprise. “We got to actually say, ‘It’s a boy!'”

How much is Kasie Hunt’s Husband Matthew Mario Rivera Worth?

The 38 years old Matthew Mario Rivera has a net worth of around $2 million thanks to his career in journalism. His major source of income is as a video journalist, but he’s done it all from being an adjunct professor at NYU to being an entrepreneur as well.

Matt Rivera's portrait photo.
Matt Rivera earned $2 million net worth from his diversified career.
Source: Matt Rivera’s Instagram

Hunt’s partner started his career in Feb 2004 after establishing his own video production company, Moose Production, that produced documentary films, internal corporate video series, digital news segment, and seminars as well. His clients included the likes of A&E, BBC News, the Travel Channel, JP Morgan Chase, and Deutsche Bank. The company ran for over six and a half years, but it saw its end in August 2010.

Around August 2005, he became a part of CareerTV as a video journalist. He was there for two years and four months. A few months before he left CareerTV, he joined TitanTV for the same job but left it after six months. He also worked as a video journalist for Fast Company, a monthly business magazine for a few months.

In March 2008, Matt joined The Wall Street Journal as a reporter, but later on, he was promoted to the position of Multimedia Producer. He was there till September 2010, and while there, he launched the Page One video desk to utilize video production around print reporting, produced an original video series for Greater New York WSJ’s local office. Rivera also produced award-winning mini-documentaries alongside Journal reporters.

In August 2008, Matthew was hired by New York University as an Adjunct Professor to teach multimedia production for graduate journalism students. He also took a few classes as a guest lecturer for Bauhaus-Weimar College. Likewise, he also acted as a visiting instructor at one of the BBC’s video journalism event held in Newcastle, England.

It was September 2010 when NBC News hired him as a Senior Producer. For six long years, he worked in the same position, and in 2016, he was promoted to Senior Digital Producer of Washington DC Metro Area. As a Senior Digital Producer, he launched the podcasts, The Chuck ToddCast and Meet the Press: The Lid. Besides, he also led a team that expanded the Meet the Press brand for digital platforms. He’s also produced content for the Nightly News and Today.

Well, from all these career achievements, Matt must really be earning over $90 thousand every single year, which is more than the average pay of senior video producers.

Now to talk a bit about his wife, Kasie Hunt, she holds an estimated net worth of around $3 million. She’s currently working as a host of Kasie DC for MSNBC and also as a Capitol Hill Correspondent NBC since January 2017.

Well, Matthew and Kasie together have a combined net worth of $5 million, and with this fortune, the family of three is sure to have a luxurious lifestyle.

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