5 Fun Facts of Pat Sajak’s Daughter Maggie Sajak!

Professionally, Maggie Sajak is an American country music singer and a former model but she is very famous for being the daughter of the news reporter Pat Sajak and his wife Lesly Brown Sajak (photographer).

Born on January 5, 1995, in Baltimore, Maryland, she grew up in the Severna Park, Maryland, alongside her older brother, Patrick Michael James Sajak. For her education, she went to Princeton University.

To know more about her personal life and such other matters, keep reading.


5. Inspired in Music By Her Father

The daughter of the famous host, Pat Sajak, Maggie Sajak is a rising country singer whose first single, First Kiss was an instant hit. Her single Wild Boy was also loved by many.

Maggie Sajak’s Wild Boy!

We know Maggie loves to sing but why did she choose the profession? Well, it was what her father taught her.

While talking with the CMT News, Sajak revealed

I loved being around the set with him (father Pat Sajak). I’ve learned a lot from watching him. And even though music is different than a game show, there are a lot of similarities.

Maggie Sajak on why she wanted to become a musician.

Adding to the statment, she said,

Since I was little, my parents listened to a lot of country. My dad lived in Nashville for a while, and he appreciates older country. And my mom loves Faith Hill and Martina McBride. I appreciate the older music, and new artists like Luke Bryan and Carrie Underwood. But I really love the folk singer-songwriters as well. All of that has shaped the kind of music I’m making now.

Maggie Sajak on why she wanted to become a musician.

4. Wanted to Become a Doctor

Pursing two dreams at the same time is very difficult but Maggie Sajak is doing it. She dreamed to become a doctor as well as a singer since her childhood days and now she is working on both of her careers.

Neither one — medicine or country music — is my fall-back plan. I just love them both, so I will keep doing both and see where that takes me. I probably won’t go straight to medical school. I want to be able to focus on my music for a while.

Pat Sajak’s daughter Maggie Sajak says she wants to be both a doctor and a musician.

Sajak, though has been trying to make music as much as she can, is living a double life trying to become a doctor as well through her enrollment in an Ivy League College, Princeton University.

3. Not Margaret

Most people think that Maggie Sajak is the nickname of Margaret. However, this is not the case of Pat Sajak’s daughter as her full/legal name is Maggie Marie Sajak and not Margaret Marie Sajak.

A screenshot of Maggie Sajak's Instagram bio.
Maggie Sajak does not stand for Margaret Sajak!
Source: Maggie Sajak’s Instagram

Maggie might have gotten this quite a number of times as she has even made it clear on her Instagram bio that she’s not Margaret.

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2. Fitness Freak

Although Maggie Sajak’s living a busy life, she still manages to take care of her health. How? Well, it’s all about working out and a good diet.

Maggie, in an interview with Self Magazine, stated that she loves doing exercises and such.

I always feel so refreshed and energized after a workout. It gives me energy and focus to do any other work I have that day.

Maggie Sajak on working out!

Well, Sajak is trained by Dan Riser, a trainer/owner of Athlete Architect. He prepared a workout program for her which includes an exercise called the Single Leg Hip Bridge. What this exercise does is basically tones and shapes her lower body.

Maggie Sajak appeared on Wheel of Fortune.
Maggie Sajak makes sure to work out every single day.
Source: Maggie Sajak’s Instagram

While talking about the move, Sajak reveals that it’s perfect for her because she can always feel her muscles working.

I can focus on the target areas and really feel the muscles working. I definitely feel that my legs are stronger and more toned!

Maggie Sajak on her trainer’s killer leg move.

Maggie, besides working out, loves to jog, that too, with her fellow bandmates. But, if you want to be as fit, jogging won’t help you guys – opt for a healthy diet and work out at least 3 days a week.

1. Made Guest Appercanes in Wheel of Fortune

The 25 years old, Maggie Sajak who has established herself as a country singer has appeared as a special surprise on the show as a letter turner.

Maggie Sajak on her experience appearing on Wheel of Fortune.

Unfortunately, when Maggie made a guest appearance on her father’s show, he was not present. Why? Well, the 73 years old was recovering from an emergency surgery that he suffered from a blocked intestine in November 2019.

Though Sajak made an appearance as a letter turner at 25, it’s not her first. She’d already made an appearance in the show in 1996 when she was just a year old.

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All in all, what we know is Maggie Sajak lives a lavish lifestyle alongside her father, who makes $15 million annually with a net worth amounting to $65 million. She’s focusing on being a musician and a doctor. Let’s hope she gets success in what she does!

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