Brooke Burns and Julian McMahon’s Daughter Madison Elizabeth McMahon – 5 Facts to Know!

Madison Elizabeth McMahon is the daughter of Australian actor Julian McMahon and American actress, Brooke Burns. She is a volleyball player and a university student.

Madison was born on June 10, 2000, in California. Her parents got divorced in 2001 when she was almost a year old.

Apart from this, there are many things that you may no know about Madison’s life. So, today we have listed some interesting facts about the young athlete.


5. Former Prime Minister’s Grand Daughter

As already mentioned above, Madison McMahon is the daughter of actors Julian McMahon and Brooke Burns. McMahon is famous for movies like Charmed and Fantastic Four, whereas Burns is well known for her role in Baywatch.

Madison Elizabeth McMahon with her father, Julian McMahon.
Madison Elizabeth McMahon asks her fans to follow her father’s new Insta.
Source: Madison Elizabeth McMahon’s Instagram

Besides this, Madison is the granddaughter of the former Australian Prime Minister Sir William McMahon and socialite Lady McMahon (Sonia McMahon). So, she comes from a prominent family.

Madison’s parents are currently married to their respective partners. Her mother, Brooke, is married to film director, Gavin O’Conner. They have a three-year-old daughter, Declan Welles. On the other hand, her father is married to wife Kelly Paniagua.

4. Student of Wake Forest University

Madison Elizabeth McMahon’s hometown is at Manhattan Beach, California, where she lives with her father and stepmother. She attended Marymount High school, located in California. She graduated from high school in 2018.

Brooke Burns shows off her daughter's 2018 Marymount Prom images.
Brooke Burns shows off her daughter’s 2018 prom.
Source: Brooke Burns’ Instagram

The young athlete decided to continue with her higher studies. Julian’s daughter is currently enrolled at Wake Forest University. She began her college right after graduating from high school.

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3. Love for Volleyball

Brooke Burns’s daughter Madison is an athletic teenager. She is a sports lover. Her sport of choice is volleyball. The young athlete was involved in her high school volleyball team. She was also part of the Elite Beach Volleyball Team. You can see her play in the video below.

Madison Elizabeth McMahon’s Beach Volleyball Game.

Madison has also played for Sunshine Volleyball Club from 2014-16 and Southern California Volleyball Club (SCVC) from 2016-18. The hardworking player had finished fourth at the 2018 Pacific Qualifier and even played with USA High Performance 2 for indoor. After high school, Elizabeth has continued to play volleyball. She currently plays for the Wake Forest volleyball team.

2. Dating or Not?

As a beautiful young teenager, there is no doubt that Madison Elizabeth McMahon has been in a few relationships. However, she likes to keep her personal life private.

Madison was in a relationship with her boyfriend, Nate Hays. He is a football player who played for Wake Forest Demon Deacons. It is unknown whether the two are still dating.

Madison Elizabeth McMahon with her boyfriend Nate Hayes.
Madison Elizabeth McMahon dated her boyfriend, Nate Hayes.
Source: Madison Elizabeth McMahon’s VSCO

Well, apart from Nate, an unknown guy has also made several appearances on her VSCO account. The two looked very close in the pictures, as seen below.

Madison Elizabeth McMahon with a mystery man.
Madison McMahon posted several pictures with a mystery man on her VSCO profile.
Source: Madison Elizabeth McMahon’s VSCO

As of now, Madison’s dating life is a mystery.

1. Social Media

Madison Elizabeth McMahon is not very active on social media sites. Her Instagram account only has a handful of posts. She has 5.2k followers on her Instagram.

Madison is more active on her VSCO account, where she uploads pictures of herself, her friends, and her family frequently. It can be seen that she likes spending time with her friends. She also has a Twitter account where she tweets regularly.

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Apart from this, Madison posted a YouTube video of her sports story interview on a basketball player, Tyra Whitehall. You can see the video below.

So, we can see that Madison McMahon likes to keep a low-profile on the Internet.

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