An In-Depth Article on KTLA News Anchor Lynette Romero Weight Loss!

The KTLA News Reporter Lynette Romero’s weight loss journey is one of the most talked-about topics in the celebrity weight loss world. Why wouldn’t it be right, since she lost well over 40 lbs or 18.14 kg in around six months?

Following her slender look, a lot of her fans wanted to know if she’s sick and how she’d lost all the weight. Well, the answer is INTERMITTENT FASTING. She started fasting and voila, within six months, her weight was down by 40 lbs.

Here we’ve tried to talk about everything that we can about Lynette Romero’s weight loss journey. So, keep on reading!


How Much Weight did Lynette Romero Actually Lose?

As already mentioned above, Lynette Romero lost over 40 lbs of weight in just six months but, after she completed her six months stint, she shed around 70 lbs or 31.75 kg in total.

Lynette Romero before and after her weight loss.
Lynette Romero has now dropped over 70 lbs of weight.
Source: Lynette Romero’s Instagram

Romero started her weight loss journey in April 2019 after she visited her doctor. Since her start in April to three months later in June, she was down by only 8 lbs. However, following this, she lost around 2 lbs a week on average.

Lynette Romero body transformation.
Lynette Romero shows off her weight loss journey through a before and after weight loss photo.
Source: Lynette Romero’s Instagram

From June till September, she shed 20 lbs. On September alone, she had dropped her weight by 10 lbs; according to her, this was her best month so far.

Lynette Romero shows off her weight loss body transformation.
Lynette Romero shows off her weight loss journey with her fans.
Source: Lynette Romero’s Instagram

On October, she lost 7 lbs, on November 9 lbs, on December 6 lbs, and on January, she lost another 7 lbs. Hence, from April to September, she was down by 40 lbs, and by February, she’d lost over 70 lbs.

Why did Lynette Romero Lose Weight? Is She Sick?

Now, we know how much weight Lynette Romero had lost, but what was the reason for her body transformation? Did she lose weight because she’s sick, or was it something otherwise?

A collage of Lynette Romero.
Why does Lynette Romero look so slim?
Source: Lynette Romero’s Instagram

Well, to tell you the truth, Lynette opted for weight loss as prevention to sickness. Her work puts an unending pressure on her, so she doesn’t remember to pay the doctor a visit.

When Romero visited her doctor in April 2019, it was after three years; she hadn’t been to the doctor since 2016. So, her husband booked an appointment for her, and when she visited the doctor, it was a wakeup call to her.

Blood Pressure Chart.
Lynette Romero had a blood pressure of 175/91, which means she had hypertension stage 2. Source: American Heart Association.

The mother of one had super high blood pressure. Her pressure was around 175/91, which is far higher than the average. It was shocking to her since her normal pressure would have been around 105 108 by 70.

When the doctor asked what had happened, Lynette literally started crying because it was so shocking. This made her realize her health issues, and hence, this forced her to try and lose weight. She got serious since then – April of 2019!

What were Lynette Romero Weight Loss Methods?

It is as already mentioned before, Lynette Romero lost weight thanks to intermittent fasting. When she found out about her degrading health, she started working out and found out about intermittent fasting. When she revisited the doctor in June (lost 8 lbs in-between), she asked him if she could try the fasting method, and the answer was Yes.

Lynette Romero working out.
Lynette Romero lost 8 lbs in three months when she started working out.
Source: Lynette Romero’s Instagram

After getting her doctor’s approval, Romero went haywire and got out the journalist in her to research everything about intermittent fasting. Since starting the method to date, she’s lost over 70 lbs or 31.75 kg.

The Intermittent Fasting Method

According to Healthline, the Intermittent Fasting method is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating. What this means is that anyone doing this method would fast for a specified period and eat in the remaining. It’ll be clear as we talk about Romero’s journey.

A chart of Intermittent Fasting.
Lynette Romero followed Intermittent Fasting to lose weight.
Source: Healthline

Lynette started the method by skipping breakfast first. When she was at work, she could never enjoy breakfast, so it was easy for her. The next thing she did was modify her schedules.

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As always, Romero woke up by 2 o’clock in the morning, be camera-ready by 3:30 am, get back home by 11:30 am or 12 pm, and slept around 7 or afterward.

I get up at 2 o’clock in the morning, not really hungry. I work until about 11.30 or 12; I get home around noon so, I haven’t eaten basically since the dinner the night before.

Lynette Romero on her daily routine!

Well, as per the intermittent fasting method, you fast for either 16 hours, 18 hours, or even 20 hours and eat during the rest. Lynette took it to heart and started with the 16 hours fasting a day and a few months later, transitioned to the fasting period of 18 hours a day. After following 18 hours of fasting a day for a long time, she’s now following the 20 hours a day fasting. This means she only eats in the 4 hours window.

It took out all the tension of what am I gonna eat. Am I gonna make healthy choices during my fasting window. I don’t have to think about food during my feeding window. I wanna eat something healthy. I wanna eat something good.

Lynette Romero talks about intermittent fasting.

Till September, her fasting period was 18 hours a day, but afterward, she started doing the OMAD diet, which basically means, One Meal a Day. She fasted for 20 hours and ate only once. While she was following the OMAD diet, she could eat whatever she wants as it was only one meal, and her daily calorie count could come up to 1200 kcal.

OMAD Diet Chart.
Lynette Romero is now following the OMAD Diet rule.
Source: Graphs

Since she began her OMAD diet, she opted for the dirty fast, which basically let her have anything she wanted. For a clean fast, she could only consume water, black coffee, and green tea. For clean fasting, she couldn’t drink any flavored tea, creams, sugar, soda, and even other sugar-free drinks. But, since she chose dirty fasting, she could eat what she loved, coffee with cream, and still lose weight thanks to the OMAD diet.

What Her Perfect Day Looked Like!

A perfect day for Lynette consisted of 20 hours fast and 4 hours feeding window. She would eat at 3 pm and go to bed by 6 or 7 pm. Wake up around 2 o’clock in the morning, drink coffee with either cream or not. Then she would get home by 12 pm and work out on the Peloton, an exercising bike, and complete a Spin class.

2 AM Wake Up
12 PMGet Home from Work
12:30 PMWorkout (Peloton and Spin Class)
3 PMEat (Under 1200 Calories)
6 or 7 PMSleep
The Perfect Fasting Day for Lynette Romero!

After completing her workout, she enters her feeding window and gets ready to eat. She consumes whatever she wants (though she makes a healthy choice). But, she doesn’t miss a chance to ever eat frozen yogurt with chocolate chips after her meal.

Why does Intermittent Fasting Work?

Intermittent Fasting works because it starts a process called Autophagy. If you look the word up, Healthline quotes the definition by Dr. Priya Khorana which reads,

Autophagy is the body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells.

Dr. Priya Khorana on Autophagy.

We all know our body works on energy, which our body receives from food. But, if we cut down on food, where does our body gain energy from? Well, our body then starts Autophagy, which then begins using the excessive fat on our body to generate power. As a result, we lose weight.

Many might still be confused about what Autophagy is; if you are, then do read this article from Diet Doctor! Another resource for you might be from the Life App, which is Lynette’s favorite fasting app, which describes the 5 stages of intermittent fasting.

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Are There Any Side Effects to Intermittent Fasting?

Not that we know of! Lynette was once worried about hair loss, but when she went to the doctor to make sure, her doctor said there’s nothing to worry about.

A chart showing benefits of Intermittent Fasting.
Here are 10 benefits of Intermittent Fasting.
Source: Girl with Curves

You might be thinking if autophagy eats our muscles to generate energy. Well, it doesn’t. Muscles are harder to break down, and fats are quite easier. So, during autophagy, excessive fats are broken down instead of muscles.

What does Lynette Romero Recommend? Resources!

Ted TalkCynthia Furlow
Books – Dr. Jason Fung The Obesity Code, The Complete Guide to Fasting, and Life in the Fasting Lane
YouTubeValter Longo, The Fasting Mimicking Diet
Books – Valter Longo The Longevity Diet
Apps – Proton, Life, and Zero
Facebook Group – Intermittent Fasting for Women
Books – Dr. Mike Hyman

What to do If You Aren’t Losing Weight?

Follow the following steps by Lynette Romero if you aren’t losing weight!

  1. Drink a lot of water.
  2. Increase your fasting window, and decrease your feeding window.
  3. Get enough sleep.
  4. Work out for a longer period or make it more intense
  5. Write down what you’re eating because we might be eating more than we realize

Did Romero Try Any Other Weight Loss Methods?

YES! Lynette Romero has tried a variety of diets and programs for weight loss. But, she couldn’t achieve success on any of them.

I’ve done a zillion diets.

Lynette Romero on trying out different weight loss diets.

Romero has tried the likes of Weight Watchers like Tamela Mann, who actually found success in losing weight through their program. She’s also attempted Isagenix and Lindora. The KTLA News anchor found little success from all of them but couldn’t sustain for the long term as they were difficult and expensive.

Lynette Romero’s Revelation of Weight Loss!

David Angulo’s wife, Lynette Romero, never wanted to talk about her weight loss since she was not an expert. Still, on January 13, 2020, she invited Dr. Myles Spar to the KTLA News Station to talk about weight loss and the method she used, Intermittent fasting.

Lynette Romero invites Dr. Myles Spar to talk about intermittent fasting.

Dr. Myles spoke about Intermittent fasting and said that it was quite easy to follow for everyone. According to him, the method is “all about taking chunks of time when you just stop opening your pie-hole.”

We’ve been used to eating all the time, but if you take regular chunks of time and most of the time, we try for about 16 hours a day out of a 24 hour period.

Dr. Myles Spar on eating habits.

As per the doctor, Intermittent Fasting has three significant benefits.

  1. Detoxing your body
  2. Increase your BDNF – Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor
  3. Decrease insulin level, reducing the risk of dementia or diabetes

Lynette Romero’s #KTLAFIT5!

The mother of Olivia Angulo, Lynette Romero, started the #KTLAFIT5 hashtag on Instagram. She asked her fans to post a clip of their work out and talk about their weight loss journey with the hashtag, #ktlafit5.

At the moment, the hashtag has around 153 posts, but by the looks of it, people are still flocking in to showcase their workouts and weight loss journey.

Other Facts about Romero’s Weight Loss

  1. Romero reached her goal weight in January, but then, she changed her goal. Now, she’s just around 2 lbs away from hitting her target.
  2. She works out between 3 to 5 times a week. Her workouts include Peloton, Spin Class, Weights, Interval Training, Core Workout, and Walking. She doesn’t go to the gym.
  3. She uses two apps, LIFE, and ZERO, to track and get more details about her weight loss.
  4. Lynette loves Salmon and anything Spicy. She doesn’t love Spinach Salad, but she doesn’t know why!
  5. Since the beginning of January 2020, she’s lost over 30 lbs.
  6. Romero had high blood pressure and knee inflammation issues before. But, all of such were relieved after her weight loss.
  7. Following her weight loss, Lynette has started a weekly podcast sort-off show, Fast Talk! on her, IG Live since July 4, 2020. She currently has 12 episodes for the show with the last live session on September 12, 2020, where she speaks with her friend, Michelle who’s also lost 70 lbs just like her.

Quick Notice: Never try out new weight loss methods without the consultation of your doctor.

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