Here are Five Facts You Need to Know about Lucy Loken!

Lucy Loken is an American actress who is widely recognized for her role as Quinn in the television series Teen Wolf. She is also famous for portraying Kyla in the Netflix movie My Teacher, My Obsession. The actress made her debut with the 2011 TV movie Annie Claus Is Coming to Town. Since then, she has made appearances in various TV shows like Devil In The Details, Supergirl, and many more.

Lucy was born on January 26, 1993 in Burbank, California to mother Margie Humbert. The identity of her father is currently unknown. The Good Cop Bike Cop actor also has a brother named Jack Loken.

Besides this, there are many other intriguing facts about this 21-year old actress that you might not be familiar with. We have gathered a few of these facts here today so, without further ado, let’s dive right into it.


5. Musical Talent

Apart from being a great actress, Lucy Loken is also a good singer. She comes from a musical family as her brother is also a musician. In her movie debut Annie Claus is coming to town, Lucy performed the song Silent Night.

The 22-year old actress also provided additional vocals for the album Cat Heaven by Roy Blair. Lucy sang in various songs of the album including Hazel. Her brother, Jack was also one of the producers of the album.

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Lucy Loken promoting the album Cat Heaven in which she provided additional vocals

Well, Lucy is a very talented individual. In addition to her acting skills, the 5 feet 4 inches tall actress can also carry a tune.

4. Dating Boyfriend Alex Gutiérrez-Kovner

It is no surprise that the beautiful actress is not single. Lucy Loken is in a loving relationship with her boyfriend Alex Gutiérrez-Kovner. Alex is a member of a band called The Expresso Boys where he plays the bass guitar.

Lucy Loken shows off her dating relationship on her Instagram.
Lucy Loken is currently dating Alex Gutiérrez-Kovner.
Source: Lucy Loken’s Instagram

Lucy and Alex started dating in 2018. The two have been together for over a year now. The couple frequently shares cute photos of each other on their social media accounts.

The My Teacher, My Obsession actress is very open about her relationship with her boyfriend. She frequently posts about their love and their time together on her social media. Lucy and Alex are both very supportive of each other and still seem very happy in their relationship.

3. Linked with Co-star Froy Gutierrez

Before dating, her current boyfriend Alex, the actress Lucy Loken was rumored to be dating Froylan “Froy” Gutierrez. Froy and Lucy acted together in the series Teen Wolf. The two seemed to be flirty on the set of their show and seemed very close together.

Lucy Loken was thought to be dating Froy Gutierrez.
Lucy Loken with rumored boyfriend Froy Gutierrez.
Source: Lucy Loken’s Instagram

The actress addressed Froy as her husband in a YouTube vlog and suggested that they were in a polygamous relationship with another Teen Wolf co-star Bill Gibson on her Instagram caption. However, it was all in good humor.

Lucy Loken's photo from her Instagram channel.
Lucy Loken with co-stars Froy Gutirrez and Bill Gibson “We have a polyamorous relationship”
Source: Lucy’s Instagram

This led to speculations that the duo was dating. But, Lucy and Froy did not officially confirm their relationship. Nevertheless, the actress is now in a loving relationship with her current boyfriend, Alex Gutiérrez-Kovner.

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2. YouTube Channel

Social media has allowed celebrities to connect with their fans on a deeper level. Likewise, Lucy Loken also utilizes the internet to share more about her life with her ever-growing audience. The actress has a YouTube channel with over 3000 subscribers.

Lucy Loken’s vlog during her Teen Wolf filming days.

Lucy used to be a frequent vlogger posting content for her beloved fans on YouTube. However, recently, the actress has not been active on the platform as much. She seems busy with her acting job for the moment.

Nevertheless, the Teen Wolf star seems to be planning a return on YouTube. She recently asked her fans what they would like to see on her channel. So, do not be surprised if you see Lucy posting some content very soon.

Lucy Loken asking fans about the kind of videos they want to see on her YouTube channel

Moreover. Lucy has a good social media presence and her fans can follow her on different platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

1. Net Worth of Lucy Loken

As a young actress in Hollywood, Lucy Loken earns a significant amount. Her primary source of income is acting in movies and TV shows. Lucy is a rising star in the industry and she has made a good amount of money from her career so far. Her net worth is estimated to be around $600,000.

The My Teacher, My Obsession star is gaining more recognition day by day. She has a bright future ahead of her. There is no doubt that her net worth will increase in the upcoming days as she progressed in her career.

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