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Linzey Cocker is an English actress whose work can be observed in the popular series like Waterloo Road and White Gold. Further, she’s well-known for her role, Jade Webb, in the BBC Three drama, Drop Dead Gorgeous in 2006.

Born on May 19, 1988, as Linzey Louise Cocker to her parents, her earlier life details lives behind the curtains. Indeed, despite her popularity, the media is unaware of her past life. However, talking about her current family, she is dating a former soccer player and lives together with her daughter from a previous relationship.

Regarding her academics, Cocker went to Wentworth High School, now known as Ellesmere Park High School, located in Eccles, Greater Manchester. Let’s take a closer look at Linzey’s life, shall we?


Linzey Cocker’s Dating Adam Tse

Those who follow Linzey Cocker on her social media profiles might be pretty aware of her relationship status. She is dating her boyfriend, Adam Tse. But, are they only dating or married to each other?

Linzey Cocker with her beau, Adam Tse.
Linzey Cocker is dating her boyfriend, Adam Tse.
Source: Linzey Cocker’s Instagram

As things stand, Linzey and her partner, Adam are unmarried. How do we know? Well, their Facebook profile reads just that! And, to top it off, she caught the bouquet at her partner’s brother, Sean Tse, and his partner, Chelsea‘s wedding. It’s pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it?

Linzey Cocker's Instagram post.
Linzey Cocker and Adam Tse are still to be married.
Source: Linzey Cocker’s Instagram

Cocker and Tse started their dating relationship back on January 26, 2018, (FB post) it seems! But, it might not be the real date they started dating. The pair appears on each other’s social media profiles occasionally and by the looks of it, they might walk down the aisle soon.

Linzey Cocker changes her relationship status to dating with Adam Tse.
Linzey Cocker changed her relationship status to dating Adam Tse on January 2018.
Source: Linzey Cocker’s Facebook

At the moment, Linzey and Adam are living together alongside the actress’ daughter, Bow Anokee Lee, who’s from her previous bonding with actor, Oliver Lee.

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Linzey Cocker’s Marriage and Divorce with Oliver Lee

Prior to her dating relationship with Adam Tse, Linzey Cocker was married to her husband, Oliver Lee. Her former partner is also an actor who’s known for appearing as Josh Jones in the TV show, Hollyoaks: In the City in 2006.

Linzey Cocker with her former lover, Oliver Lee.
Linzey Cocker was married to former partner, Oliver Lee.
Source: Linzey Cocker’s Facebook

The duo might have met each other for the first time while appearing in the BBC‘s series, Waterloo Road. She appeared together with her former spouse and fell in love.

The duo started dating and eventually tied the knot. With time, they gave birth to their only daughter, Bow Anokee Lee on January 2011. Things didn’t turn out as they thought it would and hence, they went separate ways. However, they are still very much good friends it seems.

Going through their social media, we can totally see they were a lovely couple. Lee even wished his ex-wife a happy birthday back in 2013 through his Twitter account.

Oliver Lee wishes his former beau a happy 21st birthday.

What happened between them is still unknown but we’re pretty sure both of them have moved on, Linzey started dating Adam while Oliver started dating and got engaged to Sophie Johnson. Lee and his fiancee are even expecting their child.

The Waterloo Road Actress Linzey Cocker is a Millionaire

Speaking about Linzey Cocker’s financial status, the Waterloo Road actress is a millionaire. She currently has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Although it’s an estimation, as there is no official document to vouch for her actual fortune, it’s normal for someone like her with such a remarkable work record to earn a millionaire tagline.

Linzey Cocker smiling at the camera.
Linzey Cocker has earned an estimated net worth of $2 million.
Source: IMDB

If we talk about her professional journey, she stepped into the film industry back in 2004. She debuted from a TV mini-series, Conviction, as Miriam Payne. Year after year, she gradually built her acting career, leaving behind one after another great work for her fans.

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It’s almost two decades, and Cocker’s still going on, working in different dramas. Some of her outstanding acts can be seen in the series, Tim and Bobby (as Kathy Peters), White Gold (as Sam Swan), and Our Girl (as Marie Lane).

White Gold Trailer!

As of 2020, the 32-years-old beauty just completed filming in the movie, The Selection, where we will soon see her as Lucy.

Focusing on Cocker’s better-half, Adam Tse’s professional life, he was a football player who played for the South China club in the 2012-2013 season. He had 4 appearances in the whole season but, he couldn’t shine as his brother, Sean Tse.

Now, Adam has retired from football, and he, alongside his brother, is running, The Coffee House & Kitchen at Monton Road, Eccles, Salford, the UK.

Bonus: Some Photos of Linzey Cocker

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