Things to Know about Lavell Crawford Weight Loss!

Starting his journey at 475 lbs or 215.4 kg, the American comedian Lavell Crawford‘s weight loss of over 120 lbs or 54.4 kg truly changes the way we see things and makes us admire him even more.

The American comedian and actor, who’s 5 feet 10 inches tall, had a weight of 475 lbs, which meant that he was morbidly obese and he needed over 3035 calories a day to maintain that level of weight. But, he changed the way he lives, and now, he’s as healthy as can be.

Now, his fans are curious as to how he lost weight? Has he gone through some kind of surgery, or was it all thanks to his workout regimen and diet secrets? Let’s find out!


How did Fans Come to Know of Lavell Crawford Weight Loss?

The man famous for playing Huell Babineaux in the fan-favorite Breaking Bad, Lavell Crawford, shocked his fans when he appeared in the 2016 Neighbourhood Awards hosted by Steve Harvey. When he was called out on stage to present the Best Teacher Award, he looked skinnier. In fact, by then, he had already lost over 54.4 kg.

Lavell Crawford' before and after weight loss.
Lavell Crawford posts a before and after body transformation photos on Insta.
Source: Lavell Crawford’ Instagram

Every one of his fans was shocked by his new looks. Harvey goes on to hug the comedian, and to his surprise, his hands connect around the back of Lavell. While talking about how he lost weight during the award show, he revealed that it was all thanks to his diet.

Lavell Crawford appears to have lost 120 lbs of weight in 2016 Neighborhood awards.

Mentioning the name of the sponsor of the show, Cracker Barrel, Lavell joked about how the Neighbourhood Awards kept him “around food for the past four or five years.” But, he divulged that he’d put a brake on eating unhealthy.

I get one piece of catfish, a half of a half-round cattle row, and I only eat two of my biscuits now.

Lavell Craford on Healthy Eating.

Well, kudos to him for doing this, but was the diet the only factor behind his weight loss?

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How did Lavell Crawford Lose Weight? Secrets Behind His Weight Loss!

Besides diet, Lavell Crawford also lost weight thanks to his gastric sleeve surgery and the fear of not being together with his family in the future. ln addition to this, he also says that his sister, who also lost weight a while back, was an inspiration for him to keep on moving.

Lavell Crawford posted a collage of him and his sister.
Lavell Crawford says his sister inspired him to lose weight.
Source: Lavell Crawford’ Instagram

While talking about his surgery, he revealed in an interview with DJ Vlad that he had half of his stomach taken out around March 2016 during the Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

My stomach like the size of a Twinkie now.

Lavell Crawford talks about his gastric sleeve surgery.

Lavell, however, lost 75 lbs or 34 kg of weight on his own with nothing but diet (no sugar for three months) and martial arts (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu). He trained at the Legacy Brazilian JuJitsu Gym at the beginning, but now, he trains at the Katana JuJitsu Academy.

While talking about taking up JuJitsu, he asserted that one should be up for the challenge when it’s for one’s own health. He further added,

I work out, I take Brazilian jujitsu. But sometimes, man, as you get older, it’s hard to keep your body healthy. My schedule is drastic, and a lot of times, I’m on the road. If you don’t take care of yourself, but now is the time that I should. I want to see 80 years old, so I need to do something so that I can at least see 80.

Lavell Crawford talking about taking up sports to be healthy.

Well, Lavell didn’t want to walk three or four steps and be out of breath, and so he opted for a healthy lifestyle and did whatever he can to live a happier life with his family. Now, he’s down by 120 lbs, and that’s what matters the most.

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What does Crawford had to Say about His Weight Loss?

While talking about why and how he lost weight, the husband to DeShawn Crawford revealed that he wanted to be there for his family; he wanted to be there when his then-5-year-old son (LJ Crawford) grew up.

I’m 47, and I’ve got a beautiful 5-year-old son that I want to be around for. I’ve got a beautiful wife that I want to be here for. I don’t want to leave her hanging.

Lavell Crawford talking about his health.

When he was 475 lbs, he had high blood pressure and diabetes, which all changed when he started losing weight.

When you listen to your wife and your blood pressure, you’ve got to change some things. I’m walking and doing some medical things.

Lavell Crawford talking about his health.

Furthermore, Crawford stated that his legs swole up from time to time due to his weight. He also added that he didn’t want anything where he would drop dead on the street while eating a hot dog.

Lavell Crawford Now!

If you all are wondering what changes has Lavell Crawford made to his daily activities then, the one thing that stands out is his way of life. He now eats healthy and works out often. He’s still practicing Brazilian jujitsu.

Quick Answers

How much weight did Crawford lose?

120 lbs! Crawford dropped from 475 lbs to 355 lbs.

What made Lavell Crawford lose weight?

His fear of not being able to be with his family in the future.

What were his weight loss secrets?

Diet, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and, more importantly, Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

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