Here’s How Chef Kevin Belton Lost Weight!

The American chef Kevin Belton seems to have lost a ton of weight in recent years. And his fans are dying to find out what his weight loss secrets are that helped him lose as much as 130 lbs or 59 kg.

For a brief introduction, the New Orleans chef is a teacher at the New Orleans School of Cooking, author of three books, and a celebrated TV personality. With his career choices, Kevin has garnered millions of fans around the globe. And, as a result, his weight loss news has become a hot topic in the media.

If you’re also looking for an answer, an answer about Kevin Belton’s weight loss then, keep on reading!


Kevin Belton Weight Loss Secrets

The WYES-TV host, Kevin Belton, has been losing weight for over two years now, and in those years, he lost well over 130 lbs of weight. What’s his weight loss secret?

Kevin Belton showing his salad that his wife made for him.
Kevin Belton lost 130 lbs in over two years.
Source: Kevin Belton’s Facebook

Well, on September 2, 2019, Kevin took to his Twitter to share that he’d a fashion adventure to which his fans commented and asked if he had lost weight and had used gastric bypass surgery to lose weight. To this, the chef revealed that his weight loss secrets were exercising daily with his wife, a low carb diet, and smaller portions.

There was another post about his body transformation, but this time, it was on Facebook. He posted a photo of clothes that he was giving away because of his weight loss. A plethora of fans started commenting on the post, which has over 200 comments so far.

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When a fan with the name, Suzanne Angel, asked him about his weight loss, he stated that he was diagnosed as Pre-diabetic and had rising blood pressure. This compelled his wife and him to do something about it, and so they changed their lifestyle for good.

Kevin Belton says he's prediabetic and has high BP.
Kevin Belton talks about his conditions.
Source: Kevin Belton’s Facebook

Another fan by the FB handle, Elder John A. Jones Sr. also commented on the post to talk about how he started his weight loss journey 19 years prior and lost over 270 lbs to get to 195 lbs. For this, Belton again divulged that he was pre-diabetic, and his blood pressure was rising.

I had to do something about it. It’s been over two years, and I still have some left to go, but my doc said I could easily have added 10-20 years to my life. And I feel so much better.

Kevin Belton replying to his fan on FB.

Last but not least, the celebrity chef also revealed his weight loss secrets to a fan by name, Anna Prosperie-sides. While replying to her query, he explained that it’s just exercise, portion size, and low carb that lost him 130 lbs.

Well, now it’s clear. Kevin Belton’ weight loss is all thanks to three things!

  1. Exercise
  2. Small Portion Size
  3. Low Carbs Diet

Kevin Belton at the Time of Quarantine

The world is currently shaken by the pandemic, CoVid-19, and due to this, everyone is advised to stay within their home to stay safe. The chef Kevin Belton has also heeded the advice and is now staying at home. But what’s he doing now?

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Well, the 6 feet 9 inches tall man is living with his wife, Monica Belton and kids, Kevin Belton Jr. and Jonathan Belton, at their home. In addition to his family members, he also has another member in his family, his pet dog, Cookie Monster. During these difficult times, Kevin has been honing his skills as a chef. And, let’s not forget, he’s also working out at his home.

Whatever be the case, Kevin Belton is still trying to lose weight and we hope he gets to his desired weight!

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  1. Hello Kevin and families. Hope you and family are Well and Safe.We Miss U so Much and watching your show. Pray.that you be back Soon! after this mess is Over. We ur Smile as you Cook most of all YOUR PERSONALITY .Ohh! Ur seasonings we don’t have Here! Where can we purchase ur products! Please Come Back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I appreciate you telling us the reason for your weight loss. I’m going to try to loss my weight too due to the same diagnoses. Thank you.

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