5 Facts to Know about Kebe Dunn, Michael Rapaport’s Wife!

Kebe Dunn is an American actress who is known for her work in Love for Rent. The actress rose to fame when she married her husband Michael Rapaport in 2016. Rappaport is an actor and comedian who has acted in various movies including Black Christmas, Hard Bodies, and many more.

Dunn made her debut in Hollywood in the 2005 movie Love for Rent. She has also appeared in the TV series In Session with Jonathan Pessin. Kebe has had a short-lived career in the industry. Moreover, she is frequently associated with being Michael Rapaport’s wife.

Apart from this, there are many other things, you might not know about Kebe Dunn. Today we have listed five interesting things about the actress.


5. Failed Career

‘The African American actress Kebe Dunn first came to the public eye when she bagged the role of a nurse in 2005 movie Love for Rent. However, the movie did not catapult Kebe Dunn into success and stardom.

Kebe Dunn's selfie.
Kebe Dunn had a pretty rough professional career, to say the least.
Source: Kebe Dunn’s Twitter

After her first appearance on the big screen, Dunn stopped acting for a long time. Her next acting gig came seven years after her debut. She appeared as a shoe salesman in the 2012 TV series In Session with Jonathan Pessin.

Her return to acting, however, became just a one-time thing as she did not appear in any movies or TV series after that. Kebe’s acting career was not very successful unlike her husband Michael Rapaport. Well, she became a more familiar face only when she started dating her now-husband, Michael.

4. Second Wife of Michael Rapaport

Prior to marrying Kebe Dunn, her husband Michael Rapaport was married to writer and producer, Nichole Beattie. The pair had tied the knot in 2000 and were together for seven years before getting divorced in 2007. The divorce was filed by Nichole stating irreconcilable differences as the reason.

Michael Rapaport with his former wife Nicole Beattie at a Hollywood premiere.
Michael Rapaport was previously married to wife, Nicole Beattie.
Source: Getty Images

The former couple had two sons together. Their elder son, Julian Ali Rapaport was born in 2000 whereas their younger son, Maceo Shane Rapaport was born in 2002. Michael and Nichole share the custody of their children. So, Kebe Dunn is the step-mother of two sons. She herself does not have any children with her husband.

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The 5 feet 7 inches tall actress has known her husband Michael Rapaport for a long time. They were reportedly dating during the 1990s. After the Atypical actor got divorced with his then-wife Nichole, Kebe and Michael rekindled their romance and began dating.

An old photo of Kebe Dunn and husband Michael Rapaport.
Kebe Dunn has been together with husband Michael Rapaport for a long time.
Source: Michael Rapaport’s Instagram

Many people were surprised that Rapaport was dating Kebe due to his racist character in Higher Learning. However, he proved that he was nothing like the character in the film.

The couple was spotted in various red carpets and events together. Their bond only strengthened with time and after dating for many years, they decided to solidify their relationship with wedlock.


Kebe and Michael married in 2016. Not much is known about their wedding; however, we can assume that the couple had an intimate ceremony among their friends and family.

Kebe Dunn's post on her husband's 50th birthday.
Kebe Dunn wishes her beau his 50th birthday.
Source: Kebe Dunn’s Instagram

Dunn is a supportive and loving wife to her husband Michael. The two are living a happy life together. Just recently on March 20, 2020, Kebe took to her Insta to wish her beau his 50th birthday.

2. Huge Fan of Bethenny Frankel

The Love for Rent actress Kebe Dunn is a big admirer of the TV personality and entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel. Kebe considers the Skinny Girl Rules author to be her inspiration. She has tweeted about her admiration for the TV personality on numerous occasions.

Michael Rapaport’s wife Kebe Dunn tweeting about her inspiration Bethenny

Further, the actress also mentioned that she wished she was friends with Bethenny Frankel.

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Kebe Dunn expressing her wish to be Bethenny Frankel’s friend

Well, it is very clear that Kebe is a huge fan of the Real Housewives of New York City star. It seems that she views her as a great source of inspiration.

2. Private Person But Is She?

Kebe Dunn prefers to live a private life. The actress is not seen much in public. However, she enjoys watching basketball games with her husband Michael Rapaport every once in a while.


The Love for Rent actress is not very active in social media. She has Twitter and Instagram accounts but she doesn’t post regularly on those platforms. But, when she posts photos, it’s quite a treat to watch! She is quite candid when it comes to posting about her life on socials. The above post is one example!

1. Net Worth of $300,000

Despite her short-lived Hollywood career, it can be assumed that Kebe Dunn has a considerable amount of net worth. Her sources of income are the movies she acted in and also the brands she endorses. Kebe has amassed a net worth of around $300 thousand to date.

Nevertheless, her husband Michael Rapaport boasts of an estimated networth of $12 million. He has over 110 acting credits and also directed and produced various movies and series.

Thus, we can assume that the couple is leading a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle with such a decent bank balance of a combined $12.3 million.

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