Top 5 Facts of Katy Tur, Wife of Tony Dokoupil!

Katharine Bear Tur mostly known as Katy Tur is an American journalist and writer who’s known for her work as a correspondent for NBC News and MSNBC. She’s also famous for her ties with her spouse, Tony Dokoupil.

Born on October 26, 1983, in Los Angeles, California, U.S., Katy was raised alongside brother James Tur by Zoey Tur (now Hanna Zoey Tur) and his ex-wife Marika Gerrard.

To know more about Katy Tur have a look at these interesting facts about her.


5. Not a Journalism Graduate

Katy Tur is now considered as one of the finest journalists out there. But, the fact is that she has not received her degree in the journalism sector. Instead, she received her Bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Katy Tur in a black coat and white shirt.
Katy Tur didn’t graduate in journalism but in philisophy.
Source: Katy Tur’s Instagram

Back in 2015, she took to her Twitter to reveal that she had a philosophy degree.

While talking with NBC News in 2017, she spoke about her educational degree.

I graduated with a B.A. in philosophy and it was by far the best major I could have taken in college. A lot of people in this business take journalism as a major. Others take communications.

Katy Tur on taking philosophy as her major.

Well, her passion and talent in journalism might have been passed from her parents as both of her parents were journalists.

4. Daughter Of Transgender Journalist Hanna Zoey Tur

Katy Tur is the daughter of the famous journalist Hanna Zoey Tur and Marika Gerrard. Her father, Zoey was going through a gender identity problem in 2013 and so, he started therapy for it.

Katy Tur's father's before and after sex change.
Katy Tur’s dad Hannah Zoey Tur before and after her transformation.
Source: TMZ

A year later, TMZ disclosed the completion of her father’s sexual reassignment. Yes, he who was Zoey Tur before was now Hannah Zoey Tur. While talking with People Magazine, Hanna Zoey Tur said that her son immediately supported her while Katy didn’t talk to her for several months.

After seeing her in February 2015 on Inside Edition, her daughter sent her a congratulations message.

My daughter found out about it and sent me a nice note saying congrats on the job and told me that I look beautiful, which meant a lot.

Hannah Zoey Tur on the congratulations note sent by her daughter, Katy Tur.

3. Beef with Trump Made Her Famous

Though getting famous was not the intention of Katy Tur, she became a star during the 2016 Presidential Campaign. President Trump liked insulting her for some odd reason.

Katy Tur with President Trump.
Katy Tur with President Turmp.
Source; The Guardian

During one of the rallies in South Carolina, Trump called her Little Katy during a live speech. Similarly, he told NBC to fire her after calling her a “3rd rate reporter,” on Twitter. Likewise, he also yelled at Katy for not reporting on his crowd size during a Florida rally. This specific moment inspired the Twitter trend, #ImWithKaty.

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Following this, NBC even had to hire private security for Tur. Secret Service agents even had to escort her out of a venue securely. While talking to The Washington Post, the NBC News President Deborah Turness said,

I think she’s incredible. She was tough but fair. She never once stopped working, never once pulled back from her commitment. It takes an amazing amount of poise to hold your position when the crowd is chanting your name, or when people are questioning your journalism.

NBC News President Deborah Turness on Katy Tur’s journalism.

Tur also wrote about her experiences about the 2016 Presidential Elections in an August pose in Marie Claire. She wrote,

Following Trump to the city after city, I’ve made more than 3800 live television appearances and visited more than 40 states. I’ve also endured a gazillion loops of Elton John’s ‘Tiny Dancer,’ a staple of Trump’s rallies.

Katy Tur on her six months long Presidential campaign coverage.

After several months, Katy appeared on Conan O’Brien’s show, Conan on TBs, where she revealed the reason she was called “Little Katy” and “Third Rate Reporter.”

Katy Tur reveals why President Donald Trump called her Little Katy.

Tur divulged that she was the first one to take Trump’s presidential campaign seriously. Similarly, during her first interview with him, she didn’t let him intimidate her and laid out the facts that weren’t on terms with what he was saying and this might be the reason she thinks Trump was so obsessed with her.

2. Katy Tur’s Net Worth is $4 Million

The famous journalist as well as an author, Katy Tur has accumulated the net worth of $4 million thanks to her career as a journalist. According to several sources, she is supposedly making around $1 million per annum as her salary.

Katy Tur with her co-host Ari Melber.
Katy Tur has a net worth of $4 million thanks to her career as a journalist.
Source: Ari Melber’s Instagram

Tur also shares $1 million worth of fortune with her husband. So the combined net worth of the pair is around $5 million as of 2020.

The couple resides in their Brooklyn house where the average price of a house is around $969,000. By far, it seems the duo is living a lavish lifestyle.

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1. CBS News Reporter, Tony Dokoupil’s Wife

Katy Tur, 36, is leading a happy married life with her husband Tony Dokoupil. The couple shared their wedding vows on October 27, 2017, after a long time of dating relationship.

Katy Tur with husband Tony Dokoupil.
Katy Tur married husband Tony Dokoupil on October 27, 2017.
Source: NY Times

Together the pair shares a son, Theodore Dokoupil whom they sweetly call Teddy. He was born on April 13, 2019. Besides, her husband has two other children from his previous relationship.

Katy Tur with her husband and new born baby boy.
Katy Tur writes about her son’s birth on her Instagram.
Source: Katy Tur’s Instagram

It has been two years since the duo has been married and by far, it seems they are made for one another. During their second year anniversary, Katy took to her Instagram to share a photo of her husband on an inflatable bear costume. She wrote,

I like this guy. I like him a lot. Like, a lot, a lot. Like so much I love him. Enough to fill up a lifetime of anniversaries. Happy #2 @tonydokoupil. I promise next year I won’t make you dress up as an inflatable bear.

Katy Tur wishing her husband their 2nd anniversary.

Prior to getting married, she went through a couple of failed relationships. Once she was in a dating relationship with a French guy named Benoit with whom she met in London while she was working at NBC. However, their relationship didn’t last long.

From 2006 to 2009, she was in a dating relationship with Keith Olbermann (TV host) who is 25 years older than her. However, she seems to be her husband, Tony Dokoupil’s first wife.


  • Katy and Tony have created a mini set in their house with a Robo-cam and teleprompter to broadcast the shows during the coronavirus outbreak.
  • She received AP’s Best Spot News Award in 2009 and Walter Cronkite Award in 2017.
  • Her book, Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in American History was published in 2017 where she has shared her experience of covering the 2016 presidential campaign. You can find the book on Amazon for $14.48 for its hardcover edition. They also have a Kindle edition for $8.99.

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