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5 Unique Facts of Superstore Sandra Kaliko Kauahi!

Kaliko Kauahi is an American actress who is very popular for her character in the NBC comedy series, Superstore as Sandra. She is also popular for her portrayal in The Big Bang Theory as Martha and in the Disney Channel series Raven’s Home as Principal Kwan.

Born and raised in Kaua’i, Hawai’i, Kaliko Kauahi has around 30 acting credits under her name and she’s still appearing on movies and TV series. She made her debut in the industry back in 2007 with a small role as a nurse in the short movie ELI. Following this, she appeared in several movies and series including Mystery ER, Welcome to Hollywood… Florida, Parks and Recreation, Matt and Dan, and so on.

Well, we all know a lot of things about Kaliko but, do we know about her personal life, her favorites? Here are five things you might want to know about her. Let’s have a look!

5. Started Acting After the 20s

While many people decide on their career early on, it was the opposite for Kaliko Kauahi. She only decided to start her acting career during her late 20s, though she was interested in acting since her early age.

Kaliko Kauahi as Sandra in Superstore.
Kaliko Kauahi started acting during her late 20s. Source: NBC Superstore Fans

Kauahi revealed about her late start to Geek Girl Authority where she stated that fear made her neglect what she wanted to do since childhood.

 I didn’t start pursuing acting until my late 20s and I already felt like I was behind. It just took me that long to admit to myself that this is what I wanted to do and to get over the fear.  I never expected to be where I’m at now.  When you’re an actor, you’re just happy to work at all, you know, doing anything. So to be on this show is truly a dream come true.  I feel very lucky.

Kaliko Kauahi on starting her acting career late!

When Kaliko moved to LA for higher studies at the Loyola Marymount College, she never thought she would get into acting. But, her living in LA, made her think about reconsidering her profession.

Even if she started her career a bit late, she is doing fine now. Well, at the moment, she’s making her dream come true appearing in movies and TV series.

4. Loves Sandra But Hates Her As Well!

As we all know, Kaliko Kauahi plays the role of Cloud 9 worker Sandra in Superstore, right? Well, she was a recurring role from Season 1-4 but, she was promoted to a season regular in Season 5.

Sandra finally gets some respect!

While talking about her favorite role to date, Kaliko revealed that Sandra was her most favorite one. When the US Magazine asked her what she liked about Sandra, she revealed that it was her ability to take an opportunity and make something positive out of it.

The way she can just take an opportunity that may seem like a negative and turn it into a positive.

Kaliko Kauahi on her role as Sandra!

Well, US Magazine also asked her about the character that drove her insane and the answer was again Sandra! Well, she thinks Sandra is annoying though she doesn’t mean to be.

The thing about her is you can’t hold anything against her because she doesn’t mean it but you’re just like, ‘Can you not! The rest of us are having a conversation. Stop!’

Kaliko Kauahi on her role as Sandra!

Well, when speaking to Geek Girl Authority, Kaliko revealed that it was the first time she’d been able to portray a character longer letting her grow and change with time.

So she gets to grow and change and go through the gamut of emotions and it’s been the most fun. As you watch her do things that are surprising to you just know that it was surprising to me, too.

Kaliko Kauahi on her role as Sandra!

Well, that just goes on to show you how in love Kaliko is in for her role as Sandra in Superstore.

3. Inspiration for Acting

Kaliko Kauahi garners inspiration from not just one celebrity but from a plethora of them. She says that she loves it when actors disappear into the role and you forget that you’re watching a show. Kaliko Kauahi got into acting not because of any inspiration from people, but due to the energy, she feels during the performances.

I’m not inspired by anyone specific. It’s role to role for me and it’s not always the biggest role. A lot of times, it’s the small parts. I’ll watch something and someone will just be so real or interesting. And I’m like, ‘who’s that?’ Then I have to go find out who this person is because they’re so great and I seek them out in other things. So it’s never just one person.

Kaliko Kauahi talks about her inspiration!

Well, she never thought she would get a lead role, what she hoped for was that she could be something interesting.

When I see people doing the work and disappearing into the role, that’s my favorite. It’s like that actor was so good that I forgot I was watching a show.

Kaliko Kauahi talks about her inspiration!

Have you ever had that feeling? Do tell us in the comments section below!

2. A Fan of Action Movies

Kaliko Kauahi has usually appeared in comedy movies and TV series but, what she loves is action movies. Though she feels she doesn’t have any characteristic to be in one, she never ignores a chance; maybe she could appear in a Western movie, right?

Kaliko Kauahi doesn't seem to have the characteristics to be on an action movie, does she?
Kaliko Kauahi wants to appear on action movies.
Source: Kaliko Kauahi’s Instagram

Well, she describes her love for action movies as something learnt since childhood.

It all goes back to what I was watching as a kid or anything like an epic. I don’t know where I would fit in, but things are changing and maybe there’s a possibility to be in an epic story like Lord of the Rings, those kinds of big stories. I’m happy to do any of it really. If you think back to the feeling these movies gave you as a kid or when you first saw these movies, you want to feel that again.

Kaliko Kauahi talks about her love for action movies!

All she wants is to capture that “excitement and awe” of those stories.

1. ‘Be Yourself’ Advice to New Actors

When asked about what the up and coming actors need to do who are thinking about starting their career, Kaliko Kauahi revealed that being thyself is the best anyone could do. At first, it might seem like you don’t fit in, but your own charisma will automatically make it a lot easier to actually make it through.

For Indigenous people, we are different and there are so few of us, that’s what makes us special and instead of trying to conform to the parts and be like everyone else in the waiting room, be yourself because no one else is going to bring that to the role. That’s all you have.

Kaliko Kauahi’s advice to new actors!

Besides this, Kaliko also thinks that new actors need perseverance and train hard and prepare for any kind of opportunity.

There’s going to be setbacks but that’s all part of it. It’s really more about the journey than it’s about the job. It’s about the greater experience.

Kaliko Kauahi’s advice to new actors!

Kauahi also believes in keeping on trying and if you don’t think that’s where your passion lies, go find what your passion is and do that.


  • Kaliko is actively involved in social work. She currently supports the NDN Collective’s Navajo Nation Relief Fund. Well, the campaign has already ended since May 20, 2020, after meeting its goal of $227 thousand.
  • Kauahi grew up with two sibling brothers, Kaina and Kunzez Kauahi. Kaina is a father to three girls and currently works as a State Farm Insurance Agent in Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Kaliko Kauahi has earned a decent net worth of $500 thousand from her acting career. She is estimated to earn somewhere around $20 thousand to $35 thousand per episode from her appearance in Superstore. Before being an actor, she also earned from her work in cleaning hotel rooms, food service, and as a babysitter.
  • Kauahi celebrates her birthday every year on January 11. When she made her first-ever appearance in 2007, she was in late 20’s which means, now, her age must be around 39-42 years old.
  • Her role from Superstore, Sandra Kaluiokalani gets married to Jerry (Chris Grace) on the 14th episode titled, Sandra’s Wedding. The episode aired on January 30, 2020, and had more than 2.78 million viewers.
  • Did you know that she thought someone would suggest her to change her name when starting out? But, that didn’t happen.
  • Kaliko claims that Sandra doesn’t have any filter to cover and hide her insecurities.

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