Get to Know Ka Ho Cho, Redd Foxx’s Wife!

Ka Ho Cho came to the limelight after her marriage with John Elroy Sanford (aka Redd Foxx). She is his fourth wife.

Her husband was an American actor known for his work in All The Fine Young Cannibals, Sanford and Son, Harlem Nights, and Cotton Comes to Harlem.

Without further ado, let’s get to know more about her!


Fourth Wife of Ka Ho Cho

Ka ho Cho got married to Redd Foxx as his fourth wife in July 1991 at Little Church of the West, Las Vegas. Nearly 150 guests were invited in their lavish wedding ceremony.

Redd Foxx and Ka Ho Cho.
Redd was married to Ka Ho until his demise.
Source: Jet Magazine

Cho arrived half an hour late in her big day because of her gown, which was so long, it took five women to help her. While waiting, the groom joked he’ll marry one of the ladies if the bride didn’t show up.

After their marriage, the couple went to the hospital to visit Foxx’s mother, who was unconscious at the time.

We’re going to try to talk to her and try to get her to come through it. I hope this marrige can help my mother open her eyes so I can say, “Here’s your daughter-in-law. 

The pair also visited the Las Vegas Cemetry where Ka Ho’s parents were buried. Their wedding reception was later held at the Hacienda Hotel.

They first met at Bally’s Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas in 1983 where Cho was employed. Soon after their first meeting, they started dating and got married.

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Ka Ho always backed her husband up even when he was dealing with a lot of bad stuff.

She stuck with me through the IRS mess and everything. She didn’t run like some women would do. She stuck with me and helped me in a whole lot of ways. She saw me through it all. she saw me when I didn’t have a quarter. She saw me with a nickel. And hopefully, she will see me with a dollar. I’ll give her seventy-five cents of it.

Unfortunately, their marriage came to an end in the same year they got married due to the sudden death of the stand-up comedian.

Lost Her Husband in 1991

Ka Ho Cho’s husband, Redd Foxx died due to heart attack on October 11, 1991, at the age of 68. He collapsed at Paramount Studios while rehearsing a scene. Four hours after collapsing, he lost his life in Presbyterian Medical Center.

They were rehearsing on the set and clowning around, and Redd was sort of breaking people up when he collapsed. They all thought he was joking around at first, and then they called the paramedics.

Rachel McCallister remembers the death of Redd Foxx!

Prior to his relationship with Ka Ho, Redd was married thrice. He first married Evelyn Killebrew in 1948 and divorced three years later in 1951. His second wife was Betty Jean Harris, with whom he was married from 1956 to 1975. Foxx later tied the knot with Yun Chi Chung in 1976; however, they divorced in 1981.

Redd Foxx and Betty Jean Harris.
Betty is the second wife of Redd.
Source: Nadirah’s Twitter

Accused Step Daughter of Embezzlement

Several years after her husband’s death, Ka Ho Cho accused her step-daughter, Debraca Denise Foxx of embezzeling Redd’s money. She had the administrative rights to her father’s income and expenses; however, she couldn’t account for the details.

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In 2006, Debraca’s administrative rights were revoked and given to John Cahill in 2007. Redd had left $3.6 million outstanding tax bill during his death. John brought in $101 thousand income within three years of his appointment.

There are no news about the case whatsoever.

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