What to Know about Joani Harbaugh, Wife of Tom Crean!

Joani Harbaugh is known for being the wife of Georgia Bulldogs Men’s Basketball team head coach, Thomas Aaron Crean AKA Tom Crean.

Harbaugh was born in 1968 to former Western Kentucky football head coach, Jack Harbaugh, and Jacqueline M. Cipti. She grew up with her two siblings, John and Jim Harbaugh. Both of her brothers are head coaches of their respective NFL teams.

Harbaugh completed her elementary school at St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School, Ann Arbor. She later graduated from the University of Pittsburgh.


Not an Athlete Like Her Brothers

Joani Crean wasn’t as athletic as her brothers. However, she played volleyball and softball during college.

I had no athletic talent. None. I just tried to participate the best I could. I just think they were being really nice to me and letting me hang out.

Joani Harbaugh's Family.
Joani with her family.
Source: Twitter

Joani and Tom’s Marriage

Joani Harbaugh Crean is married to basketball coach, Tom Crean.

How did Tom Meet His Wife?

The duo first met at Western Kentucky in 1990. The pair first met around the end of August.

I didn’t meet her until the end of August. She had just graduated from Pittsburgh. I met her at a health club that she was a sales manager for. I didn’t join the health club. Eventually, we dated and went from there.

Sarah worked as an aerobics instructor at the gym. Meanwhile, Tom joined the Western Kentucky basketball team as an assistant to Ralph Willard.

According to tabloids, the duo first met at a gym through their mutual friend, Ron Burns.

Mother of Three

Joani Harbaugh is the mother of three children, two daughters, and a son, Megan, Riley, and Ainsley Crean.

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Megan was 16 in 2012, so that means, she was born in the mid-1990s and is now 25. According to her mom, she was learning to drive when she was 16.

Megan Crean.
Tom and Joani’s eldest child, Megan.
Source: Instagram

Riley was born on April 12, 1999. The 6’3″ tall athlete is currently studying sports management at the University of Georgia. Prior, he graduated from Bloomington North High School.

Tom Crean with His Son, Riley Crean.
Tom with his son, Riley.
Source: Twitter

Unlike his father and maternal uncles, he has decided to join baseball. He is now a right-handed pitcher for Georgia Bulldogs Baseball Team.

As for Ainsley, she was born on May 6, 2006. She is now 15 years old.

Tom Crean with His Daughter, Ainsley Crean.
Tom with his youngest daughter, Ainsley.
Source: Twitter

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