Meet Jeremy Ayala Gonzalez, Son of Daddy Yankee!

Jeremy Ayala Gonzalez is the son of Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee (aka Ramon Ayala Rodriguez) and his wife, Mireddys González.

Jeremy was born on May 27, 1998, as the youngest child of Ramon and Mireddys. He is professionally a music producer.

Two Siblings

Jeremy Ayala Gonzalez has two siblings: one Yamilet Ayala Gonzalez and Jesaeelys Gonzalez.


Daddy Yankee welcomed his first child, Yamilet Ayala with his former partner in 1994 when he was just 17 years old. Yamilet is dating photographer, Carlos Olmo.

Jesaeelys Ayala Gonzalez.
Jesaeelys is two years older than Jeremy.
Source: Instagram

Jeremy’s biological sister, Jesaaelys Ayala Gonzalez was born on June 18, 1996. She is a famous Youtuber who often shares make-up tutorials on her channel. She has more than a million followers on Instagram. 

Who is Jeremy Dating?

The 34-year-old Jeremy Ayala Gonzalez is dating Andrea De Castro Font (Instagram influencer and entrepreneur). They have been flaunting their love life on their socials since 2021.

Jeremy Ayala Gonzalez and his girlfriend, Andrea De Castro Font.
Jeremy is dating Andrea since 2021.
Source: Instagram

Father of One

Jeremy Ayala Gonzalez is a father of one. In 2021, he shared a picture of his baby on his Instagram story.

You are almost 2-year-old. Dad loves you!

Jeremy Ayala Gonzalez's son.
Jeremy has a two-year-old son.
Source: Instagram

However, the detail of his baby mama is missing.

Has a Step-Kid

Jeremy Gonzalez had a step-son from his current partner, Andrea. She welcomed a son named José Enrique from her former partner.

Andrea De Castro Font's son.
Jeremy has a step-child named Jose.
Source: Instagram

Father is a Famous Rapper

Jeremy’s father Daddy Yankee is a Puerto Rican rapper, actor, singer, songwriter, and producer. His father started his musical career in 1990 and announced taking retirement from it in March 2022.

Daddy Yankee and Mireddys Gonzalez.
Jeremy’s parents, Daddy Yankee and Mireddys.
Source: Instagram

In 2017, his collaboration song Despacito reached #1 on Billboard for four months, and it is currently the second-most viewed video on YouTube. From his successful career, he has accumulated an estimated net worth of $40 million.

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