Five Facts of Jean Muggli, Michael Strahan’s Ex-Wife!

Jean Muggli, who formerly worked as a manager of a cosmetic store, came to fame as the partner to the American Football player, Michael Strahan.

Jean was born on the 30th of November 1964 in North Dakota, the United States. She is the daughter of a retired military man, Anthony Alphonse Muggli, and a housewife mother, Marry Muggli. In addition, she also has five siblings—David, Carolee, Scott, Denise, and Timmy Muggli.

Apart from her profession and family life, there are still some other facts related to her. Well, mentioned below are five of them!


5. Married to Michael Strahan

Jean Muggli was once married to one of the popular American football players, Michael Strahan—they had tied the knots on 18 July 1999. They first met each other while both of them were in a spa in 1994 two years after divorce with Wanda Hutchins. Eventually, they fell in love and started to date each other.

Jean Muggli with her former husband, Michael Strahan.
Jean Muggli and Michael Strahan back when they were dating.
Source: Heavy

Michael is a former American football player who holds the record for the most sacks in a season during 2001. He spent his 15-year professional football career as a defensive end for National Football League’s (NFL) New York Giants

Michael has been part of the New York Giants during its good and bad times. One of the team’s good times also includes the major win of Super Bowl XLII over the New England Patriots.

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4. Two Kids with Michael Strahan

After being married for more than five years, in 2004, the duo, Jean Muggli and Michael Strahan, finally got blessed with two children.

Michael Strahan with his two daughters.
Michael Strahan with his two kids, Sophia and Isabella Strahan.

Amazingly, they turned out to be twins whom Jean and Michael named Sophia and Isabella Strahan.

3. Her Marriage with Michael Ended in Controversy

The marital life of Jean Muggli and Michael Strahan was going on in a very good manner. They seemed happy with each other. But, little did they know that their bond, their dreams were going to be shattered into pieces. In 2006, Jean filed for divorce from Michael.

Jean Muggli  smiling.
Jean Muggli after she separated with Michael.
Source: Robert Litta’s Twitter

Following that, there came a report from the New York Times where it was claimed that Michael used to beat Jean and was having an affair with other women. This eventually led their marriage to end—the divorce was finalized and the responsibilities of their two children were handed over to Muggli.

2. Received a Hefty Amount in Divorce Settlement

After the controversial divorce of Strahan and Muggli, the court ordered Michael to pay $15 million in the divorce settlement to his ex-wife. In addition to that, he also had to pay Jean $18,000 per month, according to the child support rules. Later, in 2009, that sum was reduced to $13,000 per month.

Sophia and Isabella Strahan.
Jean and Michael’s twin daughters while they were still young.
Source: Michael Strahan’s Instagram

In October 2019, Jean began to claim that Michael was not paying enough to her as per child support they agreed on back then. As per her documents, it was stated that she was yet to receive $540 thousand from her former husband.

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1. Accused of Abusing Her Children

As per the reports of TMZ on 11th March 2020, Michael Strahan is claiming that his twin daughters are being abused by their mother. Moreover, the outlet obtained legal documents that showed that Michael is trying everything to get full custody of his daughters.

Michael Strahan and her two twin daughters playing games in a reality show.

As per the reports, it is also found that Michael is painting his former wife as a bad mother for their daughters. Also, Michael claimed that due to Jean, his daughters are missing their volleyball matches and equestrian events. Furthermore, it’s also stated that Michael hopes to shift his daughters in New York with him.

Jean, however, has decided to stay quiet in all of these allegations raised by her former partner. 

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