5 Intriguing Facts of Jason Beghe!

The American actor, Jason Beghe is famous for his role as Hugo Voight in the TV series, Chicago P.D. He started his career back in 1985 and has over 100 acting credits under his belt. Born on March 12, 1960, Jason is known for his signature gravelly deep voice.

Jason is the grandson of Charles S. Deneen, who was a two-term governor of Illinois and one time US senator in the early 1990s. The 60-year-old actor also has three siblings.

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5. Life-Threatening Accident

Jason Beghe’s gravelly voice is a perfect match for his detective persona in Chicago P.D. However, the story behind his voice is an unfortunate one. The actor got into a serious car accident in 1990. He recalled,

 I was in a very serious car accident in ’99—broke my neck, my back in a couple of places, all of my ribs, both of my lungs. I was in a coma for three and a half weeks. I was intubated, and I kept pulling this tube out of my throat. That’s how I got the voice.

Jason Beghe on his accident!

Thankfully, Jason Beghe survived the life-threatening accident and now he is fit as ever.

4. Views on Scientology

Jason Beghe began studying Scientology in 1994. He even reached the level of Operating Thetan before leaving the church in 2007. The Thelma and Louise actor estimated that he donated US$1 million to the Church of Scientology in a period of 12 years.

I don’t really think about it much—which is good. I went through some shit. One never knows how much of it is still influencing you, because you don’t know what you don’t know.

Jason Beghe on Scientology!

After quitting church, Jason gave a 2-hour long interview about Scientology. He also appeared in the documentary “Going Clear”. You can see his interview below.

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Jason Beghe talks about Scientology.

The interview went viral and showed his views on the religion clearly.

3. BFF with David Duchovny

Jason Beghe attended Collegiate School which is ranked one of the best private schools in the US. While in school, he became friends with John F. Kennedy Jr. and actor David Duchovny. He is best friends with the actor. As a matter of fact, Beghe persuaded David to work in acting.

Jason Beghe  with his best friend David Duchovny!
Jason Beghe with best friend David Duchovny.
Source: Pinterest

The two have been friends since the ninth grade and their bond has only strengthened with time.

Jason was the best man at David’s wedding to actress Tea Leoni. He also starred in 13 episodes of David’s Show-time series Californication.

2. Divorce with Angie Janu

Jason Beghe was married to his ex-wife Angie Janu for nineteen years. They tied the knot in 2000 but got divorced in 2019. The pair have two sons named Bix Beghe and Bear Beghe.

Jason Beghe with his former wife Angie Janu.
Jason Beghe with ex-wife Angie Janu.
Source: Shutterstock

Beghe filed for divorce in 2017 but it was finalized only in 2019. Beghe and Janu now share the custody of their teen sons.

The actor had cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for their separation. However, the news of their divorce came a few weeks after some of Beghe’s co-workers had made harassment claims against him.

1. Sexual Harassment Claims and Anger Issues

In 2016, the Chicago P.D. actor was investigated for inappropriate behavior by NBC and Wolf Entertainment due to complaints of sexual harassment by some cast and crew members. He was apparently using highly aggressive and sexually suggestive language with the people he worked with

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Jason’s former co-star Sophia Bush was rumored to have left Chicago P.D. due to sexual harassment. However, she later cleared that she left the show because she wanted to.

Nevertheless, the actor admitted to his anger issues an apologised through the below stateement.

I am deeply sorry for my behavior, which I know has been hurtful to my friends and colleagues. I have struggled with anger issues for some time, and over the past year, I have been working with a coach to help me learn how to mitigate my temper. It’s an ongoing process, and it has been a humbling one.

Jason Beghe on his anger issues.

Jason, also further stated,

I have personally apologized to anyone who I have upset, and I am committed to doing what is necessary to make up any damage that I may have caused.

Jason Beghe’s apology statement.

The 5 feet 10 inches tall actor was open about his anger issues in the statement and claimed to be working on it.


  1. Beghe graduated from Pomona College in 1982.
  2. Jason began his career as a model in Europe where he was the Armani man for a few years.
  3. His net worth is $9 million.
  4. Jason has a $1.63 million condo in Near West Side. The house is a four-bedroom two-story condominium. It was originally priced at $1.9 million; however, it was later dropped to $1.79 million and then to $1.65 million.
  5. Beghe has played the role of Hugo Voight in five different series including Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Chicago Med, and Chicago Justice.

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