Five Facts of Jaeda Lily Miller

With the start of her career at age 6, the American child actress, Jaeda Lily Miller has become a internet sensation. She’s just 16 and yet, she has already done 17 movies and TV shows.

Jaeda’s parents are both voiceover actors. Her father is Brent Miller while her mother is Nicole Bouma Miller. She grew up alongside her sister, Chelsea Miller.

Check out these 5 facts about Jaeda Lily Miller.


5. Started Career at Age 6

As being the daughter of voiceover actors, Jaeda Lily Miller came up to them when she was only five and told them she wanted to do what her parents do but with her whole body. Then, when she was six, she got her first role, and her career just started from there.

Jaeda Lily Miller was a part of the Hallmark movies.
Jaeda Lily Miller started her career at age 6.
Source: Hallmark movies and mystery

Her first role was as a guest in the series, Untold Stories of the Er. Till now, she has done more than seventeen movies and TV shows and now, Jaeda is busier than most of the actors of her age. What a way to start her career!

4. Voicework in Ready Jet Go!

Since Jaeda’s parents were voiceover artists, it was easier for Lily and her sister, Chelsea Miller, to get into voice work. While talking about her love for voice work, she said to My Devotional Thoughts,

I just really enjoy acting. I enjoy voice work because if you mess up, it’s okay. You can do it again. You get to hang out with your friends and put on a voice, so it’s kinda cool.

According to her interview, it seems she loves acting more than anything but she enjoys voice work a lot as well. Ready Jet Go was her most awarded voiceover role but, she also has done voiceovers for various other TV shows such as Rainbow Ruby, I Play Jesse and The Rag Doll.

Did you know Jaeda made herself sound like a 3-year-old in a movie?

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3. Jaeda’s Net Worth is $100 Thousand

Jaeda Lily Miller started her acting career at the age of six. Now, at 16, she already has 17 movies and TV shows under her belt. Just two years earlier in 2018, Jaeda appeared in a film, Midnight Sun alongside Bella Thorne, Rob Riggle, and Patrick Schwarzenegger. The movie collected $27.4 million at the box office against the budget of $2.8 million.

Jaeda Lily Miller in a movie.
Jaeda Lily Miller has a net worth of $100 thousand.
Source: Fusion Movies

With this much big-screen appearances, Jaeda surely has to have decent earnings, right? Well, she has! Lily Miller has already amassed a net worth of $100 thousand as of 2020 and by the looks of it, her worth is still to rise in the coming days.

2. Her Dad is Her Acting Coach

This phenomenal young star was sure about what she wanted to do at the age of five. Her parents were always there when she needed them. Her parents were there to keep her focused and organized in her work.

While talking to My Devotional Thoughts, Jaeda revealed that her father, Brent was her acting coach. He rehearses with her, directs her, and helps her in the auditions. Who wouldn’t want a dad like him, right?

1. The Christmas Secret

The American child actress, Jaeda is famous for her roles in a number of movies and TV series, especially for her portrayal of Alli Grant in the series, When Calls the Heart.

She has already had several movies under her name but, there’s one that’s close to her heart, The Christmas Secret. This movie saw her appear alongside her sister, Chelsea. Her sister played the younger self of the lead actress, Bethany Joy Lenz, while she portrayed her daughter.

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  1. In Miller’s first role, she had to act like she’s having a seizure.
  2. She loves playing the Electric Drum.
  3. Her third role is thanks to her best friend.
  4. Jaeda broke her finger and had to stop playing the Ukelele.

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