Hopie Carlson, Tucker Carlson’s Daughter: What to Know!

Hopie Carlson is the third child of famous conservative reporters, Tucker Carlson, and Susan Andrews.

Born in 1999 in Virginia, Hopie is the granddaughter of Richard Warner Carlson. She attended St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School and later completed her schooling at the St. Georges School in Rhode Island. She later joined the University of Virginia.

Member of Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity

Hopie Carlson is a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta fraternity. She is serving as the Ritualist. Their motto is to push women to reach new heights.


We are women supporting women, and we inspire one another to be our best selves.

Two Elder and One Younger Sibling

Hopie Carlson has three siblings: Lillie, Buckley, and Dorothy.

Buckley Carlson, Hopie Carlson, Dorothy Carlson, and Lillie Carlson.
Buckley, Hopie, Dorothy, and Lillie Carlson.
Source: Facebook

Lillie Carlson

Hopie’s eldest sister, Lillie Carlson was born in 1995. She is one of those who has preferred to stay away from the media.

Buckley Carlson

Buckley Carlson was born in 1997 and is the only son of Tucker and Susie. He went to the University of Virginia where he completed his graduation. As of now, he is serving under U.S. Rep. Jim Banks.

Dorothy Carlson

Dorothy Carlson is the youngest child among Tucker’s four kids. She was born in 2002. In the Greek origin, her name means ‘Gift of God’.

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Married For More Than Three Decades

Hopie Carlson’s parents, Tucker and Susan got married on August 10, 1991. They first met at St. George’s School in the early 1990s and soon started dating. The pair has been married for more than three decades as of now.

Father is a Multi-Millionaire

Hopie Carlson’s father Tucker Carlson is a TV host, political commentator, and businessman. He has accumulated an estimated net worth of $30 million from his successful career.

Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News!

Back in 2010, his father founded a website, The Daily Caller with Neil Patel. He received a decent amount after selling his stake.

Tucker is also a real estate investor. He is believed to have made a $4 million profit by selling his home in the Kent neighborhood. He also has a $2.9 million house on Gulf Coast, Florida.

Was Once Depressed

When Hopie Carlson was around nine years old, she had a project work about Albert Einstein. She went to Ask.com, a search engine, to research Einstein, but decided to look up her dad’s name.

When she typed her dad’s name, the auto-suggestions showed, “Is Tucker Carlson married?” She knew the answer but clicked on the link to see what people said about her parents. To her surprise, the answer wasn’t what she’d hoped for!

No, Tucker Carlson is disgusting and no one would marry him.

After reading the content, her heart broke. She cried for a few days. Carlson only revealed it during her Baccalaureate Chapel Service speech as the college prefect in 2018.

Is She Dating Anyone?

Well, we are really not sure whether Hopie is currently dating or not. However, her Facebook profile says she’s married to a girl named Clare Walker.

Hopie Carlson's Marriage.
Is Hopie still married to Clare Walker?
Source: Facebook

In the comments section of the Facebook post, it was revealed that the duo wasn’t living together because of the long distance. It’s already been 8 years since the post and we really are unsure about their current relationship status since Carlson enjoys life away from social media.

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While we’re at it, her father, Tucker, in 2019, revealed that he’d never allowed his daughters to date a feminist. He thinks people identifying themselves as feminists are creeps.

Would you let your daughter date some guy who called himself a feminist? No, ’cause he’s a creep! By definition!

Tucker asked Canadian’journalist, Stephen LeDrew if he would let his daughter date a guy claiming to be a feminist.

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