Five Things You Need to Know about Gregory Jbara!

Starting his career from broadway production and eventually making way to become a TV actor, Gregory Jbara has struggled a lot in the beginning phase of his career. As of now, he is one of the well-established actors who don’t need any introduction.

Popular for his role as Jackie Elliot in the Broadway production of Billy Elliot the Musical has more than 61 acting credits in his name as of early 2020. Let’s not forget he has also lent his voice in several onscreen projects.

Well, only the above-mentioned things are not enough to know about Jbara. So, here are many things about him that most of us are still unacquainted with. 


5. Married Twice; Father of Two

The 58 years old, Gregory Jbara has married twice. Currently, he is living a happy married life with his second wife, Julie Jbara with whom he shared wedding vows back on December 6, 1997.

Gregory Jbara's married life with Julie Jbara is his second marriage.
Gregory Jbara with his wife Julie Jbara.
Source: Gregory Jbara’s Instagram

Together the pair has shares two sons: Zachary Jbara and Aidan Jbara. Zachary is currently pursuing a career in aeronautical science while Aidan is following his passion for baseball, though he also learned drums and guitar.

Gregory Jbara's sons Aidan (left) and Zachary (right).
Gregory Jbara’s sons, Aidan and Zachary Jbara.
Source: Gregory Jbara’s Instagram

Prior to this, he was married to late Rebecca Luker in 1993 but divorced after three years of marriage in 1996. While talking about his first marriage, Jbara said that his hectic work schedule led to the end of his first marriage.

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4. Has $3 Million Net Worth

The Tony Award winner, Gregory Jbara’s net worth is $3 million which he collected from his acting career since 1987. As of early 2020, he more than 61 acting credits under his name and he is still going active in his career.

From his career, he has earned millions of worth from a number of movies. Some of his movies have earned a huge amount at the box office which are listed below.

MovieBox Office Earning
Enchanted$340.5 million
World Trade Center$162 million
Crocodile Dundee II$130 million

Besides acting, he also adds to his riches from his skills in music and voice acting.

3. Lost 80 Lbs in a Year

The 6 feet 1 inch tall actor Gregory Jbara shook the world when he looked thin and pale. Many thought that he was ill when in reality, he wasn’t. The reason he looked like that was because of his weight loss, where he’d lost over 80 lbs in just over a year.

Gregory Jbara lost a total of 80 lbs of body fat in one year.
Gregory Jbara was almost 270 lbs in 2018.
Source: Pinterest

Well, what Greg did was basically start a challenge to lose around 57 lbs of body fat on his 57th birthday. A year later on his 58th birthday, he had actually lost over 80 lbs.

For weight loss, the Blue Bloods actor underwent gastric bypass surgery and controlled his diet.

2. Climate Activist

The Caucasian actor Gregory Jbara is actively involved in campaigns for climate change and sea conservation. In one of his Instagram posts, he expressed his sadness after the US government reduced funds for forest management in California.

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His post came in the support of Congressman Ted Lieu who criticized the Trump government for cutting forest funding in CA.

1. A Multitalented Performer

Apart from being an actor and a singer, Gregory Jbara is also a multi-talented performer. Here’s a list of his skills according to his personal portfolio website.

Performance SkillsHosting, Singing, Dancing, Voiceover, Comedian, Teleprompter, Improvisation
Athletic SkillsGolf, Swimming, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Rollerblading, Football, Soccer
AccentsSpanish, Italian, Chinese, German, French, British, Scottish, Irish, Southern, Australian, Middle Eastern, West Indian, Jamaican
Musical InstrumentsFlue, French Horn, Trumpet, Dulcimer, Trombone, Bass Guitar, Drums
DanceBallroom, Freestyle, Tap, Polka, Disco, Waltz
Taken from


  • While he was cast in the movie, Remember Me, there was a huge rumor of him being in an extramarital affair with co-star, Lena Olin.
  • He passed high school from Wayne Memorial High school in 1979.
  • Gregory joined the University of Michigan as a communication major but changed his major to Musical theatre during the second year. He also studied acting at Julliard School.
  • Greg’s first agent was Brian Riordan. The actor was 25 when Brian took him on.

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