How did Garrett Gregory Jbara Lose Weight? His Health and Illness!

You’re living a carefree, happy life though you’re overweight, and one day, you hear about someone dying from something out of one’s control. Is this enough for you to think about your weight? Well, it was, for Gregory Jbara, who opted for weight loss after such an incident.

Confused? Don’t be! Greg started a challenge to lose 57 lbs of body fat on his 57th birthday, and to his shock, he lost well over it. Till his 58th birthday, he lost 80 lbs or 36.2 kg, 23 lbs more than what he intended to. His secret? Diet control!

Let’s get straight into the fact about how Greg Jbara lost all that weight. And, let’s also talk about his health and illness!


Gregory Jbara Weight Loss Story – Reason and Secrets!

Let’s talk about his weight first! He weighed around 175 lbs during his enrollment in The Julliard School in 1985. 12 years later, he appeared in CHICAGO and weighed 180 lbs. In 2006 as well, his weight didn’t change. Fast forward to 2018, he was almost 270 lbs, and now, in 2019, his weight has dropped by 80 lbs to a lean 185 lbs

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How it All Started?

Now, talking about his weight loss story, it starts way back in 2017 when one of his sons, Zachary, who was 16 years old at the time, decided to join the gym and hire a personal trainer. He says, his 6 feet 4 inches tall son was as self-motivated as he could be.

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A year later, in 2018, when Greg’s 268 lbs of body mass was visible on TV, one of his Blue Bloods fans slid into his Facebook DMs for a conversation, a conversation about his weight loss and the benefits of losing weight. During his short chat, he got to know about weight loss and healthy life as being an investment for spending time on earth with their family. But that wasn’t enough for him to think about it.

Gregory Jbara lost a total of 80 lbs of body fat in one year.
Gregory Jbara was almost 270 lbs in 2018.
Source: Pinterest

The same time around, he was standing in a grocery with raw milk on his hand when a lady talked about how her husband’s health issues were nulled by a clean organic diet that excluded red meat, carbs, and dairy. When he turned back to listen to her, to his surprise, she was talking to him. The woman approved of him defending himself about the milk for his young kid, Aidan, and still kept on going about the food regimen.

Gregory Jbara on weight loss on his official FB account.
Gregory Jbara also posted on Facebook to talk about his weight loss.
Source: Gregory Jbara Facebook
Gregory Jbara on weight loss on his official FB account.
Gregory Jbara also posted on Facebook to talk about his weight loss.
Source: Gregory Jbara Facebook
Gregory Jbara on weight loss on his official FB account.
Gregory Jbara also posted on Facebook to talk about his weight loss.
Source: Gregory Jbara Facebook
Gregory Jbara on weight loss on his official FB account.
Gregory Jbara also posted on Facebook to talk about his weight loss.
Source: Gregory Jbara Facebook

Close to late 2018, on September 13, 2018, he followed the news about the demise of the three-time Tony Award nominee, Marine Mazzie, who died because of ovarian cancer. The news opened his eyes as the cancer was out of late Marine’s hands, but to Greg, his weight loss was very much in his own hands. He finally learned his lesson!

Taking care of my health is a simple and profound expression of how much I love myself and, more importantly, love and want to be with my wife and sons.

He learned that his life is a gift, and to waste it away is a grave mistake. And, so began his weight loss journey. He decided to make his 57th birthday the time to start a weight loss challenge. A challenge to lose 57 lbs till his next birthday.

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What did He do Next?

With his family members, he contacted the nutritionist, Lilly Padilla, and got to know about healthy living through a clean and organic household. Padilla offered her clients with specific food regimen for each of their body types and needs (weight gain and weight loss).

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He and his family started living happily, and by his 58th birthday, he was 80 lbs lighter. Lilly’s diet worked charms on him as in just five months, he lost 55 lbs. But, the rest of his body fat or around 30 lbs of it was lost through his work chronicle that lasted four months between Season 9’s last episode to the premiere of the 10th season of Blue Bloods.

Not only did he lose weight, but his whole family followed as well. His wife, though she didn’t have to, lost 41 lbs. Similarly, his elder son, Zachary, also lost over 80 lbs of body fat. In contrast, his younger son, Aidan, put on some weight.

Greg’ Illness and Health Concerns

Greg also revealed that his fans were duly concerned about his health and asked him about his illness. The father of two talked about his fans’ concern about his well-being.

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He first stated that anybody would have had the same questions regarding his health and illness following his weight loss journey. To have seen him at 270 lbs at the end of season 9 and to find him at just 185 lbs in the premiere of Blue Bloods season 10 would put anyone off balance.

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Greg said,

I now feel better than I have in over 12 years.

Well, you heard it now! He isn’t sick and has no problem with his health. It’s just that he lost weight pretty quickly.

Blue Bloods Garrett’ Gastric Bypass Surgery

We all know Gregory Jbara plays as Garrett Moore on CBS police drama Blue Bloods, right? Well, just five months into his weight loss journey, his executive producers changed an already-decided episode to shine a light on Greg’s body transformation.

Garrett Moore from Blue Bloods weight loss episode.
Garrett Moore AKA Gregory Jbara and his fellow castmates during the Rectify episode of Season 9, regarding Greg’s weight loss.
Source: Cheat Sheet

They adjusted the script and made the entire episode about obesity and personal health. According to Jbara, the NYPD show created an episode (ep.19) called, Rectify on season 9. In this episode, they talked about Police health and also showed Garrett going through a gastric bypass surgery to lose weight. This was all because Greg had lost weight and the filmmakers wanted to show a skinnier, Garrett.

Hats off to the producers for modifying the story per Greg’s personal life.

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Greg’ Testimonial on Lilly Padilla

As already mentioned, Greg lost his weight, all thanks to his nutritionist Lilly Padilla. She offered him not only a diet chart but also recipes to go with it. In addition to that, she also made sure to help him with a diet plan for his regular travel for work and even for vacations.

Following his weight loss, Greg wrote a testimonial for his nutritionist and revealed that in just four short months, he was already 55 lbs down. To his surprise, all of his blood reports were also “stone cold NORMAL.”

After 57 years of ‘living to eat’ instead of ‘eating to live,’ Lilly Padilla has taught this ‘Old Dog’ some ‘new tricks.’

Congrats to Greg for thinking about living a healthy life and implementing it on his lifestyle! Let’s hope he maintains his healthy eating habits for times to come.

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