Greekgodx weight loss before and after.

[UPDATED]Find out about Greekgodx Weight Loss Secrets!

It begins with a feeling of worrying as you think to yourself that you’re overweight and feel you need to change things up. So, you start dieting and working out to lose all that body fat. It’s the same thing for the Twitch star Greekgodx AKA Dmitri Antonatos, who recently made headlines for his weight loss journey, where he lost over 70 lbs in a year or so.

We’ve all been to a position where we know it’s enough and hence, try to give things a shake. Similar to this, Greekgodx took matters to his own hands and started the Ketogenic Diet and worked out until he shed some pounds. Now, he’s almost reached his goal weight of 250 lbs.

If you’re looking for how he did it, there’s good news! Dmitri revealed his weight loss secrets to his fans through his online streaming. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

[UPDATED]Greekgodx Weight Loss

Well, before we move on to other things, let’s talk about Greekgodx’ weight los in 2020. Following his journey, Greekgodx has stay away from his Twitch streams but on January 14, 2020, he appeared on Mizkif‘s stream. Mizkif is a fellow Twitch streamer with 370,000 followers. Here’s a list of Mizkif’s five facts if you wanna know more about him.

Back to the topic! Greekgodx showed off his body transformation during the live chat when Mizkif asked him to show off his progress.

It’s insane to think what you were and where you are now dude.

Mizkif on Greekgodx’ weight loss.

The Twitch streamer has lost a lot of weight and now, he’s still putting on his work to gain muscles.

This is all skin, but I can fill it with muscle easy clap.

Greekgodx on gaining muscles.

For his followers, Greek has promised to start streaming soon with his transformed look once he gets back. Until then, keep an eye out for his Twitter updates.

Well, just when we were thinking about his weight loss journey, he’s posted another video on his YouTube channel. The video posted on March 16, 2020, talks more about his weight loss journey.

Greekgodx talks about his recent weight loss!

Greek seems to have lost a lot of weight but, his weight loss has created flappy skin on his stomach. He can remove it with a surgery but he doesn’t want to.

That’s it for the update! Now, let’s get you back on track. Below are his revelations and weight loss secrets! Enjoy reading!

Greekgodx Weight Loss Revelation

Since last year in 2018, Greekgodx started showing signs of a change in his lifestyle. Yes, that’s right, he started working out and changed his diet.

Wham! He’s 70 lbs or 31.75 kg lighter just after one year. According to his revelation, he dropped from 369.4 lbs to 299.2 lbs in one year.

Greekgodx worked hard for his weight loss and it seems fruitful!
Greekgodx lost over 31.75 kgs following the keto diet.
Source: Greekgodx Instagram

The disclosure of his weight came on April 27, 2019, when he announced he reached his lowest weight in just over a year while live streaming on Twitch. He was breaming with happiness; thanked his supporters for being with him through thick and thin.

We’re finally under 300 lbs boys.

Soon after he revealed his weight loss on Twitch, he followed it with a before and after post on his Twitter. There, he wrote that he was officially a part of the 300 lbs club.

Greekgodx weighed in at 369 lbs but now, he weighs only 299 lbs.
Greekgodx compares his weight loss!
Source: Greekgodx Twitter

Though Dmitri has lost 70 lbs of body fat, he is not yet satisfied. Why? Well, he has set a target of 250 lbs, and so, until he gets to that weight, he will not give up and keep working towards his goal.

Greekgodx Weight Loss Secrets

The controversial streamer lost weight by following a keto diet and working out. That’s right, he followed the high protein low carbs diet and started exercising just like Sean Hannity did, who followed the Keto Atkins diet.

First things first, he started with the Keto diet, which basically means reducing the carbs and replacing it with fats. This helped his metabolism and took it to a state called Ketosis. During this state, his body efficiently burned fat and produced more energy. As a result, he lost weight.

Greekgodx seems to love his body after losing 70 lbs of fat.
Greekgodx has certainly lost some weight, right?
Source: Greekgodx Instagram

For diet, he basically consumes meat (chicken, fish, steak, or pork) and salad (cabbage or any other vegetables). He replaced his sugary drinks and caffeine with just water. But, since he has a low blood sugar count, which means he has diabetes, he, at times, consumes sugary drinks. And, if he’s at his streaming table for too long, he sips in a Red Bull drink, and that’s about it.

While talking about his weight loss journey, we can’t miss his exercise routine, can we? Dmitri had a dull, passive life before, but he got up and took up walking and running. For cardio, he regularly ran on the treadmill. At other times, he just went out and walked.

Greekgodx shocked after his phone falls off while he's on the treadmill.
Greekgodx was live streaming but his phone fell on the floor.
Source: Tenor

In one of the live streams of Greekgodx, he is seen running on a treadmill singing The Lion King‘s Hakuna Matata quite intensely. But, the live stream fails as his camera hits the floor. This doesn’t mean he stopped posting videos; in fact, he did post a lot of them.

Weight Loss Tips from Greekgodx

What if you could do the same as Greekgodx? Think about this for a moment, you follow his secrets, and you, too, lost weight!

Around September 2019, his Twitch channel was suspended for a week or so. Why? Because he made fun of the “Other” choice in the gender section of Soundcloud account creation.

Here’s a full story of Kelly Marie Tran AKA Rose Tico’s weight loss journey.

Following his suspension from Twitch, he took to his Twitter to apologize for what he said. Here’s the post!

Greekgodx apologizes for his racy comment on live stream.
Greekgodx apologized after being suspended from Twitch after a racy comment.
Source: Greekgodx Twitter

After he was back from suspension, he shared a heartfelt motivational video on his YouTube. There, he shared some of his weight loss tips.

First thing you can do is realize what you’re eating.

Well, the Twitch streamer revealed that the major thing one should consider is to be mindful of what you put in your mouth, either it be food or drink. Look at the food you’re consuming, the way, and the portion you’re eating.

If you’re overweight, it’s better to drink water than anything sugary.

Dmitri divulges that if you don’t want to change your diet, at least lower the portions, and train your mind to eat less. He revealed that he eats huge portions instead of smaller ones, but he gobbles up everything healthy.

Once, he ate a whole chicken in one day, but he lost weight. Why? Because he was consuming more than a whole chicken before, and now, he saw a reduction in calorie intake. As a result, his weight decreased the other day.

Greekgodx also divulged that eating three times is bad for your health and that it’s mandatory to find a balance. He says that everybody’s different and their diet should be different as well as their weight loss methods. Eating heavy portions worked for him but that doesn’t mean it will work for you!

The final thing he reveals is to not give up. It’s not just about the beginning, it’s also about consistency. For more, check out his video here.

More about His Weight Loss

Following his weight loss, Greekgodx created a Discord server to just talk about weight loss, diet, and fitness, in general. In the chat room, he and his fans converse about their diet, beginner tips, food recipes, and healthier life. His Discord server has over 5 thousand active users.

In addition to that, his fans have also asked and talked about his weight loss in Reddit. A simple search in Google lets you in on the things his fans dwell upon on Reddit.

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