Details into Gary Anthony Williams Weight Loss Journey!

As we were in search of celebrities who had lost weight, we came across an old weight loss story that saw Gary Anthony Williams lose 8 inches of waistline in 2002.

Gary Anthony Williams is a Georgia-born actor and comedian who’s famous for his voice as Uncle Ruckus on The Boondocks. He started his career in 1990, and by 2020, he’s made an appearance in over 212 movies and TV shows alongside a decent number of voice roles as well. Today, we’re not here to talk about his achievements but about his weight loss journey where he lost 50 lbs or 22.2 kg in just around a year.

Gary’s weight loss journey is still showing its charms even after all these years. Well, let’s find out how he did that and also if he’s maintaining his weight to date.


Gary Anthony Williams Weight Loss Secrets

The 54 years’ old voice actor Gary Anthony Williams lost over 50 lbs of weight in 2002. He weighed in at 360 lbs or 163.2 kg in 2001, but his determination saw him drop his waist size by 8 inches.

Gary Anthony Williams at the premiere of Undercover Brothers.
Gary Anthony Williams lost well over 50 lbs in around a year.
Source: Getty Images

In April 2001, when Gary went for a routine physical check-up before the filming of the spy spoof movie, Undercover Brother, it was an eye-opener for him. The doctor told him that he couldn’t weigh him on the scale they had because it didn’t have a higher number.

I can’t weigh you on this scale. It doesn’t go that high.

The Doctor to Gary Anthony Williams.

Well, following his check-up, the doctor told him to seriously start thinking about getting in shape.

Now would be a great time to seriously get in shape.

The Doctor to Gary Anthony Williams.

Well, this hit Gary hard, and since then, he started working out daily. He also cut down on carbs. A year later, when he came forward for the shoot of the spy spoof alongside Eddie Griffin, Chris Kattan, and Dennis Richards, among others, he had lost well over 50 lbs, and the number was still going down. At that instance, his weight had dropped to 310 lbs or 140.6 kg.

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Undercover Brother Trailer.

The director of the movie, Malcolm D. Lee, was quite shocked to see Gary losing that much weight. So, he jokingly asked Anthony to start eating some pasta. He also joked that people would mistake him for Denzel Washington. Following his weight loss, the movie had to be shot with a fat-suit on.

What’s He Upto Now? His Weight Loss Updates

Well, it was not only in 2001/02 that he lost weight; he kept on losing a few pounds in over the years, and by 2018, he weighed in at around 195 lbs or 88 kg. He’d shed as much as 155 lbs or 77.3 kg in about 17 years.

Gary Anthony Williams is half the size now.
Gary Anthony Williams looks totally a different person now.
Source: Gary Anthony Williams’ Facebook

One of his fans saw that he was thinner in the Carmax commercial, and so, he took to Reddit to ask if anyone had seen his weight loss. He asked,

Has anyone else seen Gary Anthony Williams (Stevie’s dad) in the new Carmax commercial? I know weight loss is good for your health, but it’s not supposed to make you Benjamin Button. He looks younger now than he did twenty years ago.

A Fan’s Question!

A lot of his fans started commenting on the post. One fan said that he’s half the person now, while another one claimed that he didn’t even look the same, and the only thing that gives it away was his voice. Another fan with the Reddit handle, Abqkat wrote,

He has a beautiful, booming voice! I love hearing some of his voice acting and am glad to see him looking so healthy and trim.

A Fan’s Comment on his Weight Loss!

Well, most of his fans were happy that he had lost weight, and he’s healthy. However, a few of his fans following his weight loss were curious if he downsized due to the pressure of Hollywood. To this, Gary replied,

I’ve never been ashamed of how I look. I’ve changed the way I live. I’d like to be around a long time.

A Fan’s Comment on weight loss.

Well, this says a lot about Gary, who’s married to Leslie Williams. Gary and his wife live happily and, more importantly, healthily in their North Hollywood home.

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Please do note that Anthony Williams, who lost 105 lbs of weight after falling in love with running, is a totally different person!

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