Everything You Need to Know about Frank Luntz’s Weight Loss!

The American political and communication consultant Frank Luntz recently lost well over 50 lbs or 22.6 kg in just two months.

Luntz went through a change in his lifestyle to achieve his goal weight. But, why did he actually lose weight? We all know he didn’t care much about gaining weight. So, what changed?

Let’s get to know all about Frank Luntz’s weight loss!


Why and How did Frank Luntz Lose Weight?

The 58 years old Frank Luntz revealed that he lost 50 lbs on May 7, 2020. He now weighs 186.6 lbs or 84.64 kg. But, what was the reason for his weight loss?

Frank Luntz weighing himself.
Frank Luntz dropped his weight to 186.6 lbs.
Source: Frank Luntz’s Twitter

Well, in January 2020, Frank almost died. You heard it right, guys! He had a stroke! He was immediately taken to UCLA. Thankfully, he survived.

Luntz took to his Twitter on March 24, 2020, to reveal about his stroke and to thank the doctors for taking good care of him. The political pundit also urged his followers to donate to UCLA for their coronavirus patient fund. In addition to it, he divulged that he was doing well after his stroke and now, he was following his new diet and working with his trainer.

Frank Luntz revealed about his health through this Twitter post.
Frank Luntz took to Twitter to reveal about having a stroke in Jan 2020.
Source: Frank Luntz’s Twitter

A month later, on April 18, 2020, Frank updated his followers on his weight. By then, he had lost close to 40 lbs in just two months.

And as already mentioned before, on May, he opened up about his 50 lbs weight loss. It’s a great feat for the pundit but are you still wondering how he lost all that weight?

Frank Luntz says he now eats only lean meats.
Frank Luntz’s weight loss diet plan.
Source: Frank Luntz’s Twitter

Well, Frank followed his trainer’s recommendations, he walked 3 miles a day, tutored students almost every day, and followed a new diet plan. His diet contained lean meat with fruit and veggies, all in moderate portions. With this simple to follow plan, he was able to shed 25 lbs in just 7 weeks and 50 lbs in just over 2 months.

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What did Fans Think of Frank Luntz’s Weight Loss?

Well, now we know that Frank Luntz dropped weight because he had a stroke from being overweight. Most of his fans noticed the changes in his physical features but are they happy with what they see?

Frank Luntz speaking in front of a crowd.
What did Frank Luntz’s fans think of his weight loss?
Source: Las Vegas Review Journal

We’re pretty sure they are! One fan with the Twitter handle, Peggy Aldrich wrote, “Good for u frank. Hard work,” while another one of his fans, Machiavellian Eyebrows warned him, “Watch out bro, that weight can come back faster, with extra you didn’t ask for.”

Before we close, did you know on Jan 1, 2018, Frank had taken to his Twitter to share his New Year’s Resolution for the year and one of them was related to his weight. The tweet read,

Resolution #5: That I will gain all the weight everybody else loses for their New Year’s resolution.

Frank Luntz’s resolution #5.

Well, he might have gained a lot of weight in previous years but now he’s learned to live a healthy life.

If we’ve missed anything on Frank’s weight loss, then be sure to comment below!

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  1. You’re saying he lost 50lbs in about 10 weeks? At five lbs/week, he’ll have a hard time keeping that off — especially since he lost 25 of those lbs in SEVEN weeks. Meaning he lost the last 25 lbs in about 3 weeks, i.e. 6.5 lbs/week. It’s really difficult to change your habits, especially eating habits, in that length of time. He has a tough road ahead in keeping it off. He obviously doesn’t have any lasting effects from the stroke, so I doubt it was a serious stroke but enough to scare the living daylights out of him. Sometimes, that’s what it takes. I like Mr. Luntz and wish him good health.

    • He’s done a great job losing that weight but it’ll be difficult to maintain that level for long. If he keeps at it, the diet and the workout, he will be fine.

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