Frances Cain, Ex-Wife of Top Gear Host, Jeremy Clarkson!

Frances Cain is famous for her longtime marital relationship with English broadcaster, journalist, and game show host, Jeremy Clarkson

English-born Frances Catherine Cain celebrates her birth every year on June 10; however, we are unsure about her year of birth. She is the daughter of ex-war veteran, Robert Henry Cain. Her father, who died in 1974 due to cancer, served his country in the Second World War.

Married Life with Jeremy Clarkson

Frances Cain first met Jeremy Clarkson while he was in the struggling phase of his career. She worked as Clarkson’s manager and started dating later on. In 1993, Frances got married to Jeremy as his second wife. However, after 21 years of marriage, they divorced.

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Her husband was previously married to his first wife, Alexandra James. Alexandra left Jeremy for his best friend just after six months of their marriage.

Reason for Their Divorce

The reason for Frances Cain and Jeremy Clarkson’s divorce was due to the latter’s several cheating allegations. Despite being married to Cain, Clarkson was seeing his ex-wife.

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In 2002, he was in a brief relationship with the reputable English journalist and producer, Elaine Bedell. After several years in 2011, he was rumored to be dating events planner, Philippa Sage.

In 2011, Frances and Jeremy separated and their divorce was finalized three years later in 2014.

Divorce Settlement

The divorce settlement could have cost the Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson well over £10 million though we are unsure about the exact amount Frances Cain received from the divorce.

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Alexandra James, the first wife of Clarkson, had advised Cain to ask for what she deserved.

Jeremy is the frontman and behind the scenes she was the swan paddling frantically under the surface. She deserves every penny she since she worked for it.

Mother of Three

Frances Cain shares three children with her ex-husband, Jeremy Clarkson. They are Emily, Katya, and Finlo Clarkson.

Finlo Clarkson was born to Frances and Jeremy on March 14, 1997. Their third child was born three years later on November 24, 2000.

Their first child, Emily Clarkson was born on July 21, 1994. She is a popular journalist and author.

Emily Clarkson and Alex Andrew.
Emily is dating Alex since 2013.
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Talking about her personal life, she is in a dating relationship with a guy named Alex Andrew since January 2013.

Is She Dating Anyone after Her Divorce?

The mother of three, Frances Cain was spotted in Barbados enjoying her summer holiday with a mysterious guy in April 2019. They seem to be in a love affair but they have not confirmed their relationship.

Frances Cain and Her Mysterious Boyfriend.
Is Frances dating this guy?
Source: Daily Mail

On the other hand, her ex-husband is in a relationship with her girlfriend, Lisa Hogan

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