Five Unknown Facts of Finn Wolfhard!

When he was cast in Stranger Things in 2016, he was someone nobody had ever heard of. But, with its fourth season done (yet to be released), he became a worldwide sensation. We are talking about Mike Wheeler AKA Finn Wolfhard.

Now, the Canadian actor has 28 acting credits under his belt with 4 award wins and 11 nominations. Well, that’s a huge accolade from someone who’s recently turned 17.

With his meteoric rise, he’s created a huge fan following but, they want to know more about the actor. Well, what better place to find out more about the actor than Star Studds?


5. Dad Inspired Him To Become an Actor

The 17 years old actor Finn Wolfhard developed an interest in acting since his childhood days. He was inspired by his dad’s habit of watching different movies for inspiration to his writing. P.S. His dad is a screenwriter and an Aboriginal Land Claims researcher.

My dad is a screenwriter, so he always used to watch movies for inspiration when I was a baby. I would watch movies with him, I guess, in the background. Probably movies that I definitely should not have watched. That’s probably more thanks to my brother. I just wound up getting inspired by all these movies I grew up watching, I just wanted to get into show business; I didn’t really care what it was, I just wanted to get into it.

Finn Wolfhard on his acting inspiration from his father.

His elder brother, Nick Wolfhard who is also involved in the entertainment industry as a voice actor has also encouraged and supported him in his career.

4. Collected $3 Million Net Worth

At a very young age, Finn Wolfhard has been able to list himself in the millionaires’ club as he has already collected a net worth of $3 million as of 2020. Back in 2017, his net worth was calculated at around $2 million

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Finn has over 25 acting credits under his name all of which helped in earn that fortune. His major source of income is from his appearance in the Netflix sci-fi series, Stranger things.

Stranger Things 4 Trailer!

During the first two seasons of the show, Stranger Things, he was paid around $20 thousand per episode. He had 17 appearances in two seasons, so, he should’ve earned somewhere around $340 thousand. Since the beginning of the third season, he earned $250 thousand per episode which means from his 16 episodes in season 3 and 4, he made a whopping $4 million.

Apart from acting, he also makes decent cash from endorsements on Instagram where he has more than 19.3 million followers. As per the Influencer Marking Hub, he gets paid around $38,558$64,263 per endorsement post.

3. A Singer and Songwriter

Finn Wolfhard is not limited to acting; he is also a musician. He has very good vocals and also plays several instruments such as the drums, the piano, and the harmonica.

Finn Wolfhard with his band, Calpurnia!

The actor was the vocalist and the rhythm guitarist of the indie-rock band, Calpurnia. Their EP, Scout was quite a big hit. In addition to Scout, their singles, City Boy, Louie, and Greyhound, were also one of their greatest. Unfortunately, the band has disbanded.

Wolfhard is now a part of The Aubreys. The band recently released their debut music video, Getting Better for the horror movie, The Turning.

2. Want To Help Dad’s Writing Career

Well, we have already mentioned above that Finn Wolfhard’s insipred to enter the acting world by his dad who is a screenwriter. Though his son succeeded in the field, his father couldn’t get by.

While talking about his father in an interview, he said that he got into acting to help his father out.

No, he has like four scripts that he’s been trying to make. He’s had deals that have gone through and then they’ve dropped out. It’s insanely hard for my dad — my dad’s over there laughing. A lot of the reason why I also got into this was to sell his scripts. Hey, if I was in show business, I can promote: “Hey, check it out — you’re in the film business? That’s cool. My dad’s in the film business.”

Finn Wolfhard on wanting to help his father!

1. Wants to Become a Director, Producer, and Writer

Acquiring success as an actor at a young age is not enough for Finn Wolfhard. He also dreams to become a screenwriter, director, and producer as well in the future. While talking to Interview Magazine, he revealed that he’s been writing screenplays to test his boundaries.

I’ve been writing a lot of screenplays recently, and that’s really helped me test the boundaries. All my favorite directors and comedians and provocateurs, and they all test the boundaries. Hopefully, as a filmmaker, I can portray what I want to portray in my movies and dance around the line and be able to say what I want with my art.

Finn Wolfhard on His Screenwriting dreams!

Just recently, Finn’s asked for his fan’s help. He wants to raise funds to make his first movie, a comedy movie titled, Night Shift. He raised funds through the site, IndieGogo, and promised to include helpers’ as executive producers for the movie alongside certain other perks. The movie is now in post-production.

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  • Finn made his acting debut from Craigslist. He first-ever acting job was in a music video.
  • He gave the audition for Mike’s role in Stranger Things through a video as he was sick at that time.
  • Horror isn’t one of his favorites. He loves comedy.

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