Five Facts of Fares Landoulsi!

Netflix has been a great platform for the young and beginner actors with talent as it’s giving opportunities to everyone. Fares Landoulsi is one of them who rose to fame after being cast in the Netflix show, Messiah.

In the series, he appeared in all ten episodes of its first season as Samir. Well, when it comes to talking about his acting, he’s not a newcomer as he has had some acting roles before.

To know more about the up and coming actor, Fares Landoulsi, keep on reading!


5. Fares Landoulsi Chosen Among 3000 Candidates

Samir from Messiah, Freas Landoulsi was born on November 28, 1993, in Tunis, Tunisia and grew up along with his two siblings: a brother and a sister.

Fares Landoulsi enrolled at Cours Florent Drama School in 2015.
Fares Landoulsi grew up alongside two siblings.
Source: Fares Landoulsi’s Instagram

The actor completed his degree from Tunis University’s Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in 2015. The same year, he was selected among 3,000 candidates to study at the Cours Florent Drama School in Paris. He won one of the 15 fully-paid scholarships at the school.

4. His Mother Saw the Actor in Him

Fares Landoulsi’s mother saw an actor in him and hence, she enrolled him in a drama class when he was seven years old. Since then, he’s had a passion for acting.

While talking about his mother’s decision, Fares stated that his mother saw something different in him and other kids of his age and so, he was sent to a drama class.

I ended up having a very busy timetable but I didn’t mind. I wanted to be an actor. It was my dream.

Fares Landoulsi to ICS Film!

Well, his mother’s support was the very first step he took to his international fame!

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3. Audition for Messiah

In 2017, Fares Landoulsi met an agent and they started giving auditions for roles and among them, was his role for Messiah. He had the audition with the best casting agency in London. The audition spanned a full year with six or seven castings. Auditions started with self-tapes while it completed after a final audition in LA.

Fares Landoulsi's IG post about Messiah.
Fares Landoulsi portrayed Samer in Messiah.
Source: Fares Landoulsi’s Instagram

It was a difficult job for the actor as he had to learn the Palestinian accent. But, since, the filmmakers gave him a language coach, Reem Talhami, nailing the accent wasn’t much of a job.

2. Rose to Prominence After Appearing in Messiah

The Tunisian actor Fares Landoulsi appeared as Samir, a Syrian refugee in the Netflix series, Messiah, which released on January 1, 2020. In the series, he makes his journey from the capital of Syria to the Israeli border following the Al Masih (Mehdi Dehbi). He shared the screen with Tomer Sisley, John Ortiz, and Stefania LaVie Owen, to name a few.

While talking about his appearance as Samer, he stated that his character was a pretty fragile young man; “a bit lost”. He also revealed that shooting as Samer had been his best experience so far.

1. Arab Stars of Tomorrow 2019

The 5 feet 6 inches tall actor Fares Landoulsi was selected as one of the five Arab Stars of Tomorrow in 2019. He was chosen by the Screen International’s Middle East correspondent, Melanie Goodfellow.

Fares Landoulsi at Cairo Film Festival in 2019.
Fares Landoulsi was chosen as one of the Arab Stars of Tomorrow.
Source: Screen Daily

This talent-spotting initiative was started by Screen International and this is the third edition of its initiative. In 2019, Fares was at the 41st edition of the Cairo International Film Festival in Cairo as one of the chosen ones.

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While talking about the acclamation, the actor stated that it was very encouraging to have been recognized for his work.


  • Fares Landoulsi had to lose 18 kg for his role in Messiah. Though he was down to 63 kg, he soon put on weight with yo-yo dieting following the shoot.
  • His favorite actress is Natalie Portman.
  • He wants to learn “as many languages as possible.”
  • During his childhood, he really dreamt of playing a schizophrenic person since he loved the challenges that came with it.
  • Fares has a tattoo on his right leg, right arm, and right waist. On his right leg, he has a tattoo of a boat which he calls, “The Drunken Boat.” Similarly, on his right arm, he has a tattoo of an eye, which he calls, “his third eye.” And, finally, on his waist, he has a tattoo of a quote by the famous poet, Rumi.

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